Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Well done Everyone! The stage rehearsals were outstanding and we can't wait to see you all dressed in your finery at Dress Rehearsals this Wednesday and Thursday! We are getting very excited! Your enthusiasm has been contagious and a special thank you to all the parents who are going out of their way to make this a very momentous and magical time for your children! Your patience at Costume Collection yesterday was so appreciated and we have been thrilled to see you are as excited as we are for our Concert! Looking FAB everyone! Pack your Kleenex- these little stars are amazing!

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Today we venture onto stage in what is an exciting step towards the REAL DEAL. Our new students will learn some important lessons in Stagecraft and our other students can brush up on their skills. All in all, there is something about the stage that starts to make it all that more magical. I am very looking forward to seeing how our "vision" materialises and how all our little (and big) star performers dance. Good Luck Everyone! This time next week I have no doubt I will still be tucked up in bed with a very proud, satisfied smile after two huge shows. See you at Wesley for the start of our very big week!
But before I go, a few little reminders;
* Costume Collection Monday classes , Monday 28th December, Studio
* Costume Collection Tuesday classes, Tuesday 30th December, Studio
* Classes on above two days as normal
* Hair & Make Up Demo, Studio Monday & Tuesday from 4pm
* Dress Rehearsals, Wednesday & Thursday, Dubbo Regional Theatre

Saturday, November 13, 2010


THE COUNTDOWN TO CONCERT 2010 IS HERE....................We have been thrilled with the students’ enthusiasm as we embark upon our exciting last month of rehearsals. Costumes are looking sensational and we have been overwhelmed with the outstanding response to ticket sales. This means that we will now be performing in two fabulous shows on Saturday, 4th December. Students will be required to perform in both the 11am and 5pm shows. TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE FOR THE 11AM SHOW.
We will notify parents of arrangements for supervision of students and times of performance closer to the Concert. An order of appearance will be available within the next few weeks and on noticeboard in studio. We hope that our two shows will mean that parents can share costume changes etc and have the opportunity to watch a performance.
We are also asking for volunteers to assist backstage and in the supervision of students at either the 11am or 5pm show.


These rehearsals will be held on Sunday, 28th November at Wesley Hall, corner of Carrington Ave and Church St. Stagecraft rehearsals prepare students for entry, exits, stage dimensions and other important features of Performance. They are an important and exciting lead up to our Concert. Costumes can be collected from 9am- 2pm on this day (balances for costumes will need to be paid before costumes can be collected.)Please pack a water bottle for your child and for those students with numerous rehearsals adequate refreshments.
9.00-9.45 Saturday Future Stars Ballet/ Jazz, Monday Future Stars Jazz
9.45-10.30 Primary Ballet, Junior Tap
10.30-11.30 6 yrs Jazz, 8 yrs Jazz,
11.30-12.30 10yrs Jazz, 12yrs Jazz,
12.30-1.30 Junior Contemporary, Level 5 Ballet, Level 2/3 Ballet
1.30-2.30 14yrs Jazz, Intermediate Contemporary, Junior Hip Hop
2.30-3.30 Junior Performance, Intermediate Tap, Senior Performance
3.30-5.00 Senior Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap


Hi All,
I had my Tinies this morning and they always put me in a great mood. I got teary watching them rehearse........so beautiful and so much fun! Over the next two weeks, i will be posting copies of notes that will be going out in class to every student. This blog is your back up plan if the notes enter the great big abyss that can exist in our hectic lives....( I know , I know, 5 kids, 2 dogs and a great big mysterious somewhere where all the notes and socks venture to!) So, don't panic, we want everything about Concert to be focused on the fun and excitement! Everything is on here- just scroll through November archives and all your Concert Must Knows are here. Oh and they are also on the noticeboard in the studio. Good Luck in the lead up! We know it's a busy time.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


It's that time of year again when we dive into our treasure trove of make up and get our little darlings looking gorgeous for the stage! Why do we need to put make up on the kids? Well, though your little dancer may look like a mini drag queen off stage, I can assure you that on stage, they will just look like their sweet little self (with just a touch more pizzazz.) The lighting used can wipe them out and make it very hard for them to dazzle us with their brightest smiles so they need a little help to highlight their features PLUS IT'S FUN! Little girls love make up!Mums, I feel your pain....it's hard to get animated, excited little faces still long enough to weave your magic wand. And then there is the liquid eye liner....oh and the tears, you forget how easily and often little faces can crumple into tears until you spy your pain stakingly applied handi work sliding down their faces. BUT know this, it does get easier and quicker. A little bit of practise before the big day and you are good to go. Remember, children, like animals smell fear! Go into the application with confidence and assertiveness. You are a make up magician. Here is my guide to lighting up our Junior's faces.
* Use a foundation in their shade ( you can go one shade darker than skin tone for stage but make sure you cover neck etc as well). I suggest using a sponge to apply. It's much quicker and much better for coverage. Some skin tones may not require much foundation.
* DO use powder to blot out shininess and it will help rest of make up to go on with ease and stay on.
* Use a white highlighter (shadow or powder form- some have a real sheen or a glitter) and lightly place under eye area and along cheekbone. Get your little one to suck in cheeks and generously apply hot pink blusher (for very rosy cheeks.)
* Closing eyes, cover entire eye area in white or ivory eyeshadow. Using a brown eye shadow cover entire eye lid. Accentuate corner of eye with a darker brown shade. Trace top lid with crayon eye liner in black and extend along eye in a cat's eye. (I use a crayon liner rather than pencil as it is easier on little faces). Use crayon liner under eye as well but below natural line so as to enlarge eyes.
* Use a white eye liner in corner of eyes on both sides.
* If using false eye lashes apply now. Use glue on both lashes and paint along upper lid. Press firmly and hold until fully dry. If not using eye lashes ( on little ones etc) just use mascara on top and lower lashes. Apply LOTS especially if they are fair.
* You can then if you like go over crayon with liquid eye liner ( I use the pen ones) as again they are much easier.
* On fair children , it is important to draw in eye brows in slightly darker shade than hair. Just lightly colour in.
* Outline lips in lip liner- I colour in lips with it as well and then apply lip stick! HOT PINK- as bright as you can find!!
Here are some pics of Immy & Onny in full make up! There are always lots of mums who have been there, done that all before and remember their first days of making up their children and who are only too happy to help! Please ask us if we can help you! Concerts should be fun and not stressful!
Make up photos coming soon!!


Our stage rehearsals, dress rehearsals, hair & make up guide will be going out to all students next week. For those wanting a sneak preview, notes are already up on the noticeboard and will be published on this blog next week. Keep coming back as I will be devoutly posting news and info in the lead up to concert.


We have had an overwhelming response to our 5pm show with only a few seats left ( in just two days of ticket sales!) We have decided to proceed with a second performance and this will be 11am on Saturday, 4th December! Tickets for this show will go on sale today! How exciting! Get in quick for your "Hooray for Hollywood" tickets. Walk the red carpet with us as we applaud our very own Superstars in two big performances.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Tickets for the 5pm show went on sale today and are almost sold out! If you haven't already got your tickets, please do so we can make a decision about opening the 11am show! Its getting very exciting! I am looking forward to getting stuck into classes this week as the 4 week countdown begins!