Sunday, September 30, 2007


Sonya had an early call out with Tony Campbell. Like a true model, he was in the make up chair early at 7.45am. He sprung to life playing the dual roles of "Danny" and "Wild Sandy" from Grease. Sonya remarked on Tony's versatility and ease at jumping into these characters with such style and conviction. His audition shot showed signs of a supple back and his chorus line shot can only be described as smouldering. Next up was Ian Burns and it was his turn to laugh as all the women in the room enviously looked at his legs in heels. Narelle did his make up and the effect was stunning. He shone in front of the lights doing poses in tribute to Chicago's Cell Block Tango while Paris and Tracey cheered him on. He almost looked too good.......most unfair!! There was just a moment of nervousness when I asked "so are you as flexible as Paris?" as I tried to devise an audition pose for him. Anyway, could our dads get any more gorgeous....we weren't sure but everyone in the room knew that we were working on something very special. A man in trenchcoat, dark glasses and floppy moustache edged his way into the studio and took his turn at the make up station. Soon the shackles of anonymity were abandoned as he edged into his leotard and tights. Jennifer Beals never looked as good as Robert Duffy in his turn in the spotlight. He looked amazing. Each shot he made his own and I think even Lynne had to marvel at her husband's transformation in "A Chorus Line." He had legs and he knew how to use them. Our next "Dad of Dance" was the formidable Scott Murray. He brought "Bootmen" to life and was very patient with the tricky camera angles needed to get the shot. I returned to the room at one stage to see Sonya on her back cockroach style trying to capture Scott in mid flight. I quickly retreated. Scott is a very masculine man and so much to Roseanne Murray's delight he agreed to don a tutu. Her laughter could be heard from Studio 3 but Scott looked great. He twirled for the camera and looked phenomenal as a blonde. At one stage, he looked in the mirror and shrugged and said, "i look allright" to which I replied "but would you buy yourself a drink?" Energy was depleting......I made a dash for emergency supplies of chocolate and coke for us all. I did have to endure Immy, Amber & Beanie skipping and singing throughout the Mall but it was what we needed to recharge and head into the afternoon. Katie Bennett, giggling madly led her dad David into the studio. He momentarily appeared blinded by the lights. I asked the kids to bolt the front door. He, I feared could be a runaway. How wrong was I?? David, apart from being incredibly cute was a natural performer. His silver jumpsuit was shown off to perfection with every pose he created before the camera. He took my breath away with his audition shots and his pleading "I hope I get it" to the camera is worthy of an Oscar or at least a Logie nomination. It seemed the cute boys were just going to keep rolling in with the arrival of Miss Emmy J and James. James looked so fetching as Billy Elliot I wanted to adopt him. He also had to create the dancing girls in Billy's class and so needed to be about seven little naughty tutu clad girls. Emmy J contorted him in front of the camera and shouted "more turn-out!!", "softer arms", "James, Smileeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" and he handled it all with grace and aplomb. Our final Dad of Dance was Mick Schofield. I suspect Mick wasn't told about the make-up, the heels or the wigs but in "the show must go on" style he did it all. He was such a great sport and looked unreal as Kevin Bacon in "Footloose." Kevin never looked so good. It was an exhausting day. Sonya looked totally "spent" on a physical, emotional and creative level. I knew however, I could not rest. David's photo was the next day and I needed to go home and rehearse him. "Hi Honey, I am home........time for your close-up."

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