Saturday, November 29, 2014


Thank you to everyone for your support, co-operation encouragement and smiles as we approach what is the biggest day of the year for us.  Our Concert requires the massive efforts of a horde of helpers working behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly and stress free.  We would be most appreciative if anyone would like to put up their hand to help with our dress rehearsal, 11am Performance or 5pm Performance.  We need assistance in supervision of students, backstage help, and manning of entry door from theatre to backstage ( this is a theatre requirement and if we don’t have sufficient volunteers access for quick changes will be compromised).  We understand that this is a very busy time for many of you and that a great deal of you will be very busy with costume changes but we ask anyone who thinks they might like to see the dizzying speeds of how our special day unfolds behind the scene please raise your hand. 
Please send the below form back in or drop Rikki a line on 041 336 1724 , via the FB page or by email

Phone…………………………………………Parent/ Carer of…………………………………………..
I am able to help at
a)Dress Rehearsal…………………………………………………………………………………………….
b) 11am Show………………………………………………………………………………………………….
c)5pm Show…………………………………………………………………………………………………….

*  Please note those parents/ friends assisting with manning of theatre access doors will be required to attend a quick Induction/ Theatre Briefing with DRTCC Technical Staff prior to commencement of duties. 

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Please note that our website has a very comprehensive guide to Make Up & Hair.  Go to and hit link DUBBO NEWS to get full post and how to instructions on make up for stage.  It will be in November archive.  A link will also be posted on our Facebook page.  We will post how to videos.
MAKE-UP- Foundation, powder, blusher, white/cream eye shadow as base for eye, eye socket shaded with brown eye shadow ( violet eye shadow for students 8 years & under), black eye liner, white pencil as highlighter, black mascara, false eye lashes ( optional but highly recommended for students from 10 years of age), hot pink lipstick ( under 12s), crimson ( 14 yrs & open.)
TINY TOTS- Parents use your discretion.  Lipstick, blusher, shadow and mascara will be sufficient but ensure it is bright as the lights are very strong and can wash out those gorgeous little faces and we really want to see those beautiful smiles.
Students please ensure you wear white, nude colour or plain underwear under costuming and all straps etc must be pinned and unseen.  Body stockings are available for older students.
BOYS- Hair in own funky style.  Make up at own discretion and depending on child’s fairness.  Blusher or bronzer usually sufficient.
Please note that all hair styles will need to be slicked back from face.  The best technique is to use a fine tooth comb on damp hair and gel and hairspray to smooth hair and fringes off face.  Please ensure you use hair bands in matching hair shade or clear elastic bands.  Students with hair accessories please ensure that these are pinned firmly.  Hats, hair ties, hair pieces and wigs need to be pinned thoroughly.
SATURDAY ANGELINA 9.30 am “LADYBUGS” & , MONDAY 10.30am“BEES” Little buns on side of head.  ( if not enough hair just pulled back from face. ) They will have headband. It will need to be pinned. Ballet Shoes. FRIDAY “FLOWERS”- hair in one bun.  Ballet shoes.
SATURDAY ANGELINA 10.15am “UNDER THE SEA” Two high pigtails curled  Ballet shoes.
SATURDAY ANGELINA 11am “UNICORNS” ” Hair in two high buns on either side of head.  Ballet shoes
SATURDAY TINY TAPPERS “SNOWMEN” Hair in two buns. Tan tights. Tap shoes..
MONDAY LITTLE STARS “FIREWORKS” & TUESDAY TINY HIP HOP Hair in very high ponytail and curled and teased out.  Jazz shoes.
PRIMARY BALLET “FROZEN” Hair in two plaits and crossed over head and pinned.  Ballet stockings.  Ballet shoes.
GRADE 2 BALLET “SNOWFLAKES” Hair in Classical Bun.  Ballet stockings.  Ballet shoes.
GRADE 5 BALLET “SNUGGLEPOT & CUDDLEPIE” – Hair in Classical ballet bun.  Ballet stockings.  Ballet shoes.
SENIOR BALLET “MIDSUMMER’S NIGHTS DREAM”- Hair in Classical Ballet Bun.  Ballet stockings.  Ballet shoes.  Pointe shoes for pointe dance.
JUNIOR JAZZ “CLOWNS” Hair in two pigtails and curled.  Jazz shoes.
JUNIOR MODERN “MERMAIDS” Hair half up, half down.  Convertible ballet stockings.  Bare feet
SENIOR MODERN “MOTHER” Hair in low slicked ponytail Convertible tights.
JUNIOR HIP HOP “TOY SOLDIERS ”Hair in high ponytail and teased.  Please purchase black canvas lace ups.
INTERMEDIATE HIP HOPCHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY” Wearing wigs.  Please pin securely. White ankle socks.  Please purchase white canvas lace ups.
SENIOR HIP HOP “NIGHTMARES “Two pig tails teased out & shoes to be decided upon in class with Miss Emma
BOYS CLASS “PIRATES”Please purchase black canvas shoes ( slip on or lace up)
10 YRS JAZZ “ QUEEN OF HEARTS”- Hair in high ponytail and curled.  Matte tan tights.  Camel jazz shoes.
12 YRS JAZZ “FIREBALL” Hair in high ponytail and curled.  Matte tan tights.  Camel jazz shoes.
14 YRS JAZZ “ SPACE” Hair in high ponytail .  Matte tan tights.  Camel Jazz Shoes.
SENIOR JAZZ “ MANNEQUINS” all different hair styles.  Matte tan tights.  Camel jazz shoes.
JUNIOR TAP “ PENGUINS”  A high pony tail curled.  Matte tan tights.  Camel Tap shoes.
INTERMEDIATE TAP “MUSIC DOLLS”  Hair in two high pig tails and curled.  Matte tan tights.  Camel tap shoes.
SENIOR TAP “ ALICE IN WONDERLAND ”Individual character hair to be decided with Miss Brandi.  Matte tan tights.  Camel tap shoes.
JUNIOR PERFORMANCE BUGSY MALONE – Girls can have all different hair styles depending on the era.  Matte tan tights.    Camel Jazz Shoes.
Boys need to really slick their hair and black canvas shoes.
INTERMEDIATE PERFORMANCE “JETSET” Hair in slicked bun. Matte tan tights, camel jazz shoes
SENIOR JAZZ PERFORMANCE “PRISCILLA” Own hair styles ( wigs, hats, etc, very over the top) and own choice of shoes.
Students need to arrange their own unique all white ( can have bling- please do) outfit for opening.  Please accessorize it sufficiently to give it stage appeal and not just street wear.  Hair can be in own, very neat, hair style. 
PERFORMANCE ROUTINES MOVE, WALKING & FALLING & 12 Yrs CONTEMP as per Eisteddfod ( except 12 yrs Contemp can just have a bun due to quick changes)
We need a full dress rehearsal on Thursday, 11h December as this is when our final lighting scheme will be decided upon.  I understand that for a great deal of our families that there will be a rush from school and work and so we are very appreciative of your efforts.  ( Concerts are meant to be fun so please don’t stress.  We only ask that you do your best.) 

Thankyou- Your children will not only look a million dollars but more importantly feel a million dollars.  We can’t wait to see our students SHINE. DON’T FORGET STAGE REHEARSALS, SUNDAY, NOV 30th at DRTCC

Monday, November 10, 2014

Tutorial: Ballet Stage Make Up


It's that time of year again when we dive into our treasure trove of make up and get our little darlings looking gorgeous for the stage! Why do we need to put make up on the kids? Well, though your little dancer may look like a mini drag queen off stage, I can assure you that on stage, they will just look like their sweet little self (with just a touch more pizzazz.) The lighting used can wipe them out and make it very hard for them to dazzle us with their brightest smiles so they need a little help to highlight their features PLUS IT'S FUN! Little girls love make up!

Mums, I feel your's hard to get animated, excited little faces still long enough to weave your magic wand. And then there is the liquid eye liner....oh and the tears, you forget how easily and often little faces can crumple into tears until you spy your pain stakingly applied handi work sliding down their faces. BUT know this, it does get easier and quicker. A little bit of practise before the big day and you are good to go. Remember, children, like animals smell fear! Go into the application with confidence and assertiveness. You are a make up magician.
Here is my guide to lighting up our Junior's faces. * Use a foundation in their shade ( you can go one shade darker than skin tone for stage but make sure you cover neck etc as well). I suggest using a sponge to apply. It's much quicker and much better for coverage. Some skin tones may not require much foundation. * DO use powder to blot out shininess and it will help rest of make up to go on with ease and stay on. * Use a white highlighter (shadow or powder form- some have a real sheen or a glitter) and lightly place under eye area and along cheekbone. Get your little one to suck in cheeks and generously apply hot pink blusher (for very rosy cheeks.) * Closing eyes, cover entire eye area in white or ivory eyeshadow. Using a brown eye shadow cover entire eye lid. Accentuate corner of eye with a darker brown shade. Trace top lid with crayon eye liner in black and extend along eye in a cat's eye. (I use a crayon liner rather than pencil as it is easier on little faces). Use crayon liner under eye as well but below natural line so as to enlarge eyes. * Use a white eye liner in corner of eyes on both sides. * If using false eye lashes apply now. Use glue on both lashes and paint along upper lid. Press firmly and hold until fully dry. If not using eye lashes ( on little ones etc) just use mascara on top and lower lashes. Apply LOTS especially if they are fair. * You can then if you like go over crayon with liquid eye liner ( I use the pen ones) as again they are much easier. * On fair children , it is important to draw in eye brows in slightly darker shade than hair. Just lightly colour in. * Outline lips in lip liner- I colour in lips with it as well and then apply lip stick! HOT PINK- as bright as you can find!! Here are some pics of some of our kids in full make up! There are always lots of mums who have been there, done that all before and remember their first days of making up their children and who are only too happy to help! Please ask us if we can help you! Concerts should be fun and not stressful!

Sunday, November 9, 2014


The countdown continues.  Now it’s time to get really excited because after all of our hard work in class we are now about to step on to stage for our very first stage rehearsal.  Our stage rehearsals will be held on Sunday, 30th November at Dubbo Regional Theatre, Darling St.  The students are asked to please enter through the backstage entrance at Carrington Ave and mark your child’s name off the roll.  This is a closed rehearsal and only performers will be allowed entry beyond stage doors and area.
Stagecraft Rehearsals prepare the students for the correct manner to enter and exit the stage, the stage dimensions and other important features of Performance.  They are an important and exciting lead up to Dress Rehearsals and our Concert and are sure to combat all the nerves and ensure the performers are feeling prepared, confident and most importantly, very excited about their performance. Please pack a water bottle for your child and for those students with numerous rehearsals, adequate refreshments.  Students should come dressed in dancewear and the entire faculty will be present on the day to keep a watchful eye over our stars.  Please collect your child from the backstage entrance at the close of their rehearsal.  Times are as follows;
9.00-  10.00am  OPENING & ALL PERFORMANCE STUDENTS ( Bella Gibson – 10 years, 12 years, 14 years & Senior Performance.  Opening plus new entertainment routines and Eisteddfod pieces Walking & Falling, Bed Contemp)
10.00 -11.00am  ENCHANTED GARDEN Friday 9.30am Angelina “Flowers”, Monday 10.30am Angelina “Bees”, Saturday 9.30 am Angelina “Ladybugs”, Grade 5 Ballet, Senior Ballet / Pointe
11.00-12.00 WINTER WONDERLAND Saturday 12pm Tiny Tappers with Bella Gibson, Grade 2 Ballet Monday 4.30pm, Primary Ballet Monday 3.45pm, Madeline Gibson, Junior Tap Tuesday 4pm
12.00- 1.00pm UNDER THE SEA Saturday 10.15am Angelina, Boys Class, Junior Contemporary Tuesday 4.45pm, Amber Bunt
1.00- 2.30pm CIRCUS CARNIVAL 12 years Jazz Monday 5.15, Little Stars Jazz Monday 3.45pm, Little Stars Hip Hop Tues 4pm, Junior Jazz Monday 4.30, Saturday 11am Angelina “Unicorns”, Intermediate Tap
2.30- 3.30pm STORYTIME Senior Tap, 10 yrs Jazz Monday 5.15pm, Inter Hip Hop, Junior Hip Hop
3.30- 4.30pm  IMAGINATION IS EVERYTHING Inter Contemp Monday 7.15pm, Senior Jazz, Senior Hip Hop, Senior Contemporary , 14 years Jazz
4.30- 5.00pm FINALE’
A copy of this note will be posted on our blog under DUBBO NEWS and a link will be on our facebook page.  A reminder that tickets went on sale at DRTCC on Monday 10th November (  A Hair & Make Up Note will be sent home shortly ( all info will be available on the blog with a link from Facebook.)
In the coming weeks, we will also be sending home notes regarding our Dress Rehearsal on Thursday, 11th Dec, an invite for anyone who may be interested in volunteering assistance in the countdown, Costume Balances and information regarding the organization of both Dress Rehearsal and Concert Day.
We understand it’s a lot of information and we thank all our studio families once again for the support and enthusiasm you are so kindly extending to us.

We hope you will enjoy the show as much as we have enjoyed producing it.