Friday, November 25, 2016


CONCERT DAY  Saturday, 3rd Dec 2pm and Sunday , 4th 11am Show & 5pm show
·       An Order of Appearance is on this note.  Please be aware that parents are required to change students if they are involved in more than one routine or make own arrangements to have another parent dress and change your child. 
·       Students appearing in the first half are asked to be at the venue by 1pm (2pm Saturday show) 10.15am (11am show) & 4.15pm (5pm show)fully dressed, with hair & make up done for first routine.  Please enter through back stage entrance ( Carrington Ave), locate your name ( in class rolls- as per order of appearance) and mark your name off.  Students will be supervised in large dressing room and called forth by our Stage Manager for their appearance.  Our first half of our program is timed for one hour and fifteen mins.  All Angelina students will appear in a special Tiny Tots finale at the close of first half.  There will then be a twenty minute interval.  If watching the show please collect your child at interval if they have a ticket.  Students only appearing in first half and who don’t have family in attendance can be collected to go home.
·       Students appearing in the second half only are asked to be at the venue by 3pm (2pm Saturday show) ,12noon (11am show )  & 6.00pm (5pm show)and follow same instructions as set out above.  If students are watching the concert they need to report backstage for 2nd half ( if that is when their item is) at the times given.  The second half of the show has an estimated running time of one hour.  All students present are invited back on stage for a full cast Finale.  Following our Sunday 5pm show will be our 2016 Presentation ( for all students except Angelina & Little Stars Jazz.)
·       Parents leaving auditorium to dress performers throughout performance will be granted Back of House access through a door located near Door 1. ( foyer area past toilets)  We ask that you exit the auditorium from Door 2 and 3 only to gain access to this door to back stage.  Exiting from these doors will ensure minimum disruption to performers and patrons.  Please acquaint yourself with this door before the performance commences.  Likewise, students will need to follow same procedure if leaving auditorium to go backstage for a performance or change of costume.  This will only be possible if we have sufficient volunteers for each show to man the access doors.  Otherwise parents will need to walk around to Backstage entrance.
·       No one is allowed to sit in the aisles or on the steps under any circumstances (WH & S).
·       Mobile phones must be turned off during the performances.
·       Students who have tickets to watch are permitted to leave backstage area after they have performed.  All students must sign out on class roll and Students under 12 years of age must be collected from backstage area /dressing rooms/ Oxley Room by a parent or guardian.  We ask only one representative per student for collection due to the limited space and size of our cast.
·       ALL students will be reappearing in the Finales’ but it is at discretion of parents for young students if they stay for all shows or if they return home for a rest.  Students will be notified via a voice over when it is time to return backstage for FINALE’.  The 2016 Presentation will follow the 5pm Performance.  We would really like to acknowledge all students and have them present for Presentation.  Tiny Tot students will be presented on the 9th December at a special Presentation.  Invites have been sent home.
·       Refreshments will be served in the bar area.
·       Classes for 2016 will cease on Sunday, 4th December.  There will be no Saturday classes on Saturday, 3rd December.  Our little superstars need to prepare for their performance and faculty will be at theatre preparing for a big but exciting weekend. We thank you for the tremendous support and enthusiasm shown by all students and their families throughout 2016 and we look forward to celebrating this in our production. Stepping Out Dance Factory truly is a special place made more so by the beautiful families within our fold. 2016 Enrolment Information will be available soon via an online Enrolment Form and our 2016 Enrolment Days will be advertised in Dubbo Photo News and on our Facebook Page.  Private Tuition for Eisteddfods will commence in early January 2016- Please register your interest with Miss Rikki on 041 336 1724.

·       OPENING- “Bless This Show/ Don’t Stop The Music/ Your Song -Eisteddfod Troupe Performance students with vocalist Bella Gibson

·        Lullaby –Angelina students
·        Star Ballet- Grade 1 with Amelia Chapman
·        Let It Be- 14 years Modern Performance
·        Funkytown- 6 Years jazz
·        Edelweiss – Grade 2/3 Ballet
·        Aladdin – Primary Ballet
·        Magic Carpet Ride- Intermediate Modern
·        Annie- 8 Years Performance
·       Nutcracker- Pre-Primary Ballet with Maddie/ Onny
·       Degas – Grade 4 Ballet
·        DJ- Junior Hip Hop
·        Bust a Move- Senior Tap
·        High School Musical- 12 years Performance
·        Sharpay- Junior Jazz
·        Welcome to the 50s- Intermediate Tap
·        *5pm performance only – Princesses- Angelina Class
·        Tiny Tots Finale’ with Madeline Gibson and teacher assistants

Interval -20 mins
Chicago – Senior Performance
·       Goodship Lollipop – Little Stars featuring Charlotte Scott
·       Inter/Advanced Tap
·       Strings Ballet- Senior Ballet
·       Abba- Junior Tap
·       Michael Jackson- Boys Class
·       Intermediate Hip Hop
·       Surfs Up- 8 years Jazz
·       Bowie Jazz- 10 years Jazz featuring Liberty McCarthy & Hannah Coote
·       Step Up- Senior Hip Hop
·       Queen Tribute- 12 years Jazz
·       Madonna Medley- Senior Jazz
·       Purple Rain- Junior Modern
·       Prince Tribute- 14 Years Jazz
·       Farewell Dance
·       Hallejuah- Senior Modern
·       SLIDESHOW 2016
·       FINALE’- all students

Thursday, November 17, 2016


It's that time of year again when we dive into our treasure trove of make up and get our little darlings looking gorgeous for the stage! Why do we need to put make up on the kids? Well, though your little dancer may look like a mini drag queen off stage, I can assure you that on stage, they will just look like their sweet little self (with just a touch more pizzazz.) The lighting used can wipe them out and make it very hard for them to dazzle us with their brightest smiles so they need a little help to highlight their features PLUS IT'S FUN! Little girls love make up!

Mums, I feel your's hard to get animated, excited little faces still long enough to weave your magic wand. And then there is the liquid eye liner....oh and the tears, you forget how easily and often little faces can crumple into tears until you spy your pain stakingly applied handi work sliding down their faces. BUT know this, it does get easier and quicker. A little bit of practise before the big day and you are good to go. Remember, children, like animals smell fear! Go into the application with confidence and assertiveness. You are a make up magician.

Here is my guide to lighting up our Junior's faces. * Use a foundation in their shade ( you can go one shade darker than skin tone for stage but make sure you cover neck etc as well). I suggest using a sponge to apply. It's much quicker and much better for coverage. Some skin tones may not require much foundation. * DO use powder to blot out shininess and it will help rest of make up to go on with ease and stay on. * Use a white highlighter (shadow or powder form- some have a real sheen or a glitter) and lightly place under eye area and along cheekbone. Get your little one to suck in cheeks and generously apply hot pink blusher (for very rosy cheeks.) * Closing eyes, cover entire eye area in white or ivory eyeshadow. Using a brown eye shadow cover entire eye lid. Accentuate corner of eye with a darker brown shade. Trace top lid with crayon eye liner in black and extend along eye in a cat's eye. (I use a crayon liner rather than pencil as it is easier on little faces). Use crayon liner under eye as well but below natural line so as to enlarge eyes. * Use a white eye liner in corner of eyes on both sides. * If using false eye lashes apply now. Use glue on both lashes and paint along upper lid. Press firmly and hold until fully dry. If not using eye lashes ( on little ones etc) just use mascara on top and lower lashes. Apply LOTS especially if they are fair. * You can then if you like go over crayon with liquid eye liner ( I use the pen ones) as again they are much easier. * On fair children , it is important to draw in eye brows in slightly darker shade than hair. Just lightly colour in. * Outline lips in lip liner- I colour in lips with it as well and then apply lip stick! HOT PINK- as bright as you can find!! Here are some pics of some of our kids in full make up! There are always lots of mums who have been there, done that all before and remember their first days of making up their children and who are only too happy to help! Please ask us if we can help you! Concerts should be fun and not stressful!

Impact Dance Makeup Tutorial - Younger Girls

Saturday, November 12, 2016


This note will go out from week commencing 21st November so we don't bombard you with too much information.  It is here as a reference point.

Please note that our website has a very comprehensive guide to Make Up & Hair.  Go to and hit link DUBBO NEWS to get full post and how to instructions on make up for stage.  It will be in November archive.  A link will also be posted on our Facebook page.  We will post how to videos.
MAKE-UP- Foundation, powder, blusher, white/cream eye shadow as base for eye, eye socket shaded with brown eye shadow ( violet eye shadow for students 8 years & under), black eye liner, white pencil as highlighter, black mascara, false eye lashes ( optional but highly recommended for students from 10 years of age), hot pink lipstick ( under 12s), crimson ( 14 yrs & open.)
TINY TOTS- Parents use your discretion.  Lipstick, blusher, shadow and mascara will be sufficient but ensure it is bright as the lights are very strong and can wash out those gorgeous little faces and we really want to see those beautiful smiles.
Students please ensure you wear white, nude colour or plain underwear under costuming and all straps etc must be pinned and unseen.  Body stockings are available for older students.
BOYS- Hair in own funky style.  Make up at own discretion and depending on child’s fairness.  Blusher or bronzer usually sufficient.
Please note that all hair styles will need to be slicked back from face.  The best technique is to use a fine tooth comb on damp hair and gel and hairspray to smooth hair and fringes off face.  Please ensure you use hair bands in matching hair shade or clear elastic bands.  Students with hair accessories please ensure that these are pinned firmly.  Hats, hair ties, hair pieces and wigs need to be pinned thoroughly.
ANGELINA students  “LULLABY” – We are aware that due to their young age that some have a little and some have a lot of hair.  We ask that you create your own hair style.  We would love to see curls.  Hair will need to be slicked back from face in whatever style you choose as we need to see their gorgeous little faces under those lights.  They will have headpieces. It will need to be pinned. Ballet Shoes. Ballet stockings. ANGELINA “PRINCESSES”- hair in own beautiful Princess style.  We need hair slicked back from face but be creative and let your little girl have some input in how she will feel her most glamorous and regal. Ballet shoes. Ballet tights.
MONDAY LITTLE STARS “GOOD SHIP LOLLIPOP ” Hair in two high pig tails and curled.Jazz shoes. Tan Tights
PRIMARY BALLET “ALADDIN” & PRE-PRIMARY “NUTCRACKER”Hair half up and curled.  You pull a section of hair back from the ears and secure tightly with band.  Rest of hair curled. Ballet stockings.  Ballet shoes.
GRADE 1, 2 & 3, Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate  BALLET  Hair in Classical Bun.  Ballet stockings.  Ballet shoes.
JUNIOR JAZZ 6yrs” ( Monday) Hair in very high ponytail and curled.  Jazz shoes. Tan tights.
JUNIOR JAZZ 6-8 “Sharpay” ( Thursday) Hair in a very high ponytail and curled. Jazz Shoes.  Tan tights.
JUNIOR JAZZ Under 8s- (Monday)- Two high pig tails and curled.  Tan tights.  Jazz shoes.
JUNIOR MODERN “Purple Rain” Hair half up, half down.  Convertible ballet stockings.  Bare feet
INTERMEDIATE MODERN “MAGIC CARPET RIDE” Hair in bun. Bare feet.  Convertible tights.
SENIOR MODERN “HALLEJUAH” Hair in low slicked ponytail with side part to right side. Convertible tights.
JUNIOR HIP HOP “DJS ”Hair in high pig tails or one high pony tail ( depending on other routines and hair changes) and curled/teased.  Please purchase white canvas lace ups. ( Hi tops or just lace ups)
INTERMEDIATE HIP HOPRHYTHM NATION” Hair in low slicked pony tail.  Please purchase black canvas lace up shoes.
SENIOR HIP HOP “STREET SCENE “Individual hair styles & shoes to be decided upon in class with Miss Emma
BOYS CLASS “MICHAEL JACKSON ”Please purchase black canvas shoes ( slip on or lace up)
10 YRS JAZZ “ BOWIE”- Hair in high ponytail and curled.  Matte tan tights.  Camel jazz shoes.
12 YRS JAZZ “QUEEN MEDLEY” Hair in high ponytail and curled.  Matte tan tights.  Camel jazz shoes.
14 YRS JAZZ “ PRINCE” Hair in high ponytail with front quiff.  Matte tan tights.  Camel Jazz Shoes.
SENIOR JAZZ “ MADONNA ” all different hair styles.  Matte tan tights.  Camel jazz shoes.
JUNIOR TAP “ ABBA”  A high pony tail curled.  Matte tan tights.  Camel Tap shoes.  We are hoping to have wigs for this group.  If they can’t be sourced hair will be as given.
INTERMEDIATE TAP “FIFTIES”  High pony tail and curled Matte tan tights.  Camel tap shoes.
SENIOR TAP “  BUSTED” Own neat street hair style  Camel tap shoes.
INT/ ADVANCED TAP “ BUGLE BOYS”- Hair in bun.  Camel tap shoes.  Matte tan tights
JUNIOR PERFORMANCE ANNIE & HIGHSCHOOL MUSICAL – Girls can have all different hair styles.  Matte tan tights.    Camel Jazz Shoes for 12 years and bare feet for Annie.  Please be aware that both groups need to organize own costumes for these acts.
SENIOR JAZZ PERFORMANCE “CHICAGO” Own hair styles.  Camel Jazz shoes and matte tan tights
Students need to arrange their own unique bright and colourful jazz costume.  We have had groups over the years in great colour schemes so please use those or even solo/ duo costumes.  We just want variety, colour and vibrancy.   ( can have bling- please do) Please accessorize it sufficiently to give it stage appeal and not just street wear.  Hair can be in own, very neat, hair style. 14 years need something that will work underneath their nun’s habits.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


This year we are holding our dress rehearsals over two afternoons.  We understand that for some children this will mean they will be required due to their number of classes and segments they are performing in on both afternoons.  Please appreciate that every decision we make is in the very best interests of the students.  We felt last year that it was far too busy, congested in the back of the theatre and we needed more precious time on stage to ensure that our lighting, sound and other effects will best enhance our students and ensure that it is a magical and memorable time for them.  We also appreciate that it’s a busy time of year and people work and there is the rush after school so we understand that the students may not be picture perfect.  We know they will look absolutely beautiful on the days of the concert.  We do ask that if you are unsure of hair and make up that you do practise on the dress rehearsal days so we can best guide you. 
This will be an exclusive time slot just for Angelina students.  All classes in the Angelina program will be required at this time.  Please arrive dressed 15 mins prior to the commencement of the rehearsal so we can settle the students, say their goodbyes and take them into the auditorium.  They will be dismissed at 4.30pm and taken through stage doors to meet their parents.  We ask only one family member picks them up as there is simply not adequate space for a huge amount of people in the limited area we are given for backstage collection.  They are only little so we don’t want them overwhelmed by a huge amount of people waiting.   Our Angelina students and Little Stars ( preschool jazz  will feature in their own FINALE” which will conclude the first exciting half of our performance.
STUDENTS IN THE FIRST HALF OF THE SHOW NEED TO BE AT THE THEATRE BY 4.45pm dressed in costume and ready to perform.  All students in the first half will be dismissed at 7.30pm  Students will wait in theatre auditorium unless they have costume changes where they will be permitted to access dressing rooms.
Students appearing in the second half of the show will need to be at the theatre, fully dressed and ready to go at 3.45pm.  Students appearing in the second half will be dismissed from theatre at 7.00pm.  They will be sat in theatre auditorium whilst they are waiting but if they have costume changes they will be permitted to access dressing rooms.
Thank you to all the generous people who have volunteered to assist us on Concert Days.  We will need our volunteers to be inducted by Theatre Staff at 12.30pm Saturday, 3rd December.  This will give only those who are our volunteers and assisting in supervision and organisation access to back of house areas of the theatre. 
·       Entry to Dress Rehearsals is via Carrington Ave entrance.  Students are to be taken to back glass door ( stage door.)  Please ensure that you are dressed and ready to commence rehearsals at your nominated time.  This will be a full dress rehearsal in running order.
·      Students are to have their names marked off on their class roll as a sign in for rehearsal.  Performers and Parents are NOT permitted in the foyer area of the Theatre.  REHEARSALS ARE CLOSED.  ( Parents, friends etc are NOT permitted backstage, stage area or within the theatre auditorium.) Parents may wait in dressing room areas to assist with costume changes but only if your child has a costume change on that day of rehearsal.  Parents of young performers are welcome to stay in the Dressing Rooms Area.  Students are fully supervised in theatre.
·      Students are to wait to be called for each rehearsal. They will be dismissed from stage or auditorium at close of their rehearsal. 
·      Students with changes for rehearsals are asked to be prompt.  This is a good rehearsal for the actual day as there are a few quick changes needed.  Please set up side stage for the very quick changes.
·      No food or drink in the theatre auditorium during rehearsals.  Young students should not be eating and drinking while in costume.  Please ensure that all students have a water bottle that is labelled with their name.
·      Dressing Rooms are to be left tidy.
·      Students must sign out before leaving the premises. 
3.45pm arrival  FIRST HALF OF SHOW- ANGELINA STUDENTS ( students to be collected at 4.30pm sharp.
Times on second page

The above students can be collected from Carrington Ave, stage door entrance at 7.30pm
1.   OPENING- “Bless This Show/ Don’t Stop The Music/ Your Song -Eisteddfod Troupe Performance students with vocalist Bella Gibson

2.    Lullaby –Angelina students
3.    Star Ballet- Grade 1 with Amelia Chapman
4.    Let It Be- 14 years Modern Performance
5.    Funkytown- 6 Years jazz
6.    Edelweiss – Grade 2/3 Ballet
7.    Aladdin – Primary Ballet
8.    Magic Carpet Ride- Intermediate Modern
9.    Annie- 8 Years Performance
10.    Nutcracker- Pre-Primary Ballet with Maddie/ Onny
11.    Degas – Grade 4 Ballet
12.     DJ- Junior Hip Hop
13.     Bust a Move- Senior Tap
14.     High School Musical- 12 years Performance
15.     Sharpay- Junior Jazz
16.     Welcome to the 50s- Intermediate Tap
17.     *5pm performance only – Princesses- Angelina Class
18.     Tiny Tots Finale’ with Madeline Gibson and teacher assistants


STUDENTS IN THE SECOND HALF OF THE SHOW NEED TO BE THERE BY 3.45pm dressed and ready for rehearsals.  They can be collected at 7pm.


19.  Chicago – Senior Performance
20.  Goodship Lollipop – Little Stars featuring Charlotte Scott
21.  Inter/Advanced Tap
22.  Strings Ballet- Senior Ballet
23.  Abba- Junior Tap
24.  Michael Jackson- Boys Class
25.  Intermediate Hip Hop
26.  Surfs Up- 8 years Jazz
27.  Bowie Jazz- 10 years Jazz featuring Liberty McCarthy & Hannah Coote
28.  Step Up- Senior Hip Hop
29.  Queen Tribute- 12 years Jazz
30.  Madonna Medley- Senior Jazz
31.  Purple Rain- Junior Modern
32.  Prince Tribute- 14 Years Jazz
33.  Farewell Dance
34.  Hallejuah- Senior Modern
35.  SLIDESHOW 2016
36.  FINALE’- all students

JUNIOR TAP STUDENTS & LITTLE STARS STUDENTS CAN BE COLLECTED AT 6PM BUT ARE WELCOME TO STAY TO REHEARSE FINALE! Any students from the first half of the show who wish to come back for Finale rehearsal are very welcome and that would be between 6-7pm.
Notes for Concert Day Organisation, Hair & Make Make Up and other exciting information  will be given out during class in the weeks leading up to concert. All notes will also be posted on the blog and a link given on our FB page.
Stay Calm and Sparkle!