Sunday, September 2, 2007


CYMS WON!!-We think our dancers were the real winners of the day though. We were blown away by your professionalism. The music was cued incorrectly by the sound engineer (these things happen) and yet our girls stayed in position like true professionals until it was corrected. Well done and let's face it, your audience wasn't exactly comprised of theatre-goers so you did so well to stay so cool, calm, classy and collected. Thankyou to the mums (our limo drivers) who drove us to the grounds in their 7 seaters. (Narelle, Regina & Sue-Ellen) All vehicles proved to me just how much I really need to clean out my car. And as for our girls well as the gatekeeper said, "alllright, whadda we have here, now here's some goodlooking sheilas!!" Thankyou to our celebrity snapper, Sonya"Redfox" O'Connor for this great photo.

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