Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hi There,
Concert Countdown is upon us. All students should now have received their notes regarding Stagecraft rehearsals, Dress Rehearsal Timetables, Hair & Make Up, Photography, Dvd orders etc. I know alot of you have been checking out the blog! Thankyou! As I am always updating the blog with extra info in this busy time, you may need to search through archives ( right of screen, under Month November, to get all the most up to date Concert Info.) I noticed Make Up is no longer on home page but if you would like to read through my step by step guide just scroll down November postings and click on the red heading "Make Up Requirements" and voila, you will be taken to the necessary page!

Have a Great Hair Day at Our Concert- Check out our Pics

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Please ensure that all fringes are gelled and sprayed back from face as per hair style for your group. Please use a fine tooth comb on damp hair with plenty of gel and spray. All bands used in hair should be clear or in matching hair shade. Classical Buns will require hair nets, pins etc. ALL HAIR PIECES ARE TO BE PINNED (if using one.) If one of your routines requires braids, please just keep braids in and then for other routines place in bun or ponytail as required.
Section hair from top of ear and slick back into band. (top section will be up) Rest of hair left out and curled. Please see photos on blog and on notice board.
Classical Buns. Buns should be flat and even. It is best to pin as you go. Hair must be slicked and buns will require plenty of pins, hair net. NO FRINGES.
Hair is to be slicked into high ponytails (no fringes) using gel and hairspray and curled or with hair piece (available through shop.)
Hair is to be in two side braids for top section and rest left out.
Girls- slicked into a high pony tail. No Fringes and hair should be gelled and sprayed.
Boys- hair in own cool style.
PERFORMANCE & DRAMA Own rock star hair style or wig. Hair must still be neat and off face. Performance students (8 yrs “Rubberneckin”, 10 Yrs “James Brown” & 14 yrs “Michael Jackson” hair, costume & make up as per Eisteddfods.

CHERS- Hair in two side braids and then teased out and curled.
MADONNAS- as above
DOLLYS- as above
KYLIES- Hair slicked into high pony tail and curled or hair piece.
BOYS- as per character

* All Classical Ballet students will require pink ballet tights and ballet shoes (elastic or ribbon.) Opens will require pointe’ shoes. Boys- black ballet shoes.
* Future Stars Ballet “Cats”- pink ballet shoes
* Future Stars Jazz “Hawaiian Elvis”- bare feet, BOYS- jazz shoes or sneakers.
* ALL JAZZ STUDENTS 10YRS & UNDER- camel jazz shoes ideally or DANCE sneakers
* ALL JAZZ STUDENTS 12 YRS & OVER & PERFORMANCE- matte tan tights, camel jazz shoes ideally or dance sneakers.
* ALL HIP HOP STUDENTS- jazz sneakers or hi top sneakers or converse. Check with Miss Emma if your shoes are appropriate.
* ALL TAP STUDENTS- matte tan tights & camel tap shoes.
* ALL CONTEMPORARY STUDENTS- bare feet & legs.

Please note if wearing underwear it must be skin tone and older girls are encouraged to wear skin body suits or adequate support if necessary.

DRAMA & PERFORMANCE are all involved in Opening Act “ROCK STARS” and are required to co-ordinate their own unique ROCK GOD OR DIVA look. Please be as over the top as you like. You can be obsessed fans, bogan rockers, punk rockers, metal heads etc. Outfits should be brought to stage rehearsal to check with Miss Emma & Miss Rikki. We suggest lots of accessories, wigs, whatever. Have Fun with it and ROCK ON!! Other Performance Acts include 8 years Performance teams ELVIS, 10 yrs Performance “GET UP OFFA THAT THING-James Brown” & 14 yrs Performance “Michael Jackson.” Please make sure you pack these costumes for CONCERT but dress rehearsal for existing costumes is not necessary.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Hi All,
You know I like to channel Spielberg each year and produce a Slideshow that captures our 2009 Dancing Year in all its glory. I am currently in Production Mode and have been sitting here thinking about all of our great defining moments. What a year it has been? To assist me in fully celebrating the year that was, please forward me your pics from 2009. I want anything that represents our students and what Stepping Out is all about! We have had a great year!! Please send your shots to or as those who felt they would have far too many have suggested, bring me in a disc. YES PLEASE! ARE YOU READY FOR YOUR CLOSE UP??


And as promised, here is the guide to Dress Rehearsals. Please note that we will be giving notes out in class in coming weeks but I understand people want to get organised as it is such a busy time. We don't like to bombard you with too much information and notes until they are relevant! I understand what it is like...I am forever fishing out newsletters from school bags, back seats of cars or the abyss that tends to suck up all necessary household organisational necessities.
Dubbo Civic Centre- Darling Street
3.00- 3.45pm Future Stars Jazz “Hawaiian Elvis” & Future Stars Ballet “Cats”
3.45-4.30pm Primary Ballet & Level 2 Ballet “The Great Composers”
Level 3 & 4 Ballet “Phantom of the Opera”
4.30-5.15pm 6 yrs Jazz “Yellow Submarine”, 8 yrs Jazz “Rock n Roll”
10 yrs Jazz “Musical Divas”
5.15-6.00pm 12yrs Jazz “Mama Mia”, Open Jazz “Superstars”
6.00-6.45pm Junior Contemporary “Lucy In the Sky/Imagine”,
Senior Contemporary “Ode”, Intermediate Tap “Bogan Rock”

DRESS Rehearsals- Thurs 10th DECEMBER
Dubbo Civic Centre- Darling Street
3.45-4.15pm Junior Tap “Dancing Queen”, Senior Tap “Paparazzi”
4.15-4.45pm Open Ballet “Musical Notes”, Junior Hip Hop “Jailhouse Rock”
4.45-5.30pm Senior Hip Hop “Rock me Amadeus”
* Please note formal classes at studio finish on Wednesday, 2nd December. There will be no studio classes on Monday, 7th or Wednesday, 9th December. These classes are happening within Stagecraft and Dress rehearsals.
Hope this helps with your planning and I look forward to seeing our ladies and gentlemen in their finery soon.


Dear Parents & Students,
The Countdown to Concert is here with only 4 weeks until our talented students hit the stage! In the lead up to Concert, we will enjoy two additional rehearsals to ensure that the students feel prepared and confident for their Big Day! Our first additional rehearsal will be held at WESLEY HALL, corner of Church St & Carrington Ave on Sunday, 6th December. This rehearsal is Stagecraft and is designed to assist the students with performing on stage, entry, exits, use of the wings etc. We annually hold stagecraft rehearsals and we find them not only enormously beneficial to their final performance but also very fun. We also use this day to hand out costumes in readiness for Dress Rehearsal.
Costumes will be available for collection in foyer during the rehearsals. The balance for costumes will also be payable on this day. Costumes will not be able to be handed out until balances are paid. Please ensure that all fees are also paid before this date ( as this is also a requirement of Concert participation.)
Our Dress Rehearsals will be held at the DUBBO CIVIC CENTRE on Tuesday, 8th Dec & Thursday, 10th December. Professional photography by Colin Rouse will be taken during Dress Rehearsals. Students are only able to have photos taken prior or after timetabled rehearsal. Colin Rouse will also be in attendance at Concert to film a professional DVD. ( order forms will be attached to newsletter issued week commencing 23rd November.)
A Hair & Make up Note will also be available at this time. Hair, make up & costuming is required for Dress Rehearsal. Dress Rehearsals are a very enjoyable and exciting time for students and a reassuring time for parents who can also practise getting it “right” for the Big Day!Please see archive for post "Make Up" if you would like extra guidance.

WESLEY HALL cnr of Church & Carrington Ave, Dubbo
Costume Collection will also be held on this day.
10.30- 11.15am“ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER” involving
* Vincent & Angela
* Paris Burns
* Level 3 & 4 Ballet- The Phantom of the Opera
* Primary Ballet- (Wed class 4-4.45pm)
* Level 2 Ballet- (Tuesday class 4.30-5.30pm)
* Open Ballet- Musical Notes & Composers
* Senior Hip Hop- Rock me Amadeus
12.00-1.30pm “ELVIS & ROCK n ROLL”
* Future Stars Jazz- Hawaiian Elvis (Monday class 3.45)
* 8 years Jazz- I LOVE ROCK N ROLL/MEDLY (Mondays 4.30)
* Intermediate Tap- Bogan Rock (Mondays 7.30)
* Junior Hip Hop- Jailhouse Rock (Tuesdays 4.30)
* 8 years Performance team- Rubberneckin
* Melissa McDonald, Brandi McGuire, Anthony Bartley
1.30-2.30pm “ABBA & BEATLES”
* 12 yrs Jazz- Mama Mia (Mondays 5.30)
* Junior tap- Dancing Queen (Tuesdays 6.30)
* Junior Contemporary- Lucy in the Sky/ Imagine (Tues 5.30)
* 6 years Jazz- Yellow Submarine (Mondays 4.30)
2.30-4.00pm “SUPERSTARS & DIVAS”
* Open Jazz
* Open Performance
* Senior Tap- Paparrazzi
* 10yrs Jazz- Musical Divas (Mondays 5.30)
* 14 yrs Jazz Performance- Michael Jackson
* Courtney Hart
* 10 yrs Performance- James Brown
4.00-5.30pm “LEGENDS”
* Drama Students
* Senior Contemporary- ODE

Thanks guys- this notice will be handed out in class next week but just for you all wanting to get organised. YES, people, I am on FIRE and its not just this scorching heat!I got my kids a giant inflatable pool, an esky of snacks and drinks and have been glued to the computer all day. BUT, as for the laundry..............ummm, well.....

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Whoah what an amazing first day of ticket sales! In two hours Stepping Out sold out over half the theatre! We currently have seats available from Row M! Tickets are selling fast so if you require a large group booking we advise you get in ASAP.
I hear reports that the queue started at 5.30am and I have to say if you got up that early and waited in that heat, you SO deserve to be in the first few rows! I also must comment on the great mood that was at Stepping Out today! Thankyou all for being such a great bunch of people and so patient and so ready to greet us with a smile!
Loved seeing people waiting in style with chairs, mags, refreshments. All the kids will feel like absolute superstars knowing that there was a rush for tickets and they are in demand! Fantastic to also be asked by so many people later "what has going on at the studio today- there were so many people??"
We will all certainly be working hard in class to ensure that this is our best concert ever!
NOTES WILL BE GOING OUT IN COMING WEEKS WITH ALL THE NEWS! Keep checking back- the blog always is the first to know and yes there is more big news for Stepping Out.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Paris Burns has performed at Wellington Dance Festival this weekend with outstanding results! Congratulations to Paris! She received 1st place in Classical Ballet Championship, Contemporary and Modern sections. 2nd place in Classical Ballet solo and 3rd in Demi Character! Well Done Paris! Paris is seen here in picture with V Man.


Hey All,
Plans for Europe are still going ahead behind the scenes. Dance Around the World is just co-ordinating info for 2011 ( which should become available this month) so we can finalise details and get rolling with our next trip of a life time. I have just been madly researching on the net and can't wait. So do not despair, we are still oooooo la la ing. In the meantime, Concert beckons. I am soooo excited! I have been checking in on Costumes, loving our Music ( THANKYOU FOR THE MUSIC) indeed and having goose bump moments in class as it all materialises before our eyes.
I love this time of year! Magic is all around us. In the hustle and bustle, don't forget to take a look around and see it and feel it! We are so blessed.

You say grace before meals. All right. But I say grace before the concert and the opera, and grace before the play and pantomime, and grace before I open a book, and grace before sketching, painting, swimming, fencing, boxing, walking, playing, dancing and grace before I dip the pen in the ink. ~G.K. Chesterton

For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson


The gorgeous Rachel Shearing ( Orange teacher and dancer supreme) recently celebrated her 21st Birthday. On behalf of all your Dubbo Stepping Out fans & Friends, our very best wishes for your birthday and 21 beautiful years.
"A child sings before it speaks, dances almost before it walks. Music is in our hearts from the beginning." ~Pamela Brown
So, here she is 21 years later, still dancing! May she continue to have music reside within her heart, feet that dance upon every stage of her life and as always, wings to carry her! Our love. Hope to catch up with you very soon!


Senior Make up is as below but instead of mauve eye shadow we use brown and a burgundy lip stick! Boys need to use foundation, blusher, mascara & eyebrow pencil if fair and clear lip gloss with a hint of colour (natural of course!!)


It's that time of year again when we dive into our treasure trove of make up and get our little darlings looking gorgeous for the stage! Why do we need to put make up on the kids? Well, though your little dancer may look like a mini drag queen off stage, I can assure you that on stage, they will just look like their sweet little self (with just a touch more pizzazz.) The lighting used can wipe them out and make it very hard for them to dazzle us with their brightest smiles so they need a little help to highlight their features PLUS IT'S FUN! Little girls love make up!Mums, I feel your's hard to get animated, excited little faces still long enough to weave your magic wand. And then there is the liquid eye liner....oh and the tears, you forget how easily and often little faces can crumple into tears until you spy your pain stakingly applied handi work sliding down their faces. BUT know this, it does get easier and quicker. A little bit of practise before the big day and you are good to go. Remember, children, like animals smell fear! Go into the application with confidence and assertiveness. You are a make up magician. Here is my guide to lighting up our Junior's faces.
* Use a foundation in their shade ( you can go one shade darker than skin tone for stage but make sure you cover neck etc as well). I suggest using a sponge to apply. It's much quicker and much better for coverage. Some skin tones may not require much foundation.
* DO use powder to blot out shininess and it will help rest of make up to go on with ease and stay on.
* Use a white highlighter (shadow or powder form- some have a real sheen or a glitter) and lightly place under eye area and along cheekbone. Get your little one to suck in cheeks and generously apply hot pink blusher (for very rosy cheeks.)
* Closing eyes, cover entire eye area in white or ivory eyeshadow. Using a mauve/lilac eye shadow cover entire eye lid. Accentuate corner of eye with a darker purple shade. Trace top lid with crayon eye liner in black and extend along eye in a cat's eye. (I use a crayon liner rather than pencil as it is easier on little faces). Use crayon liner under eye as well but below natural line so as to enlarge eyes.
* Use a white eye liner in corner of eyes on both sides.
* If using false eye lashes apply now. Use glue on both lashes and paint along upper lid. Press firmly and hold until fully dry. If not using eye lashes ( on little ones etc) just use mascara on top and lower lashes. Apply LOTS especially if they are fair.
* You can then if you like go over crayon with liquid eye liner ( I use the pen ones) as again they are much easier.
* On fair children , it is important to draw in eye brows in slightly darker shade than hair. Just lightly colour in.
* Outline lips in lip liner- I colour in lips with it as well and then apply lip stick! HOT PINK- as bright as you can find!!
Here are some pics of Immy & Onny in full make up! There are always lots of mums who have been there, done that all before and remember their first days of making up their children and who are only too happy to help! Please ask us if we can help you! Concerts should be fun and not stressful!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Dress Rehearsals and Photography will be held at the Civic Centre on Tuesday 8th & Thursday 10th December. This will be a full hair, make up & costume rehearsal. Students will be notified of timetable for these days in class. A Hair & make up note will also go home in a few weeks explaining all the details.


Our stage craft rehearsal and Costume Collection will be held at Wesley Hall on Sunday, December 6th. Students will be notified of timetable for this day in class in coming weeks.


We are having a ball producing this year's Concert, "THANKYOU FOR THE MUSIC- A TRIBUTE TO MUSICAL LEGENDS." Get set for a mighty good night of entertainment showcasing our fabulous students and the music that has shaped our generations. Our concert will feature music from The Great Composers (Oh Rock me Amadeus), Andrew Lloyd Webber, Elvis, ABBA, Beatles/ John Lennon, Michael Jackson and many, many more. Tickets are on sale SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14th at the studio 55 Wheelers Lane commencing at 11am. $18 Adults and $15 concession. Cash and cheque please only on this day. After this day, tickets will go on sale during office hours and there will be eftpos/credit facilities.


A very excited V Man was seen jumping for joy at the studio yesterday and clutching his acceptance letter into the URBAN DANCE CENTRE's FULL TIME PERFORMING ARTS COURSE for 2010. Hundreds audition both nationally and internationally for the oppportunity to train and be mentored by Australia's most renowned Performing Arts experts. Urban Dance Centre is committed to excellence in performing arts and the continued improvement of quality Australian entertainment with an all-star faculty, uniting many of Australia's finest industry professionals, each student will be guided toward success in all areas of performing arts. We aim to challenge and encourage our students to reach their full potential as dancers, singers and actors - triple threats of the new generation.

Urban Dance Centre provides an excellent training ground for Australian and international dancers, offering expertise in all areas of performing arts. Being aligned with the world's most respected industry specialitsts means UrbanDanceCentre always stays connected with the current entertainment market. The faculty is incredible and includes Juliette JET Verne - Lyrical/JFH (Jazz Funk Hip Hop)/ Performance

Julie Williamson - Ballet/ Tap

Douglas Blaikie - Acting

Adrian VanWinklehof - Ballet

Amy Campbell - Jazz

Emmanuel EMAN Rodriguez - Break Dance

Kym Parrish - Singing

Laurence Stark - Acrobatics

Nacho Pop - Popping

Paul Saliba - Contemporary

Rosa Agius - Hip Hop

Sisqo - Hip Hop

Tiana Joubert - Hip Hop/ Dancehall
CONGRATULATIONS V MAN! We know this is your dream and we couldn't be happier for you!