Monday, March 30, 2009


Tickets go on sale to the general public 9am Monday 6th April! The website is! I think it is a must see event!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Baby Shower Pics

What a weekend!!

Hey Everyone,
It's the start of another week and haven't we all enjoyed a busy weekend! Miss Emma celebrated her coming of age with a "Made in the 80s" party and we all had a great time celebrating with her!Hope you enjoyed checking out the pics in the slideshow! It was the best night and Miss Emma had a wonderful time ( plus she loved our gift to her "SEQUIN SHOES" very much Dorothy slippers! We were all clicking our heels 3 times and saying there is no one like Miss Emma.
The next day, all who know and love Miss Leesa were invited to join us in celebrating the arrival of Baby Chaseling in about 6 weeks! we can't wait! Leesa looks amazing! She was so overwhelmed by all the love and gifts that she received. Thankyou so much to everyone who came along to help surround this new little life with such love!
It was great fun and also saw the unofficial launch of DANCE NATION DVDS. If being a yummy mummy to be is not enough, Miss Leesa is also an entrepeneur and has started a company called DANCE NATION. Dance Nation will produce and release dance fitness dvds and it is the brainchild of Miss Leesa who saw a massive gap in the market. The first two volumes are HIP HOP and they are just incredible. They star our gorgeous and dynamic MISS EJDJ in an instructional sense joined by Kirshiah & Jacinta Sharpe. Look out for these hitting the shelves soon! Dance your way to Fitness, Well Being and Groove! And check out the pics from the baby shower!


Sunday, March 22, 2009

DANNY- yes a week later i still haven't let go!!

I spotted him so I had to take the opportunity to pass on my condolences. Danny especially loved that we had a minute's silence for him! he thought that was beautiful! He is a sweetheart!


Here I am waiting to go inside the studio for the taping of this Sunday night's show! It was incredible! Lots of choreographers and noteworthy dance types milling about the bar area. I saw Cameron Mitchell, Kelli Abbey, Travers Ross, Project Moda, Jason Gilkinson,Sarah Boulter, Dancers from Dance Theatre, former contestants and thump thump there goes my heart just beating right out of my chest MR JASON COLEMAN!! To all those who questioned if my love would survive seeing him in flesh and behind the scenes one word YES!! I love him more! Yes, I did have to voice that to him as well! hahahaha Anyway, if you get the opportunity, you must go to a live show! INCREDIBLE! It was an awesome experience, I was so excited to be there and witness the making of my favourite ever show! Highlights for me were JASON, Amy & BJ's table Contemporary, JASON and the dance of the night TALIA's & CHARLES brilliant, divine, innovative CONTEMPORARY that literally blew my mind! At one stage, I had heart hanging from chest and jaw on floor! A Talia/Charles/Jason combination effect! Still, I can't wait to watch tonight!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


MISS EMMA, an 80s baby is about to turn 21!! I have taken a look back at pics of me in the 80s ( at one stage thought I may even publish one) but that may forever tarnish my mystique! the 80s it seems was not my era! I will however be in 80s garb along with my family on Saturday night to celebrate EJDJ's coming of age! look out for pics next week! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL! I think it was Em's 21st that prompted the really expensive moisturiser purchase! It is kinda sobering but incredibly special when you have taught someone their entire childhood and then that someone works for you and becomes one of your most adored! Emma assures me I have never changed.................but then she is that kind of girl! I would give her the key to the door but let's face it, she has had it for years and most nights she has to lock up anyway because I can't find mine! LOVE YOU EJDJ!


"Before you were born, I carried you under my heart. From the moment you arrive in this world until the moment I leave it, I will always carry you in my heart."
- Mandy Harrison
It is no surprise that I love Babies, ask any poor baby who is wheeled into the studio! I within but a heartbeat am diving into the recesses of prams, mothers arms or baby pouches for a peek! I LOVE BABIES! I have four beautiful children who were it seems just days ago cocooned in my arms as newborns. CLUCK! CLUCK! I am so excited that my great friend and my lovely pas de deux partner in Stepping Out is but 7 weeks from encountering her own miracle when she gazes into her own baby's eyes for the first time. That first meeting of mother and child is truly magical. You look into your child's eyes and you see a profound beauty and wisdom. Leesa is looking heartbreakingly beautiful and all aglow with her beautiful baby! I can't wait to meet this special little person and share in each step that he/she will make. STEPPING OUT is holding a BABY SHOWER this Sunday, March 22nd at the Milestone Hotel to celebrate the impending arrival. celebrations will kick off at 11am and all who know and love Leesa are most welcome. Come and have a champagne with us. See you there!


RA HA HA yes it is I?? Are you all insanely jealous? Will I be toting "STEPPING OUT ROCKS" sign or will I be too enamoured by Jason Coleman to care? Will I storm judges table and angrily demand Danny be reinstated? Will I be mistaken for Bonnie Lythgoe and be whisked into VIP entrance? ( hope not- have a new moisturiser that claims in 4 weeks I will look 10 years younger!!)Will Nat Bassingthwaite go missing and I mysteriously appear on stage as guest host? ( Nat gaffered taped and in my handbag!!) RA HA HA so many questions people and you will have to wait until Sunday night to see. ( all those who receive my show text messages never fear I will give you updates ASAP) I hear that mobile phones are will be like they sever a limb? So, in the meantime, what to wear?


Ok gripe is putting it rather mildly! I AM OUTRAGED!! I cannot believe that Danny has been robbed of his place in TOP 10! I am flipping cartwheels in joy that Dubbo Boy Charles is there but devastated that Danny whom I consider an amazing technician, big personality and soulful dancer will not be on the national tour! Let's face it we all wanted to see that developpe' to second in the flesh! ROBBED! ROBBED! ROBBED! Ask Senior Contemporary in Dubbo my reaction, it was open mouthed, it was speechless and yes, there were tears. We had a minute's silence for him as I reflected on his brilliance and the cruel twist of fate that had ripped him from my viewing pleasure! I will miss his artistry and his mo hawk! I spent Tuesday in a state of shock hoping and wishing that there would be shock announcement ( like Big Brother's reinstatement of Bree when there had been an error in vote calculation) but it seems it is not to be. I almost wanted to boycott the show ( almost- that was just a dramatic reaction.) Adeiu my fair Danny!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Gulgong Eisteddfod Entries close 11th March and Dubbo Entries close Monday 23rd March! Remember, this is individual entrant's responsibility! Please do not leave it to the last minute!