Monday, April 12, 2010


What a day! I started back at studio today doing holiday classes and our soloists are looking incredible. I got to have a quick catch up with Vincent who is currently living in Sydney and a student at Urban Dance Centre! I JUST GOT A MESSAGE FROM VINCENT and guess what, he has been asked to appear in the Finale' Show of So You Think You Can Dance! He will be performing in Jason Gilkinson's and Jason Coleman's routines! What an incredible achievement! We couldn't be prouder!

I have an early start tomorrow with a flight to Sydney to meet up with Miss Emma for an intensive dance teaching course! We are sure to come back very inspired!

Happy Holidays!

Friday, April 2, 2010


At long last I have an internet connection back. ( having some serious online shopping withdrawals!) Look forward to lots of posts about what's happening at Stepping Out. Term 1 is officially over ( bar Saturday classes!!) I am on holidays at beautiful Port Stephens and don't think I have sat down for so long in any one spot for a very long time but if you are basking in the sun and watching your kids frolic in the surf, it's a necessary evil. Our best wishes for a fabulous Easter break. We hope you all get to relax, recuperate and eat copious amounts of chocolate.