Sunday, December 2, 2018


Costume Collection 2018

Angelina Students will receive their costumes during their classes this week. 

Friday class ( we were waiting on some sizes to arrive and then needed to steam them) so you are welcome to collect each afternoon from 4pm- 7pm ( Monday- Wednesday) or Tuesday morning 9am- 10am or Thursday morning 9am- 10am in readiness for your dress rehearsal.

Classical Ballet students will receive their costumes during their class times this week (if all costume payments have been made and term invoices finalised.)

All Senior Students will receive their costumes in class ( if all costume payments have been made and term invoices finalised. Modern headpieces are available at the studio and are $20.)
Performance Students ( Jet Set) will receive their costumes in class. 
Performance/ Musical Theatre “The Wizard of Oz.”  Musical Theatre students paid their deposits of $30 to Sonya.  I ended up doing the Citizens of Oz and the Munchkins.  If your child also is in 10 years/ 12 years Performance and paid a performance costume fee in some cases they will require a reimbursement but if they are enrolled in both Performance and Musical Theatre they are now covered.  We can work this out with those involved on Wednesday.  Sonya did all soloists and Winged Monkeys so balance payable will be made to her.

Balances for Sonya’s Costume Collection Wednesday 5th December at studio 4-7pm is as follows;
5/ 6 years Jazz $30
7/8 years Jazz $35
9/10 Jazz  $35
11/12 years Jazz $35
14 years Jazz $35
Thursday Jazz $30
Junior Hip Hop $35
Intermediate Hip Hop $35
Junior Tap $35
Intermediate Tap $35
Junior Modern $35
Intermediate Modern $35
Musical Theatre/ Performance $35 ( they are available for collection from me when it is most convenient for you.
Musical Theatre Soloists/ Winged Monkeys $35
If you ordered stockings, underwear etc they are due to arrive Monday and will be available to collect from the office during normal class times.

The Special Concert 20th Year Tshirts are on their way from the UK and can be collected from the theatre during dress rehearsals but we will update the Facebook page if they arrive any earlier and you wish to collect.
Our Concert Programs will also be ready for collection ( it is hoped Thursday) at dress rehearsals and are available for pre-order for $10.  There is only a 100 print run on these so be quick to secure your copy. 
We regret that costumes cannot be collected until full costume payment is made and will only be handed out if 2018 accounts are up to date.  Please ensure that there are no outstanding invoices.  Full payment of fees is a condition of concert participation.! 
Thank you for your understanding and patience.  With over 275 children due to hit the stage in three big shows “It always seems impossible until it’s done” and we appreciate the goodwill , cooperation and kindness of you all very much. 

As always, please feel free to ask any questions.  The and Facebook page are a hive of information and have all notes posted there that you may have missed.  Our aim is always happy children ( and parents!)  We endeavour to make this a fun, rewarding, stress free and memorable occasion for all.
Enjoy the lead up to what we know is going to be a beautiful weekend of shining children and shining performances. 


CONCERT DAY  Saturday, 8th Dec 2pm and Sunday , 9th Dec 11am Show & 5pm show
·       An Order of Appearance is on this note.  Please be aware that parents are required to change students if they are involved in more than one routine or make own arrangements to have another parent dress and change your child. 
·       Students appearing in the first half are asked to be at the venue by 1pm (2pm Saturday show) 10.15am (11am show) & 4.15pm (5pm show) fully dressed, with hair & make up done for first routine.  Please enter through back stage entrance ( Carrington Ave), locate your name ( alphabetical order) and mark your name off.  Students will be supervised in large dressing room and called forth by our Stage Manager for their appearance.  Our first half of our program is timed for one hour and fifteen mins.  All Angelina students will appear in a special Tiny Tots finale at the close of first half.  After careful consideration, we have decided that we will present Angelina students with something special during their finale rather than conduct another Presentation.  We are mindful of how busy the lead up to Christmas is and didn’t want to impose any more pressure on our families. There will then be a twenty minute interval.  If watching the show please collect your child at interval if they have a ticket or ticket holders can return to audience immediately after their performance.  Students only appearing in first half and who don’t have family in attendance can be collected to go home.
·       Students appearing in the second half only are asked to be at the venue by 3pm (2pm Saturday show) ,12noon (11am show )  & 6.00pm (5pm show)and follow same instructions as set out above.  If students are watching the concert they need to report backstage for 2nd half ( if that is when their item is) at the times given.  The second half of the show has an estimated running time of one hour and fifteen ( this will be updated after dress rehearsals with exact timing and a notice placed on the facebook page.) All students present are invited back on stage for a full cast Finale.  Following our Sunday 5pm show will be our 2018 Presentation ( for all students except Angelina dancers who would have already been presented.)
·       Parents leaving auditorium to dress performers throughout performance will be granted Back of House access through a door located near Door 1. ( foyer area past toilets)  We ask that you exit the auditorium from Door 2 and 3 only to gain access to this door to back stage.  Exiting from these doors will ensure minimum disruption to performers and patrons.  Please acquaint yourself with this door before the performance commences.  Likewise, students will need to follow same procedure if leaving auditorium to go backstage for a performance or change of costume.  This will only be possible if we have sufficient volunteers for each show to man the access doors.  Otherwise parents will need to walk around to Backstage entrance.
·       No one is allowed to sit in the aisles or on the steps under any circumstances (WH & S).
·       Mobile phones must be turned off during the performances.
·       Students who have tickets to watch are permitted to leave backstage area after they have performed.  All students must sign out on class roll and Students under 12 years of age must be collected from backstage area /dressing rooms/ Oxley Room by a parent or guardian.  We ask only one representative per student for collection due to the limited space and size of our cast.
·       ALL students will be reappearing in the Finales’ but it is at discretion of parents for young students if they stay for all shows or if they return home for a rest.  Students will be notified via a voice over when it is time to return backstage for FINALE’.  The 2018 Presentation will follow the 5pm Performance.  We would really like to acknowledge all students and have them present for Presentation. 
·       Refreshments will be served in the bar area.
·       Classes for 2018 will cease on Sunday, 9th December.  There will be no Saturday classes on Saturday, 8th December.  Our little superstars need to prepare for their performance and faculty will be at theatre preparing for a big but exciting weekend. We thank you for the tremendous support and enthusiasm shown by all students and their families throughout 2018 and we look forward to celebrating this in our production. Stepping Out Dance Factory truly is a special place made more so by the beautiful families within our fold. 2019 Enrolment Information will be available soon via an online Enrolment Form and our 2019 Enrolment Days will be advertised in Dubbo Photo News and on our Facebook Page.  Private Tuition for Eisteddfods will commence in early January 2019 along with trial classes ( so spread the word if you have a friend who may be interested in learning more about SODF- Please register your interest with Miss Rikki on 041 336 1724 or .
Order of Appearance
Yesterday is but today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream.
1.      Clocks- Open Modern/Compere Warrick McCarthy and Cale Slack-Smith
2.     Step back in time- All Performance Students
3.     Time after time- Isabella Gibson
Every Swan was once a little duckling.  With wings, we fly.
4.     Swans- Grade 3,4 & 5 Ballet
5.     Ducklings- Angelina Students
6.     Swan Lake- Pointe
PREHISTORIC TIMES “Always be yourself, unless you can be a dinosaur.  Then, Always Be a Dinosaur. “ Yabba Dabba Doo.
7.     Walk the Dinosaur- 6 Jazz
Walk Like an Egyptian
8.     Egyptians- Open hip hop
Come Fly With Me
9.     Jet Set- Junior Performance
“What If I Fall?  Oh, but my darling what if you fly?”
10.  Jade Bunt- Soloist
11.  Emma Duffy – Soloist & 2018 Brisbane Grand Prix International Finalist
“This Christmas may you remember the dreams of childhood and may you experience the wonder they once had.”
12.  The Nutcracker- Grade 1 & 2 Ballet
13.  Dolls- Angelina Students
14.  End of time- Open Jazz
“Let them be Little cause they’re only that way for a while.”
15.  Let them be little- 8 years Modern Performance
16.  Tiny tots Finale – Our youngest dancers take their bows and receive their 2018 Presentation with our hope that “ we will let them be little, fill their hearts with laughter, help them grow wings, nurture their sense of wonder, inspire them to believe and love them like there is no tomorrow.”
“It’s not where you go, It’s who you meet along the way.”
17.  Wizard of Oz- Junior Musical Theatre and Performance featuring Charlotte Scott- 2018 Scholarship Winner
Interval – 20 mins
18.  Mean Girls- Senior Musical Theatre
19.  Hip to be square- Junior Hip Hop
A Salute to Times of Old

20.  Salute- 14 years Jazz
1.     Bugle Boy- Junior jazz
Rock Around the Clock
2.     Jailhouse rock- 10 Years Jazz
3.     Cup of Life- Open Tap
4.     Gangsters- Junior Tap
5.     90s- Intermediate Hip Hop 
6.     Swinging Sixties- 8 years Jazz
7.     Disco Inferno-12 Years Jazz
“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the number of moments that take our breath away”
8.     Farewell Dance- Jade Bunt, Ondine Slack-Smith, Isabella Gibson & Georgia Fuller
9.     Wedding March- Primary Ballet
10.  It’s a beautiful day- Intermediate Tap
11.  Sleeping Beauty “The Christening” - Primary Ballet
12.  Maggie- Open Neo Classical “A special tribute to my beloved Aunty Monica who passed away on the 20th September.  Dedicated to one of my greatest fans and her family in the audience today. Fly High.
13.  Sky full of stars- Junior Modern
14.  Intermediate Modern- Wherever you will go

SLIDESHOW 2018FINALE’- We welcome all students back on stage for our 2018 Finale “ I’ve Had the Time of My Life.”
At the close of the 5pm Show we will have our 2018 Presentation of Awards.  Angelina students will be awarded in each of their shows during the Tiny Tots Finale.