Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Hey There,
Sorry this post is so late in coming but its been a rollercoaster! What a huge term! We have all been so incredibly busy and with that and the weather comes the inevitable illnesses. I have been slowed but I haven't been stopped. WE WERE SO INCREDIBLY PROUD OF ALL OUR STUDENTS AT DUBBO EISTEDDFOD! To shine on and off stage, is truly a remarkable feat. It is very satisfying to not only produce amazing performers but to play a part along with families and peers in shaping truly amazing people. Your sportsmanship, friendship, humility, sense of fun and enthusiasm was a delight to witness. Well done to Dubbo and Forbes students for such an excellent few weeks of competition.
We had some incredible moments....Thankyou! Results were awesome, especially in alot of cases when kids were dancing up an age division and as far as groups go, dancing two age or more divisions ahead! Way to go!
RESULTS- Paris Burns H.C 14 yrs Contemporary, 2nd 14 yrs Modern, H.C Modern Improvisation, H.C 14 yrs Demi Character and outstanding performances in all routines and Championships! Brandi McGuire- H.C 14yrs Tap Impro, Tap Dance Solo, AN AMAZING 3rd place in OPEN ENTERTAINMENT ( impressive when you are only 12!!)GO BRANDI!!Stunning performances by V MAN in Jazz & Contemp. Incredible performances by Melissa McDonald in Contemporary, Improvisations and a Jazz Duo with the lovely Abbie Schofield. Brinley "I am a Really Good Krumper" Catto continued her winning streak with 1st places in Classical & Jazz 6 yrs & U. Holly Keizer H.c in 8yrs & U Jazz, Jade Bunt 3rd in 8 yrs & U Jazz, H.C to Kacey Krisante in 8 yrs & U jazz. Well done to Abigail Liptrot for a beautiful first solo. Good girl! Gorgeous performances by Meg Keizer & Cleo Ferrari in 10 yrs & U Modern. A fantastic tap solo by Amber Bunt - go Amber!Congratulations also to Jade Bunt for a H.C in 10yrs & U Demi. Well done to Onny Slack-Smith for a H.C in Under 8 Modern and beautiful performances by Meg Keizer in Under 10 Ballet, Imogen Slack-Smith & Sabine O'Connor in Under 12 ballet. Well Done to Courtney Hart for winning this section. Congratulations To Meg Keizer for H.C in Under 10 Jazz and a fabulous performance by Emma Blake. Gorgeous Modern Performances by Sabine O'Connor & Georgina Dickerson and Imogen Slack-Smith (H.C) in Under 12 Modern. An awesome Jazz section in Under 12s saw Amber Bunt on 1st, Georgina Dickerson- 3rd and Imogen Slack-Smith, Courtney Hart with Highly Commended. Excellent performances also by Sabine O'Connor & Maggie Beach.Well Done to Cleo Ferrari who in her first solo got a 3rd in Under 10 Jazz and Amelia Rice who got 2nd in Under 10 Jazz and 3rd in Under 10 Impro. Well done to Georgia Erskine for beautiful performances in her Jazz and Ballet solos. Well Done to Ondine Slack-Smith for 1st in her Ballet Solo. Courtney Hart performed very well getting a variety of places in all of her sections ( I have to confirm with her all her places but for now can tell you she did GREAT!!)
GROUP RESULTS WERE INCREDIBLE!!8 yrs & U Jazz- 2nd place 10yrs & U Classical- 3rd, 12yrs & U Modern- H.C, 8yrs & U Classical- Encouragement Award, 10yrs & U Jazz- 1st, 10yrs & U Modern- 2nd place, 12yrs & U Jazz- 2nd place, 14yrs & U Contemp- 3rd & H.C, Group Modern OPEN- 3rd (amazing section, very close only 1/2 mark difference and we got a whopping 97 points)14yrs & U Jazz- 2nd, 14yrs & U Modern- 3rd.
If I have forgotten anyone, please let me know and give me a big smack!!

R.I.P Michael Jackson

All Stepping Out Studio's have played tribute to the magic and genius of Michael Jackson. May the torch he lit in so many people burn brightly with the fostering of talent for many generations to come.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Our very best wishes to all of our wonderful dancers and their fellow competitors as Dubbo Eisteddfod commences tomorrow! Good Luck! Enjoy! All the hard work has been done! The applause is now yours!