Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Just letting all our Orange fans know that tickets for our 2007 Concert "STEPPING OUT" go on sale on MONDAY 12th NOVEMBER at 9am sharp. You can book tickets in person through Ticketek or by phoning 63938111. Adults $20Pensioners- $16Juniors- $12Students- $16

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Dubbo fundraising contingent "Stepping Out on Tour" have recently had a Krispy Kreme Donut Drive. Thankyou to everyone who supported us in our quest for MORE DONUTS!! I am sitting at home counting down the hours until I can demolish a whole box. Luckily, I won't have to wait much longer with PICK UP on Wednesday, 31st October at the studio between 7.15am-8am and then later at 4pm-6pm. I am a bit of a Homer Simpson when it comes to Krispy Wednesday dance classes beware, I will probably be looking a tad glazed myself.........mmmmm donuts, can life get any better??

Friday, October 26, 2007


Ok Dubbo get ready to party at what promises to be Dubbo's Night of Nights......TICKETS GO ON SALE THIS MONDAY, 29th OCTOBER at our studio, 55 Wheelers Lane. Tickets are just $10 and include supper. You could be one of the very first in Dubbo to catch a glimpse of the highly coveted and critically acclaimed "2008 DADS OF DANCE" calendar. Get up close and personal with the "DADS" as they hit the red carpet at the PASTORAL HOTEL, NOVEMBER 9th at 6.30pm. Calendars will go on sale on the night at a cost of $20. Now you can discover first hand what all the hype is about......An auction will be held later in the evening of each month's framed shot. Bidding wars are likely to ensue. Special thanks to all of our sponsors who feature throughout the calendar. We know this is going to be a fab night so come along and join in the mayhem and merriment. For more information, contact yours truly on 041 336 1724 or email me at Bring on the champagne and toast the launch with us. The New Year has never looked better.


Stepping Out USA team members from Orange, "STEPPING OUT TO THE USA" have organised a MOVIE PREMIERE night as one of their exciting Fundraising Projects. Come along for a fantastic night on Friday 16th November at 7pm. I would so be there but have to teach that night in Trangie. Get along to the Metro Cinema or give Steph a call on 0421 424 725 or Rachel on 0400 121 161. Email enquiries can be sent to
Ticket Prices
Adult - $22.00
Child - $18.00 (15yrs & younger)
Ticket price includes: Movie ticket, pizza, popcorn and a drink.
Sounds awesome Girls!! I will be making a special appearance on Saturday, 10th November at Aaron's Hotel for my baby cousin's 21st!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRISANNE!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Our FORBES CONCERT will be staged on Saturday, 15th December at Forbes Town Hall at 2pm. Our DRESS REHEARSAL will be held at Forbes Town Hall on Friday, 14th December between 4 and 7pm. Tickets will go on sale on SATURDAY, 10th November between 1 and 3.30pm.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Check out my Slide Show!


Here is the delightful Jade Bunt and Ondine Slack-Smith celebrating after their first Ballet exam. Don't they look gorgeous?? The girls really enjoyed their exam and came out with big smiles and giggles. Onny quote, "At first I was really scared and then it just got funner and funner." Jade wanted to do it all over again because she enjoyed herself so much.


Pictured is Miss Brittany Grant from our Coonamble studio with two of her talented dancers. The girls are pictured at Wellington Eisteddfod after receiving Highly Commended for their Duo. Congratulations to all involved. What an achievement- in this your first year of dancing? Miss Brittany was incredibly proud of you.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


We are thinking of Jade Bunt, Ondine Slack-Smith (their first ballet exam and we couldn't be prouder), Olivia Boyle, Amber Bunt, Imogen Slack-Smith, Amelia Rice, Sabine O'Connor, Georgia Peacocke, Jessica Dawes and Erinn Boyle who will do their ballet exam tomorrow. All the hard work has happened now, tomorrow is about enjoying yourself and showing off your efforts. We will be sending you our love and best wishes and are incredibly proud to be your teachers!! We know you will shine tomorrow.......
Girls, dance with your hearts!!UPDATE!!- Exams are over and I am one very proud teacher. Congratulations Girls!! You certainly danced with your hearts and I couldn't be happier with you. Thankyou to the mums- Mrs Lloyd commented on the outstanding standard of grooming and she was right, you couldn't have looked any more beautiful. I could have cried- thankfully nerves kept me from grabbing for the kleenex too many times. Look out for exam pics in next few days. Thankyou to Gail for all that you do to make my life so much easier, The mums for being so fabulous, my sister Sonya for her support (and hairdressing of Immy & Onny), my mum Annie for her unbelievable cooking and support, Miss Leesa and the gorgeous little girls who make it all worthwhile. Wow- that is like an Oscar speech- yes God I thank you too!! Cue the orchestra

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


This lovely young lady is Amber Bunt and she is pictured with her swag of trophies won recently at the National Titles for Baton Twirling. Amber is one of our very talented Dubbo dancers. Amber is an Eisteddfod soloist, member of our Performance Team and USA team and also the recipient of 2006 Excellence in Classical Ballet trophy. Amber competed in the DANCE TWIRL and blew the judges away with her routine, charm and personality. I was very excited to get a text from the stadium as Amber stood on the podium to inform me of this incredible achievement. Stepping Out had helped with Amber's dance twirl so we were very proud.......Well Done, Amber!! not many people can say they have a national title. Doesn't she look gorgeous??

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Dubbo Concert "UNDER THE BIG TOP" tickets will go on sale on Thursday, November 8th at our studio, 55 Wheelers Lane. Tickets will go on sale on this date from 6pm. Ticket prices will be $18 Adult and $14 Concession (children & pensioners.) Tickets sell out fast and there is always a big line up first day so remember first in, first served.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Take a peek at the STYLE FACTORY

Stepping Out Dance wear was launched today. Here we see Beanie, Immy & Onny taking a peek at our new dance shop. Check out their outfits- exclusive looks from our new dance shop! Shop open to public from Monday!! The shop looks fantastic- thanks Miss Leesa, Gail & Bec for all your hard work in fitting and merchandising the store. I am so excited!! I was squealing saying, "retail therapy is now my neighbour...." Miss Emma was beside herself and she has already got 2 pairs of new dance sneakers. Most exciting was the launch of our own dance wear range (modelled to perfection by the lovely Miss Sabine, Imogen & Ondine.) I want it all!!

Friday, October 12, 2007


Just a reminder that the performers will be photographed Saturday, 13th October for the DADS OF DANCE CALENDAR at 3pm at the studio. Miss Leesa and I will be there to pose our gorgeous girls. Come dressed in your nicest black & red dance clothes, have that hair runway ready and smile your way into our hearts!! HOW EXCITING!!


Dubbo's first fundraising venture will be a Mitre 10 BBQ. Call in and say hello to some of our mums and dads and performers as they sizzle up a snag or two all in the name of dancing our way to the States. Coming soon is the exclusive DADS OF DANCE calendar launch!! The calendar is so close to being whisked off to the printers and on your walls. Get up close with these dads before they become mega-stars!! Our Launch will be held on Friday, November 9th at the Pastoral Hotel. Families are most welcome so bring the kids!! Tickets will go on sale very soon. Children will be admitted free and $10 for adults (light supper included and good time guarenteed!!) This is sure to be Dubbo's night of nights!


I swung by the studio today to see Miss Leesa, Gail & our stylist Bec Brown hard at work creating magic in our Style Factory. I had the four kids in tow (ouch!!) and so could could offer the obligatory "Wow!!- this looks great" while they did all the hard work. As I was leaving Dan Berwick was arriving with some pretty serious looking tools. I can't wait to see the transformation tomorrow. Sonya dropped in with some pretty impressive looking posters. "Who are these glamazons?" I shrieked as stunning picture after picture unfolded before my unbelieving eyes?? Yes, our Dads of Dance, Hollywood most certainly will be calling. Anyway, check out the shop......OPENING SOON!!

Monday, October 8, 2007


Sadly the Australian public voted and it is with much sadness that I farewell Jacob from Australian Idol. I do have to say however that he exited the show like a true performer should. He exhibited dignity and class and as sad as I was to see him go it was a beautiful television moment. I was disappointed to see the apathetic Marty still sitting sheepishly on the couch. I hope none of our students ever give up or see something as too hard, out of their comfort zone or too much of a challenge. Parents of young girls with mobile phones who think lethargic surf dudes are cool please confiscate their phones before judging next week. I can't sit through another week of Marty mournfully bleating out a tune. Jacob has now left the building........I hope he turns up on our screens, on my ipod and in our music stores very soon.

ORANGE WORKSHOP- A Great Day had by all

Fantastic to see so many fabulous dance devotees at our Workshop yesterday. Miss Leesa, Miss Emma, Gail, B Boy Dave and yours truly had a wonderful day. I think one of my old war injuries flared up....but still great to spend a day doing what you love to do and that's dance. Miss Leesa met some gorgeous little super stars in the making with the Tiny Tots and Miss Emma and I had great fun with the Drama kids. I saw so much talent in all of the classes and we had a few adults really show the kids what it is all about ...(no names but she ensures all the dancers in Orange look fab!!!!You go girl!) Anyway, there were quite a few kids who I would have gladly stowed away in my car to bring back to Dubbo. Thankyou everyone for joining in with us to celebrate Dance! Let's do it again sometime.

Now TAT'S Dedication

Gerard Hart sporting the latest must have accessory for the dedicated "Dad of Dance."

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Immy turned 9 today!! Happy Birthday my little Moggy- you are growing up too fast!!Hope you had a fantastic day.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Daddy you look so pretty

Stepping Out Dads will stop at nothing to get their kids to Disneyland. Laura Keizer is seen above adjusting her dad's headpiece in readiness for Lights! Camera! Action!