Saturday, September 29, 2007


Leesa was hard at work yesterday painting the interior of the shop. Despite our landlord's constant taunts of "what far out, psychedelic colour are you going to blind me with this time?', we have gone with a clean white palette. Stock has already arrived and we have already had a few purchases. The ballet shoes are really impressive, a lovely split sole shoe in a gorgeous leather that are like magic. They seem to instantly improve your arch. I think I will be buying my girls some for their exams and Concert. Leesa loves the tap shoes (firstly they have the most amazing sole and come with taps- phew, now our little tappers won't have that excruciating wait while the dads out there find the time to painstakingly apply the taps!!) We have been on the biggest hunt for the best dance products available and are even sourcing on an international level. We have so many variety of dance sneakers. I have lime green and hot pink with hibiscus flowers (let's see what the landlord thinks of those as I speed past him.) Miss Emma couldn't decide between the hibiscus sneaker or the hot pink glitter sneaker so she got both.....Miss Leesa is adorned by the glitter sneaker. Never fear we also have plain colours but there is just so many to choose from. We are even getting our own exclusive dancewear range so you can really step out in style. New looks for summer include crop tops, roll down shorts with contrasting band, roll down 3/4 pants and fab little singlet tops. You have to look the part! We have always found that if you dress like a dancer, it certainly carries through into your attitude and you start to perform like a dancer. We also really like the jazz shoe- it is a slip on with split sole that like the ballet shoe will instantly transform your feet into "stunning." If you are doing Eisteddfods, these could be your secret weapon. We intend to give our students generous discounts and we look to be able to also supply you with some fabulous dance inspired gift ranges (ready to stuff those christmas stockings.) Look out for the shop next term and don't forget to get all your concert needs and back to dance outfits and shoes with us. (BY THE WAY, my computer came home today. It had a little "breakdown" hollywood starlet style and had to go away for repair and recovery. Seems it was overheating (too much use.........)

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