Wednesday, November 21, 2007

HAIR & MAKE UP- ahhhh embrace the GLAM FACTOR

Hair & Make up notes out soon. STEPPING OUT ON TOUR Dubbo are holding a HOW TO workshop in our Dubbo Studio on Sunday, 2nd December. Cost is just $5 per participant and is aimed at new mums who may be slightly overwhelmed by the thought of applying liquid eyeliner or curlers or any of the other weird and wonderful requests on our notes!! Hair & make up is so important and especially with professional lighting, it is an absolute must!! Once you get the hang off it, it is a cinch!! I am from the school of thought, that "MORE IS MORE" so if in doubt apply MORE!! Yes, your child may look like a mini drag queen off stage but on stage, the effect will be GORGEOUS!! Plus, every little girl deserves to feel like a princess. I love it all. Usually the hardest thing is getting your little performer to sit still. And yes, false eyelashes can be painless and simple too. (the beauty of false eyelashes is that you don't need as much eye make up ) It really is just practise!! Our dance shop will be able to supply hair pieces- why put in rollers when you can clip on bountiful, beautiful, bouncy curls....see gail if you would like to order. (we have hair swatches to match your hair colour!!)Anyway, don't stress about it, it is all FUN!! Your dancer will look fantastic but more importantly FEEL FABULOUS!!


The lead up to Concert is notoriously crazy. There are the moments of despair, the moments of inspiration and the miraculous moment when it all slowly seems to start taking shape. I am very happy to report that we are entering Phase 3, the much anticipated "a-ha- our vision is ALMOST complete..........". As dance teachers with artistic temprements, phase 1, that phase commonly known as "despair" is perhaps not our finest moment but certainly in retrospect, some of our funniest. We really do love it, the adrenalin surge as the concert looms and then the madness of rehearsals. We love seeing you all dressed up and we love watching you perform (even if it is always in the wings...............) There is something so magical about Concerts. We are starting to get very excited. It is a hard feeling to explain but I know Miss Leesa knows what I mean. Good Luck to all of our students in these important weeks leading to Concert. (we want to encourage you to do your very best so that means the occasional "NOOOOOOOOOO AGAIN!!!" or "SMILE!!") Good Luck to the parents too- we know it is a hectic time but it really is worth it. Stay tuned for more exciting concert developments.


Hi Everyone,

I heard today that we only have 3 rows left for our Dubbo Concert and that Orange is almost sold out!! Yikes!! So here is another reminder of some important dates coming up;
* DUBBO CONCERT- SATURDAY, 22nd DECEMBER 3pm (I can hear those jingle bells ...)
DUBBO Stagecraft Rehearsal- Wesley House Sunday 9th December 10.30am- 5pm
DRESS REHEARSALS & PHOTOGRAPHY- Dubbo Civic Centre 10th & 11th December
(notes out Monday, 25th November with all above information and exact times for different routines.)
ORANGE Dress rehearsal- Wednesday, 12th December Orange Civic Theatre 4pm- 7.30pm
FORBES Dress rehearsal- Friday, 14th December 4pm- 7.30pm
* COONAMBLE CONCERT- SATURDAY, 8th DECEMBER 2pm (Tickets on sale soon!!)

Other appearances by our kids was GIRLS DAY IN, Saturday November 10th (thanks to Amber Bunt, Courtney Hart, Millie Rice & Brandi McGuire and special thanks to Narelle Bunt for compering our performances.
STEPPING OUT will also be performing at the Dubbo Chamber of Commerce Christmas Fair on December 6th at 5.30pm.

Monday, November 12, 2007


Here I am with Leesa and Daniel. Daniel is a professional dancer/ model who has a very impressive resume. Daniel's musical theatre credits include "We Will Rock You", "Fiddler on the Roof", "Priscilla Queen of the Desert" and he is just about to start "SHOUT! The Musical." He has also appeared with Kylie Minogue, Sophie Monk, Marcia Hines & a host of other performers. Daniel is cousin to Stepping Out mum & friend, Trudi Ferrari (mum of USA TEAM member Cleo) and was fortunately visiting his grandmother in Trangie and decided to light up our Launch with his presence. Despite his success and gorgeousness, Daniel is just a great guy. He has no ego whatsoever and I hope that his humility will act as a huge inspiration to our students. He happily chatted to the kids, gave autographs and posed for pics. Even more exciting is that he has planned a return visit once his musical theatre season finishes to give workshops in Dubbo. WHOO HOO!!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

DADS OF DANCE LAUNCH- A Night to Remember

Well, well, what a night!! As Andrew Erskine & Tim Jenkins shimmied up the red carpet to the strains of Dirty Dancing's "I've Had the Time of My Life", I couldn't help but think that tune could well be the anthem of the evening. The red carpet arrival of the dads whipped the crowd into a frenzy. The paparazzi, courtesy of Daily Liberal & Photo News were unrelentless. Everyone wanted a piece of these dads. The dads were hounded by star struck fans wanting autographs and everyone was hoping to get up close and personal with one of the "celebrity" dads. The night was bigger than expected and we were overwhelmed by the flood of support that this project has received. BIG THANKS to all involved in making the LAUNCH the massive success that it was. The catering was divine and our USA TEAM once again did us proud in their enthusiasm and style. There will be lots of photos so check back, I am not ready to lay the Launch to rest just yet. WE even had a SPECIAL GUEST, Mr Daniel Slater (be still my beating heart) but he deserves his own post. So here it is, our Honour Roll of THANKS;
* LAUNCH COMMITTEE- Miss Leesa (plus her musical tribute to the dads=AWESOME!), Gail Berwick, Regina Rice, Julie McDonald, Lynne Duffy, Kerry Campbell, Anne O'Connor, Sue Ellen Hart, Roseanne Murray, Sonya O'Connor and yours truly. GO TEAM!!
* JOHN RYAN- our close friend and MC for the night!! Thanks John, your dulcet tones added something extra.
* TOM "AUCTIONEER" SUPREME- Tom doesn't need a surname, he has now entered legendary single name status. He certainly got those wallets open. Thankyou so much!!
* FABULOUS STAFF AT THE PASTORAL- Greg Pilon & his team were simply outstanding. Thankyou so much for your generosity and willingness to help us- nothing was too big an ask.
* ANG WINMILL & EMILIE OWENS- These gorgeous girls certainly worked so hard all night on the door. How fantastic to be greeted by their beautiful, smiling faces??
* USA TEAM- You guys are champions in every way!!
* Parents of the USA TEAM- Thanks for the sensational food and enthusiasm!!
* SONYA O'CONNOR- I think Sonya needs a post all of her own. Sonya you've done it again!! Sonya once again proved to be a bottomless pool of genius and creativity. She masterminded costumes, photography, layout, graphics and created a calendar that far exceeded our grand expectations. Thankyou so much for using your powers for such good!!
* SUE ELLEN HART- Sue Ellen in cahoots with the ever happy Gerard co-ordinated the sponsorship and created the advertising for each business. Thankyou so much!!
* DUBBO BUSINESSES- We were overwhelmed with the support given to us by local businesses. Thankyou so much for being a part of this and assisting us with your kind sponsorships!!
* OUR GUESTS- what a raucous fun bunch you all turned out to be?? Thankyou - it was incredible to be in a room full of such positive energy. Oh yes the atmosphere was electric!!
* THE DADS- in 20 years time this calendar will still endure......your daughters will remember what you have done for them for far longer than 2008. (you guys are getting your own post too!! LEGENDS!!)

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Hi Everyone,
What a hectic time it has been?? Whoah! Gail gave me some great advice and said just cross each thing off the list as it comes and surprisingly, I am feeling a lot less overwhelmed by the magnitude of Term 4. I am watching "So You Think You Can Dance" and absolutely loving it!! I have just finished watching a piece by choreographer Mandy Moore (interesting fact, Miss Leesa and I have done several of her classes. Gorgeous choreography!!) It is so inspiring to see dancers of this calibre on our screens and I can't wait for the Australian version......IN fact, there is so much to look forward to......1st on the list is the LAUNCH NIGHT-it is going to be great!! Miss Leesa is having her engagement party this term. ( and guess what?? I am one of her bridesmaids.......what an honour??!! I almost can't believe it?? I am so proud to be a special part of her special day!! We have worked together for ten years and she is one of the people who make my world all the more incredible. I just know she is going to be a "ahhhh it hurts, she is so gorgeous" bride because she is so beautiful in every way!!) Onny is counting down the days until her Orientation for school. My little Onny, my little diva will be one of the school brigade. THEN WE HAVE CONCERT SEASON. Miss Leesa, Miss Emma, Miss Brittany & Miss Jacinta are really pumped. It will be like an absolute whirl but Concerts always seal the deal for us and make us realise just how lucky we are to be doing what we do. THEN ITS CHRISTMAS!! I don't know about you guys but I just love Christmas. Cale, Arch and I have been waltzing down the aisles checking out all the Christmas decorations- we are so excited!! Just remember tis the season to be jolly Fa La la La la la la la