Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Please be aware that the timetable on website is actually 2008! We are awaiting updates to our website for 2009! Please email me if you would like to see our exciting 2009 timetable! Not long now people! See you in class- and don't forget to watch So You Think You Can Dance Sunday night!! How inspiring?? Jason Coleman, I love you!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I meant to get on yesterday and wish you all a Happy Australia Day but with school starting back and our family celebrating with a sumptuous SAO feast poolside with friends, I was a little distracted! Anyway, I try and think I am not much of an ocker when it comes to "Australia" and having studied History and taught it, also like to commemorate what Australia Day signifies for our indigenous people. Still, all that aside, I need to share on this post Australia Day, the unbelievable pride I felt as an Australian dance teacher watching Australian dancers be so warmly received by the parade crowd at the Main Street Parade at Disneyland during our famed trip last September! Leesa and I had the privilege of not only witnessing our dancers but dancers from all over Australia in audition, rehearsal and then parade! Literally, thousands of people lined Main Street Disneyland and it was such a special moment especially when I heard a chorus of "aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi' as our kids paraded and danced their hearts out! Australians are a rare and unique breed! We are indeed lucky! Happy Australia Day for yesterday!


Miss Jacinta from Forbes and one of our very lovely and popular senior USA team members has some very exciting news! I was thrilled to get a message on Saturday to let us know that Matt ( lucky boy) popped the big question and she said ........YES!! (of course!) Jacinta is one of the most beautiful girls ever in every way and we wish her and Matt much magic and happiness! She is proof that there are fairytales, princesses and happily ever afters! Anyway, as for Matt, he outdid himself, the proposal I hear was absolutely incredible. ( 400 lit tealights on a beach spelling out will you marry me?) We all know that she is going to be a stunning bride and we are all so happy for you! Congratulations guys!


Those of you who know me well know that I am mobile phone addicted! Imagine my horror, my keypad is not working so I can hear the sms's coming in but can't access them! ARghhhhhhhhhhhhhh So if you are texting me and I am not replying, know that I am somewhere going completely insane or blowdrying the inner gizzards of my phone ( water and mobiles do not miz!! hey Reg?) Anyway, I can answer calls but yeah have to blow dry phone to access message. Not much fun! Hope it will get sorted!


I farewelled two little girls at the school gates this morning who were raring to go! So, the weather is hot but so is the excitement levels! Since, my last post, I have attended 3 successful enrolment days and it has been so nice to see so many familiar and new faces! We have had lots of enrolments and look forward to classes starting back in Dubbo on Monday, Feb 2nd!!
Don't forget to book your Private Lesson spot with me or Miss Emma a.s.a.p. Email me at as we have lots of interested soloists!
I have been going through music and sourcing ideas for all of our new routines for 2009 ( yes, if you have sen me driving around, shaking my head or moving strangely through the tinted windows, it is because I am probably making up a dance. Pedestrians beware! )
For all of our kids going back to school this week, our best wishes. Work hard, be enthusiastic and strive to do your best! Face your challenges with a smile and be a friend to all!
Education is not the filling of a pail,
but the lighting of a fire.
Wiliam Butler Yeats

Have a great year everyone! I look forward to sharing my love for dance with you and know through the years that this simple quote is so true;
We cannot hold a torch to light another's path without brightening our own.
Ben Sweetland

Thankyou for lighting up my world! See you in class.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Holidays are Disappearing

Hey there All you Stepping Outers,
Thought I should drop in and say hello! I have seen heaps of you in last week which has been unreal! You all look to be loving your holidays! We are finalising timetable now and will be available for you at Enrolment day!Thanks to everyone who has emailed me or expressed interest in specific classes. It's nice to hear from me! Wow, we are going to have some beautiful soloists this year!Miss Leesa tells me there is a baby bump ( about time!) but I am yet to see it!We are looking forward to seeing you all very soon as Term 1 approaches! I am hoping my Nintendo Wii is here tomorrow ( so are kids- how spoilt are they? we have just had Christmas) but more importantly Wii Fit! I need to be ready for classes and fear, I like all of us probably, have over indulged but oh my hasn't it been great!! Miss Emma has a Wii Fit. News of her success meant I coveted one even more! If you have any cool news from hols or great pics from concert or your exciting lives, email me at! Vincent emailed me to let me know about his exhausting but wonderful time at Brent St Summer Camp! RG DANCE ( those kids are machines) emailed me about their fab Summer Camp next week! I was going to take Immy and Onny but hey, holidays are so precious and Mr David is sporting an injury ( not a dance one hahaha) but he is in cast. Remember if you can't make enrolment day, just send in your form! Start stretching people, classes start soon!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


I bet most of our students have enjoyed Highschool Musical 3- I know I did!! I had the pleasure of accompanying 5 young ladies to the movies and then the greater pleasure of accompanying the starstruck 5 crazed fans complete with "I LOVE TROY" tshirts downtown. I walked at a comfortable distance from them but secretly yearned for my own "I LOVE TROY" shirt too! Be still my beating heart! Gotta love a man (ok boy) who can dance.
The 3 SlackSmith ladies are huge HSM fans, we have seen it on tv, on the big screen, on ice and so it only seemed right that we were there to see it on stage. AMAZING!! Great dancing! We had a ball. We saw the Cattos there! Brinley seemed most impressed. Immy and Onny loved it! The kids were invited up for the encore- it was very exciting! Anyway, go see it! You will love it ( and wow, the tickets have really come down in price since I first looked into it so bargain for kids!!)


Hey Everyone,
Enrolment packs are being sent out later this week. Our Enrolment Day will be held at the Dubbo Studio, 55 Wheelers Lane between 4 and 7pm on Friday, 16th January. I hope that everyone is enjoying the holidays! We look forward to seeing you all. If you can't make it, please make sure that you indicate your intention to enrol on or before this date so that we can organise classes, timetables etc. Email me at if you would like to book a private lesson spot for 2009 or would like any information about classes in 2009!