Thursday, June 26, 2008


Hi Everyone,
I have an update!! The Grand Eisteddfod Concert is going ahead at Dubbo Civic Centre!! YAY!! We will be performing the "Clown Contemporary." Please contact Miss Rikki if you will not be performing!!( I need to know prior to evening so I can work out formations and partner work.) We are performing in the 1st half. Please`meet me in the foyer at 7.15pm in costume, with hair and make up done and jacket covering your costume. I will know by then the number of our item and can advise you when you will need to meet me backstage (for those who have tickets and are watching the Concert!) Don't forget your hoops! See you then!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

MEET COOPER- Stepping Out's youngest fan

A big welcome to Cooper Schofield ( I think he is sure to be a pin up like his dad Mr Footloose and a Dad of dance Star.) We were very excited that Cooper came down to the Eisteddfod to watch his big sister Abbie and cheer all the Stepping Out kids on. Cooper will also be accompanying the team to the States!! He makes a very cute mascot!

Dubbo Eisteddfod- A Retrospective

As I emerge Lazarus style from Dubbo Eisteddfod, I am happy to report I am almost at full recovery ( miraculous indeed since i was wedged between Arch and Cale for the last two nights....Archer's only relief was to slap me frequently across head in his feverish state while Cale groaned and twisted and turned.) Still, the few hours of sleep bestowed to me have revitalised me. Miss Leesa is too on the mend. The laundry still waits to be folded but that can wait until the weekend. The mounting pile somewhere soft to fall if I collapse from all the excitement and stress of the last few weeks.
Dubbo Eisteddfod, been and gone, a blur of sequins, tutus, heady aroma of hair lacquer, bright smiles and the spotlight. My only disappointment that Stepping Out seems so lacking in the razzle dazzle mums. I did spy a few in the auditorium and they are always good for a giggle but aren't we fortunate to have such a wonderful group of families and performers. A big thankyou to everyone involved for making it such a pleasure. Our students, are as I told them tonight not just wonderful dancers but more importantly,wonderful people. Their sportsmanship and enjoyment and respect for their fellow competitors was just fantastic.
Whilst we live in such a fast paced, results driven society, it is important to reflect on the true merits of competition. Success is best defined by the amazing feeling one gets when you know you have done your best. We were so proud of you all. I just can't describe the goosebumps we get when our kids step out onto that stage and perform. YOU HAVE ALL COME SO FAR!! I know I said it after Gulgong but how much have you all improved and Dubbo was honestly the best I have seen most of the routines. WHOO HOO!!
Awesome efforts, stunning grooming, gorgeous costuming, beautiful dancing, soulful performances!! Results as follows;
* 1st 10yrs & U Jazz Group
* 1st 8yrs & U Jazz Group
* 2nd 12yrs & U Contemporary Group
* Highly Commended- 10yrs & U Modern Group
* 3rd 12yrs & U Jazz Group
* Encouragement- 12yrs & U Jazz Group, 12yrs & U Contemporary, 8yrs & U Classical, Open Jazz, 10yrs & U Classical, 12yrs & U Modern Group.
WELL DONE EVERYONE!! Lots of wonderful comments from audience and community ( yes we know you love the Clown dance and that the open jazz was amazing!!!) Hahaha- we love that the Open Jazz was only finished 2 hrs before they danced. We like to live on the Edge but it really was just a warm up for the States. Rest up everyone!

More pics

Behind the Scenes at Dubbo Eisteddfod!

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I just wanted to say on behalf of Stepping Out Dance Factory a huge thankyou to our students, their families, our fellow competitors and the Eisteddfod for a fantastic week of competition. I have lots and lots of beautiful photos of our performers ( i try really hard to capture you all you know!!) and the behind the scenes fun. I will do a full report and post all the photos when I recuperate. It has been a huge week for us and our dancers. I look forward to cleaning my house, doing loads of laundry and spending some time with my little men, Cale and Archer ( who have been very generous lending out their Mum.) As soon as I can, I will spend some time updating all of our wonderful Eisteddfod news. Just know this, once again, you ALL made us very proud and we know that each step you took on that stage has taken you a little further in life. WELL DONE!! Thanks Mums for all your effort too. STAY ON THE ALERT FOR FULL NEWS REPORT AND LOTS OF PICS!! Congratulations!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Holly, let's try this?/ Meet Holly Keizer, youngest member of our USA team, pictured here with Bec Richardson & Paris Burns. Isn't she clever??

Miss Leesa in rehearsal with USA team

Fun with Miss Leesa at USA rehearsals. The year is flying so fast- it won't be long before we will be boarding that plane. Whooo hooooooooooo YAY FOR US!!!



Wishing you all a fantastic day of fun and performance tomorrow!! You all looked really fantastic in Rehearsal and so as your teachers we know how far you have come and how much you have achieved. We will be so proud of you all. We wish all the little dancers from all the studios the very best. Have an awesome day everyone!!


Congratulations to all our gorgeous soloists for their stunning performances over the last week at Dubbo Eisteddfod. We were incredibly proud of your performances on stage but absolutely overwhelmed by the wonderful people we witnessed backstage. To see you all so friendly, encouraging and supportive of your fellow competitors was just beautiful. I can honestly declare that this is the studio I always dreamt I would be a part of. Congratulations to Courtney Hart, Brandi McGuire, Katie Rice, Amber Bunt, Sabine O'Connor, Imogen Slack-Smith, Paris Burns, Amelia Rice, Ondine Slack-Smith, Jade Bunt for outstanding efforts in every facet of competition and sportsmanship. Results as follows;
* Amber Bunt- 1st 10yrs & U Modern, 1st 10yrs & U Demi-Character, 3rd 10yrs & U Classical, Encouragement 10yrs & U Jazz
* Courtney Hart- 1st 12yrs & U Demi Character, 2nd 12yrs & U Modern, Encouragement- Improvisation, Jazz solo, Classical Solo
* Ondine Slack-Smith- 1st 6 yrs & U Jazz . 1st 6 yrs & U Classical
* Paris Burns- 1st 12yrs & U Contemporary, 3rd 12yrs & U Modern Championship, Encouragement- 12yrs Modern and 12yrs Contemporary Championship
* Jade Bunt- Encouragement Award- 8 yrs & U Jazz
* Amelia Rice- 3rd 10yrs Jazz Impro, Encouragement award- 10yrs & U Demi, 10yrs & U Modern
* Brandi McGuire- Encouragement Award- 12yrs & U Demi Character, 12yrs Tap Impro
* Sabine O'Connor- Encouragement Award- 10yrs Classical, Jazz & Modern Sections
* Imogen Slack-Smith- Encouragement Award- 10yrs Classical, Jazz & Modern sections
* Katie Rice- beautiful stage debut
* Millie Rice/ Immy Slack-Smith- Encouragement Award- 12yrs & U Duo
Well Done Everyone!! Remember, it is only one person's opinion.....You will always know in your heart how you have danced and your heart is the best judge there is. You have all come so far and every opportunity to perform advances you so much. Thanks to all the fans too. All the mms, dads, grandparents and entourage looked very impressed and proud.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Good Luck everyone

I know, I know.......neglected again but honestly the last few weeks have just been such a whirlwind. Good news is, My new computer should be here anyday ( so Immy gets hers back!!) and I went and got a new camera so I wouldn't miss one gorgeous moment of the Eisteddfod or rehearsals. I am a big believer in the saying that the journey is more important than the destination and this theory has been well tested in the last few weeks. Yesterday, we were just so blown away by our kids at our Disney and stage rehearsal. We couldn't be have all come so far. Congratulations!! We are looking very forward to seeing those efforts shine on stage.
TO OUR SOLOISTS, our absolute love and our hearts will dance alongside yours this week. In fact, I feel like my heart might just about explode. To those making their solo debut, today is just so special and we hope you savour every moment of the spotlight. Hard work is done, just go out there and ENJOY! We love you all.....wishing you magic.
Today I am a teacher and a Mum........................ahhhhhhhhhhhhh so am feeling it but very excited. Forgive me everyone, I am feeling emotional. I will probably break down with the beauty of it all. If you see the tears rolling just know its because I am just so proud to be two little girl's mum, one little girls' aunty and lots of inspiring little people's teacher.
Have fun!! i should be able to update at some stage but this week will be a busy one so never fear, I am around and i will let you all know what has been happening.