Thursday, July 31, 2008


Hey There,
Thought I should drop in and say hello................whoah can life slow down just a tad? We are almost in Week 3 of Term 3...craaazy! As usual at the Factory, we have not slowed down! So what has been happening??
Classes are back and along with all of our returnees, we are welcoming new students each week in all three of our locations. Cale has had a stint in hospital....looks to be recovering (we hope! Back to doctor today but he did sleep in until after 11am....that is very un-Cale!)
Miss Emmy J continues to stop traffic with her cool moves and ever transforming bod!! Whoo hoo- looking hot girl!
Miss Leesa is busy, busy, busy with all the USA details. We are pretty much non stop with all the co-ordination between us and the Disney Production team! NEWSFLASH :USA TEAM ALSO NOW APPEARING AT UNIVERSAL STUDIOS, L.A!! Congratulations to the team!
We are also submerged under a heap of CONCERT To Do Lists....we're getting there!
Wellington Eisteddfod is the 9th & 10th of August! Soloists commence 11th August! Orange Eisteddfod is 23rd & 24th August - Soloists performing week before and after Group Weekend! Good Luck to Performance Team members and all soloists!
Disneyland Rehearsals are now weekly ( every Sunday!)
I am really looking forward to the onset of some warmer weather! I am so over Winter!..... of course my motto for next few weeks is BRING ON L.A!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

RHYS- Big Heart, Loads of Talent!!

Here is Rhys- my fave!! We were lucky enough to stumble ( ok- run like crazy stalkers) upon some of the dancers and Rhys was definately the most obliging of them all. Here he is pointing out himself in the cast line up. Katie managed to get loads of autographs on her poster and Rhys was most entertaining as he mingled with the crowd. No wonder his Dad was so proud of him on the series. He is a sweetheart!!


I tried my best to get some great on stage snaps but unfortunately I am not the photographer that Millie Rice is......................HINT HINT Millie...anyway, people hang out for some of the amazing shots that Millsy ( as Immy refers to her) managed to achieve!! Rach Shearing has also promised me some great ones so girls I wait....and hope...My shots are all shaky, out of focus, too excited to breathe, let alone push button shots!!

Immy with JACK!!!

Are any of you fans of Will & Grace?? I know most episodes word for word! Love it so I was thrilled to hear Jack in the crowd, give the spirit fingers and say "JUST JACK!!" What a cool man!! Here is my little Immy pictured with JACK, "Just Jack" winner of the very first Australian So You Think You Can Dance. I have Cale and Archer limbering up as I write ( no pressure boys!! No none at all....)

Miss Rikki tries to woo Henry!

Here I am with Henry and Evan Jerome "Henry" Slack-Smith. The kids were in such a crazed fury trying to get autographs that Evan was tossed my way and I was literally left "holding the baby." Evan turned out to be quite the snare with many people ( including a few dancers) convinced he was a "real little boy." I felt like Geppetto from Pinnochio. Anyway, as a dancer would come in our vicinity I would call out oh look Little Henry or oh Little Jack and it did prove quite a successful lure. Henry even said to me , "well this is a first!!" I think judging by the commotion he made with the girls every time he walked out on stage that if he so chooseth, there could be an abundance of little "Henrys." hahahahaha.


I don't have enough words to describe how utterly amazing the live tour of So You Think You Can Dance was!!! It was spell binding, inspirational and I didn't want it to finish!!! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT!! I am a huge Rhys fan and that was not only confirmed by his dancing but his beautiful, gracious and giving spirit that saw him hang around ( much longer than the other dancers) and speak to his fans, sign autographs, take photos. We were blown away by his generosity and his willingness to happily hang around and chat. He is just SOOOOOOOO NICE SOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY and just SOOOOOOOOOO GORGEOUS!! That being said, the other dancers were also seemingly really great people but Rhys jus exuded so much "spirit"!! JACK, is as much as I adore Rhys, undoubtedly the most sensational dancer, a true STAR! To see him perform in the flesh is to just witness sheer dance genius, talent galore and tremendous charisma!! So, I have to concede, he was definately the rightful winner. All up, the BOYS well and truly out danced the girls ( but Kate is also an amazing dancer and performer!) I was so excited to relive the wonder of Henry and Vanessa's Samba ( the tribal one!). Not that I actually watched Vanessa all that much (sorry!- But Henry, Oh Henry!! Regina and I almost had to be revived at stages! ) Also giving us heart palpitations was Graeme, who was loving his meet and greet with the throng of young girls screaming his name. We saw funny things in the audience too, like a girl with a tshirt that said "marry me Jack!! There were also some new routines performed which were unreal!! I also was ecstatic to see "NEW DAY" with Rhys & Gemma and "SINGING IN THE RAIN" with Kate & Jack blew my mind!! Oh and Jack tapped as well..........argggggggggghhhhh can he tap!! Sorry Fred, you have lost your crown! Anyway, I am still on a crazy high!! I am just so excited and inspired for Term 3!!

Monday, July 14, 2008


I am going to SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE LIVE TOUR tomorrow. Arghhhhhhhhhhhh- could only be made better if Jason Coleman was going to be there. Will let you all know all the highlights!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I AM LOVING.........

I am loving Grant Davies books, "Think Like a Champion, Dance Like a Star" and "The Next Step." Both books are just so inspiring and I haven't even yet turned to the audio companion!! I love how this man thinks!! The whole premise is that everything in our external world starts with our internal world!! The books are full of powerful affirmations and fantastic quotes, "Remember when you see a man at the top of a mountain, he didn't fall there." I love is emphasis on work ethic ("a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."), his emphasis on positivity ("When you dance, your purpose is not to a certain place on the floor. It's to enjoy each step along the way.") and the sense of gritty determination ("Fall seven times, stand up eight.") Every page urges you to the best you can be. So take time out today, to find your joy, to be grateful, to dance, to laugh....................
"For I believe that whatever the terrain our feet can learn to dance
Whatever stone life may sling, We can moan or we can sing."- John Bucchino
Thankyou Mr Grant, oh guru of dance, your dvd on Mind & Body Conditioning is hot in my hands. Think his summer workshop is an absolute must, anyone keen let me know. WE can stalk him en masse.


I am finally feeling like I have had a break- I really needed a week off just to unwind. I know we are all in for a super busy term and I wanted to go back recharged!! The girls and I had a great time at Mamma Mia....if you haven't seen it, YOU MUST!! It is such a joyful, uplifting, feel good movie! I laughed, I cried and I wanted to DANCE!! Leesa, Gail, Emmy J, Rachel and myself travelled to the DANCE EXPO In Sydney and that certainly helped with inspiration for Term 3!!We sampled some unreal products, saw some exciting new dance programs, oohed and ahhed at some cool shoes, costumes and dancewear plus got to encounter the Guru of Dance, Grant Davies!! Watch out kids in Stretch class- we have some great new methods! I am now counting down the days to SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE!!

More pics from the studio floor!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Holidays

I know, I know- not all the end of term photos are up yet ( but not for want of trying!!) It is a gruelling task uploading all of the photos and it takes time!! I normally do it late at night or while I am in the midst of some other mindnumbing task such as folding laundry. Anyway, due to the scale of the project ( so many snaps of you guys!!) the computer has timed out 3 times as I have almost uploaded the very last photo for the slide show. This as you can imagine, is a devastating blow and I normally curse, run around kitchen wailing and then collapse in frustration. This reaction is almost as exhausting as the process itself and so i must retreat from the computer, gather my sanity and breathe in peace, breathe out I am in a place again, where i think i can try, again!! Mind you, I also have housework to do, so it is a good way of before too long, you should see a slide of all the other photos we took!
In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying your holidays!! How fantastic is it to have some time out!! Onny got a camera for her birthday and is already very snap happy (like her mum!) She has visited Dubbo landmarks ( the Zoo, the Gaol) and taken some impressive pictures!! Which reminds me, we got our passports! I am finding it hard to correlate the image before me with he fact that I work with small children on a daily basis. Small children should run, screaming in horror! Cale looks like a serial killer in his and Archer like a smiling assassin! Immy and Onny just look deadly serious about having a very good time in any country these passports intend to take them. Anyway, its getting close......if I am not contemplating laundry, I am on the internet, trying to work out my future USA purchases! mmmmmm me thinks its baked beans for a few months!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Our Future Stars are Already Stars!


Up above this post you should see a gorgeous little parade of some of the tiny little people who make our days so fun!! We love sharing the joy of Dance and it is an honour to share in the lives of so many special little people. We call them our "FUTURE STARS" and they are where all he magic begins. From the pics you can see they are STARS already!! They remind us of what is truly important. We love their little faces, their laughter, their defiance, their personalities and the sheer exuberance in which they approach every little step. As we make plans for our End of Year Concert, we want you to take a good, long look at our "Future Stars" faces above. These little performers are bound to steal the show!! It might also be interesting to note that many of our students have started with us from this age. We have witnessed many important milestones of so many wonderful young people over the years and we thank you for entrusting us with their childhood memories and moments!! ROCK ON KIDS!! Thanks for dancing through our doors and into our hearts every week.


Just a reminder that Disneyland Rehearsals are on this Sunday, 6th July at the Dubbo Studio. 10-12noon Juniors, 12-2pm Seniors. The countdown begins.........we depart September 24th!! L.A here I come. I hope the paparazzi don't hound me too much. Pictured is Kiara Campbell, one of our USA team members. Judging by her tshirt, she is getting very excited too!

Grand Eisteddfod Concert

Thanks Girls for a great performance at the Grand Eisteddfod Concert!! Once again, you did us proud!!

Congratulations to all troupe members.