Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Way to go Paris

Hey, Paris danced at Cowra Eisteddfod last night and won the 12yrs Contemporary....she is on a winning streak!! Well done Paris! I look forward to seeing you and all of our soloists in action at Dubbo Eisteddfod. I am also looking forward to seeing our Open Jazz ( Miss Leesa you are a genius!! As is the divine Miss Emmy J and Ange who have also had creative input and oh me too, mind you, my creative input is just screaming from the sidelines "attack grrrrrrrrrrrr". Leesa has done the bones of the dance and it is awesome!!) This will be exciting. I was really happy with group rehearsals today. Don't forget everyone our stage rehearsal is SUNDAY, 8th JUNE!!

What's been happening you ask??

I have neglected my blog....tsk is hard, I am in middle of technological meltdown. You should have heard me on phone today to Computer Repair man, hysterical as a banshee lamenting the loss of my computer!! YES, I know, it has been two months and still my computer is no closer to being reunited with me. I have all my music on it, much of which I need for Dubbo Eisteddfod. I await phone call....I think I frightened them. I will keep you updated. With this loss is also the loss of my 3 month old camera. I can't even post pics on the blog because the camera suddenly stopped functioning two weeks ago. ( am suspicious of a renegade gang called the "Slack-Smith Four" who have been spied with said camera in dirty little mits!!) Most devastating is that I can't share my new baby pics with you. I am the proud mother of "EVAN JEROME" Slack-Smith. So much has happened. We have Dubbo Eisteddfod in but a few short weeks. Rehearsals still to go. We enjoyed many a successful fundraising venture. If I am looking cuddly, don't just blame my new mum status but mainly the cookie dough that I haven't even been bothered to cook but rather just spoon from bucket straight into mouth. Forbes had a phenomenal day at their Family Fun day and I proved just how much of a mental giant I am at Dubbo's Trivia Night. I have also battled the flu, organised my tax ( so they'll let me leave the country), planned our USA itiniary and yadda yadda yadda. Crazy times. Where is the year going??

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Hey Everyone, (especially all of our Forbes families)
If you are looking for a great day out, look no further than the Family Fun Day being held by our gorgeous Forbes & Parkes U.S.A team performers. Come along and support Jacinta Sharpe, Kirshiah Sharpe, Meg Toole, Francesca Fenton, Jasmine Rolfe & Chenoa Pearse. There is a fantastic line up of family fun and entertainment.
Family Fun Day
Saturday, 24 May 2008
Face Painting Jumping Castle
Mr Whippy Giveaways
Prizes Games
Chocolate Wheel Market Stalls
Sausage Sizzle Live Entertainment

5. 30pm – Monster Auction
See you at the
Forbes Sport & Recreation Club
Fun for the whole family!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Group Day- Gulgong

Well done everyone for braving the very early morning and very cold weather to be at Gulgong on Sunday! Thanks to Miss Emmy J and Gail for accompanying me to support our dancers!! (Poor Miss Leesa- her car wouldn't start so she had to be updated regularly via sms. She must have sent us through some good vibes because the kids were outstanding.) Well done to all performers who participated in Gulgong! I can't wait to see the rest of our troupes on a stage very soon where all the hard work really pays off when you know you have done your very best. I just couldn't believe how incredible you all were and we were so proud of you ( i thought i might burst!) As we always say, the reward is in the dance when you know that you have danced your very best and that was certainly true on Sunday with most of the routines being the best I have ever seen them. You literally blew us away! Thanks to all the mums and entourage and fans for your support in making the day a fun nand successful one for our performers. We were also incredibly pleased with the sportsmanship and friendliness exhibited by our students. The results are 2nd- 8 yrs & U jazz ( WOW !!!! Girls- you were amazing.....), 2nd in Under 12s Jazz ( awesome work!), Ist and 2nd place- 12yrs & U Modern. We also received the highest points for an Under 12 group......Congratulations

Congratulations Courtney- Most Promising Restricted Dancer- 12yrs & U

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Well eisteddfod season is just one more sleep away ( though our soloists have been dancing up a storm all week!) and I am feeling pensive....I am excited but I admit I get very nervous! I noticed on my husband's facebook page the descriptor "David is really happy with the onset of Eisteddfod season"- me thinks this is perhaps sarcasm. Anyhow, I am busy checking music and packing costumes for Immy and Onny- yes Mums, I hear you...I am one of you on this night! I don't have any pics yet.....but I have been bombarded with phone calls and texts heralding our Superstars. So here you go, Little Jade Bunt made a most impressive stage debut on Wednesday (congrats Jade, I bet you rocked it), Amber Bunt won her Demi Character and got Highly Commended for her Jazz, Brandi MacGuire did an amazing job of her Modern and jazz solo, Courtney Hart won her Modern, got 2nd for her Demi and Highly Commended for her Jazz. Paris Burns won her Contemporary and got Highly Commended for her Modern. Most excitedly, I got two excited phone calls today, Miss Courtney Hart was the proud recipient of Most Promising Dancer in the Under 12s Restricted Trophy and Miss Paris Burns was the proud winner of Most Promising Dancer Trophy and Highest Pointscore ( a whopping 89 points). Stepping Out is very happy of you. Well Done to all of our kids who grace the stage. We love you all. Best wishes to our troupe performers tomorrow. Have fun! Do your best! That's all we ask......


Hey There,

Happy Feet is on in the background of my it!! And I have had happy but busy feet all week. We are back at class and isn't it wonderful to see all of our students and so many new faces. I was so inspired by the finale of "So You Think You Can Dance"- (jason danced and so did my heart!!!) Great to see you all back and humming in class. New enrolments in Dubbo, Orange & Forbes.....a big welcome!!
Stepping Out never rests and that has seen an eventful week for us. I had the pleasure of being in the audience of the Office Professional Day at the Macquarie Inn on Friday, 2nd May to see our stunning seniors take to the catwalk like true professionals. Thankyou to Jacinta Sharpe (whoah Australia's next top model or what), Emmy J ( who worked it not just walked it), Kirshiah Sharpe (so hard being tall and beautiful), Stef Trafanglia ( beautiful!! ), Rach Shearing, (hot to trot), Katie Bennett (pocket rocket), Jess Cross ( wow), Krysten Duffy ( a huge wow- where did that come from??), Melissa Gleeson, (stunning), Tara Callinan ( is that Milan calling? i think so), Taylor Stanley (gorgeous!) and Jaci Dyball ( incredible!!). In my rush to get out the door, I left behind my camera so you will just have to believe me that they were absolutely GLAM! Thankyou girls- I was so proud to be associated with your style and beauty. Some of our girls travelled and it was so appreciated because they just made the day! My fave moment , mmmmmm a hard one, was it tucking into canapes' and sipping on wine as our girls sashayed down the run way or was it when every staff member of the Macquarie Inn referred to me as Miss Rikki in awe inspired tones. About time i got some respect and adulation hahahahahahah