Saturday, September 29, 2007


The first day of photo shoots has now passed. We were fortunate to start the proceedings with true professionals in the form of Wayne Brabrook, Will Bunt, Andrew Erskine & Glen Keizer. Our "DADS" were consummate professionals in every capacity. Leesa and I were on hand as "pose" coaches and felt that we had most willing and pliable talent in our hands. Wayne had an early photo shoot Friday morning as he was jetting off for the long weekend (or so he says, our spies say no.....Sports Illustrated called and he was being flown to some exotic destination for the swimwear edition.) We always knew that the "Dads of Dance" calendar would be a stepping stone for these fathers but we didn't think their celebrity status would be so instant. I walked into the studio to hear Leesa coaching Andrew (aka "nobody puts baby in the corner") and was taken back by her cries of "no, arch your back more, no Andrew we need a little more in your eyes, yes perfect, beautiful Andrew.") I threw in a few humble "mores" and "goods" but strangely Leesa was right, after a while, the dance teachers in us took over and we were both intent on getting the best pose and photo of the "Dads." Our artistic team comprised of Sonya "Red Fox" on costuming, styling and Photography. Narelle Bunt is hair and make up ( at one stage, Narelle had to dash home as Will's outfit needed gold tipped false lashes and they weren't in her kit.) All the fathers have around four costume changes so as you can imagine, the shoots are long and exhausting for these men but there were no signs of mood swings or artistic temperaments. Even when Andrew fell from his stiletto heels, he still got back up there. Leesa was ready to catch him next time. Big feet were stuffed into tiny shoes. It was all quite surreal to be sitting in our dance studio and see the make up station, the lights and the camera (but not for our dancers but for our dads.) Will Bunt did not disappoint, even managing to take on the highly coveted Leesa "POSE OF THE POSES." This pose has long been held by myself but especially Leesa as the quintessential POSE. After watching Will take on many different poses and looks with grace and ease, Leesa whispered to me, "i think i know the man who can handle "the pose." With little coaching, Will jumped into character and gave a performance that literally brought tears to Leesa's eyes. It was "blue steele" (zoolander fans) intensity and it was magic. Meanwhile, Glen had abandoned his motorbike helmet and leather jacket and was swathed in white tulle as "Swan Lake." He sat patiently in the make up chair as Narelle accentuated his eyes and transformed him into the ballerina I wanted to be as a little girl. He was beautiful. Darienne has danced as well and I suspect that she has been coaching Glen at home- there is no way that he could have shown such line and poise if Darienne hadn't been giving him classical ballet tuition at home. His plie' was perfect. He was fantastic in the ballet shoot but really came alive in the audition shots, pouncing and cavorting for the camera like a Pussycat Doll. He looked like a giant Holly. Sonya has run herself ragged in the lead up and the costumes are just stunning, the artistic direction of the individual months are genius and her commitment to this project unfaltering. Well Done. I always knew it was going to be fabulous but last night I witnessed true "art." Stay tuned for a behind the scenes look of the making of the calendar today. Photo shoots starting at 8am.

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