Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Classes Start Back on Monday, 19th July

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all having an amazing Holiday Break! I have enjoyed a big week of feathering my nest and am now getting very excited about Term 3. Classes will start back on Monday, July 19th! See you all there! Term 3 will see us embark upon Ballet Exams, Wellington Eisteddfod, Orange Eisteddfod and of course, the big preparations for our End of Year Concert! ( YES THEME IS DECIDED!!!) Whoo Hoo- good times galore!

Dubbo Bridal Fair

Big thanks to Anthony Bartley, Melissa McDonald, Courtney Hart, Brandi McGuire, Lachlan Pilon and Joe McDonald who recently danced at the Dubbo Bridal Fair to acclaim and Anthony tells me a return invitation for two appearances next year! You are all very clever and I hear you had a ball. Nice limo ride! Always arrive in style my Stepping Out superstars......Always!!

Congratulations Amber

Congratulations Brinley


Well done to everyone who competed in the first week of the holidays at Forbes Eisteddfod. We enjoyed excellent results!
Brinley Catto had an amazing time at Forbes gaining first places in all three of her routines! Well done Brinley! She won the 6 yrs & U Open Jazz, 6 yrs & U Open Classical and very spectacularly, 8 yrs & U Modern. ( I heard this one was especially beautifully performed.)Brinley was also the recipient of the Most Promising Trophy.
The Keizer Girls did us all proud with spectacular performances. Holly received 2nd in 8 yrs & U Jazz, 3rd in her Demi, and admirable performances in her Tap, Ballet & Modern. Laura knocked the crowd out again with her superstar smile and boom boom Hips to get Highly Commended in the Baby Dance. Miss Meg also did a beautiful job, winning her Jazz Duo with Miss Jade Bunt and Highly Commended in Jazz. Great performances in all her other solos. Miss Jade did a very impressive impro to tricky music and danced very well in her Open divsions.
Amber Bunt received Highly Commended in her Classical, 2nd in Modern Impro, Highly Commended for her Modern, 1st Jazz Impro, selection in both Jazz & Classical Scholarships, 1st in Classical Scholarship (YAY!) and 1st with Brandi McGuire in their new Modern Duo ( and by new I mean finished a few days before performance.)
Sascha Windsor was amazing in her first solo winning her Jazz and did a fantastic job of her Modern. Cleo Ferrari also danced amazingly in her sections.
Brandi McGuire received Highly Commended for her Modern and outstanding performances in all other routines with very strong competition.
Well done to Melissa McDonald who won her Jazz solo and Highly Commended in her Jazz Impro. Great work Lissy! Brother Joe got a whopping 92 points and 1st place in his own Choreography! What a talented pair!!
Paris Burns received 2nd in her Classical, 3rd in her Demi, 2nd in Modern, 1st in Contemporary and 2nd in Modern Championship and was selected as a finalist in the Classical Scholarship.

Any other news from Forbes please let me know! I was rummaging through my text messages to get this terrific news. Happy Holidays Everyone! See you next week!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Hey- pics and news to follow but the breaking news is that Amber Bunt not only qualified for the Forbes Eisteddfod Scholarship but was also the winner of it! CONGRATULATIONS! WE ARE SO PROUD!

Dubbo Eisteddfod Results

Whoah Phone is already beeping with incredible results from Forbes so thought I better share our Dubbo successes. I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays! Some of our dancers are very busy at Forbes Eisteddfod!
SENIORS WEEKEND-( please note that majority of senior division had 30 competitors in each section and reflected very strong competition.) 13/14 yrs Contemporary Solo- 3rd Paris Burns, 13/14 yrs Modern Solo- 1st Paris Burns, Intermediate Ballet Championship- 2nd Paris Burns, Highly Commended Open Contemporary Championship- Paris Burns.
Open Jazz Solo- 2nd Anthony Bartley, Open Entertainment Solo- 1st Anthony Bartley.
Unfortunately Courtney Hart was out of competition due to a sprained ankle but in true Courtney style was in the audience cheering us on.
Lachy Pilon- Highly Commended Open Jazz/ Hip Hop. Excellent performances were also enjoyed by Rebecca Richardson, Brandi McGuire and Melissa McDonald.
JUNIORS- H.C 11/12 yrs Res Modern- Amelia Rice. Congratulations to Sophia Dickerson, Sabine O'Connor, Georgia Erskine and Cleo Ferrari for beautiful performances.
Laura Keizer wowed the crowd with her Baby Dance. Jade Bunt did a fantastic job dancing in Opens for her first year with excellent performances in Her Demi, Classical, Jazz & Modern Solos ( and Impros!) Holly Keizer was 3rd in her Under 8s jazz, H.C in her Classical, 3rd in her Modern with awesome performances in her Tap and Demi routines. Congratulations to Cleo Ferrari for 1st in 11/12 Restricted Jazz, 3rd to Sophia Dickerson and brilliant routines from Imogen Slack-Smith, Sabine OConnor & Georgia Erskine.
Brinley Catto received 2nd in her Open Under 8s Jazz Solo, H.C in her Classical and Modern Solo. Ondine Slack-Smith received 1sts in Open Under 8 Classical & Open Under 8 Jazz Solos. Kacey Crisante was 3rd in her 10 yrs Jazz Solo and Meg Keizer H.C.. Meg also danced beautifully in her Tap, Modern, Classical sections and did a roof raising duo with Jade Bunt. Emma Blake also did a sensational job with her first year dancing in Open Division. Quite a feat to qualify for this girls!!
Amber Bunt had a very successful Eisteddfod with Hc Open Jazz, 1st Modern Impro, 1st 12 yrs Contemporary, HC 12 yrs Ballet Impro, sensational Own Choreography and brilliant Championship routines.
Well done to Onny Slack-Smith & Holly Keizer who despite only being 7 danced in the under 12 Jazz Duos with ten other pairs and received 3rd place. They also received a HC in the Under 12s Classical Duo.
Imogen Slack-Smith gave a very emotive performance in 12 yrs Contemporary and received 3rd. Big congratulations also to Hannah Hodginskin for her solo debut!
GROUPS- HC 10 yrs Contemporary, 3rd 12 yrs Modern, 3rd 12 yrs Jazz, 3rd 10 yrs Jazz, 2nd 14 yrs Jazz, 3rd 14 yrs Modern, 2nd 14 yrs Contemporary and 3rd Open Jazz. Fantastic competition from local and afar dance schools ( GO DANCE UNLIMITED! My dear friend's Tanya school!)