Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Studio 3 in Dubbo

Dubbo- Studio 2

What lies behind the doors at Stepping Out?

Hey check out our studios.

This is Studio 1 in Dubbo.

Stepping Out turned 9 this year.

Stepping Out started the year I was pregnant with Immy and I am proud to say it has grown as beautifully as she has. Immy will be 9 in October.

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Check out the kids........we were spellbound by their performances. What beautiful poise Millie?! Excellent team work girls.

Meet Arch & Jude

Hey so who is bragging?

My good friend Kristi just sent me this picture and I had to share it with you. This is Archer (left) and my godson Jude. Aren't they handsome little men? They were born only two weeks apart and I hope they will be friends for life.

Saturday, July 28, 2007


Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor. -H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody is watching. It's gotta come from the heart if you want it to work. - Mark Twain

"You don't stop dancing from growing old, you grow old because you stop dancing."

"Dancing with the feet is one thing but dancing with the heart is another."


We heard fantastic news this week that our wonderful Rachael Shearing has been accepted into the ADAP (Australian Dance Assessment Programme) to embark upon study for dance teaching. We are thrilled for Rachael as we know that she will make an outstanding teacher and we are happy to announce that she will be working closely with all the Stepping Out kids in the future.


It was fantastic to have Andrew in on Wednesday night for a preliminary assessment of our hopeful Disneyland performers! Andrew Bassett is a popular gymnastics coach from Dubbo PCYC who is lending his expertise to our team in the Art of Acrobatics. You will be flipping in no time. How exciting!!


GOOD LUCK EVERYONE !! LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU ON STAGE! WE HAD AMAZING RESULTS AT DUBBO EISTEDDFOD (WHOO HOO "BEST JUNIOR GROUP 2007") and you were looking fabulous in class on Wednesday. Miss Emma says that the Forbes Seniors are ROCKING and I hear from Miss Leesa, that the Orange Seniors are outstanding!
Hey Everyone,
Wellington Eisteddfod will be held on Saturday, 4th August at the Civic Hall, Swift St, Wellington. Once again, it is hard to determine exact times of performance from program but we have done our best to estimate. Wellington Eisteddfod has a lot of entries and it is hard to be sure if all groups will be in attendance on the day. Hair, make up and costuming as per other Eisteddfods (yes Raise You Up girls- breathe in…….) We are normally allocated dressing rooms so please meet in relevant room for our studio when you arrive.
8 Yrs & Under Group- Happy Feet “Hit Me Up”- please be at the Civic Hall by 8.50am dressed and ready to go as our section commences at 9am.
Modern Groups “Raise You Up” & “Scarborough Fair”- please be at the Civic Hall by 9.30am with hair and make up complete. It is estimated our section will commence at 10am if every school entered turns up. Scarborough Fair will be Number 1 and Raise You Up will be number 6.
Contemporary Group “Clowns”- please be at Civic Hall by 1.30pm with hair and make up complete.
Jazz Group “Football”- please be at Civic Hall by 2pm with hair and make up complete.
Classical Group- please be at Civic Hall by 2.30pm.

EXTRA REHEARSALS for Scarborough Fair & Classical Thursday 2nd August at studio 2, 6.00-7.00pm.

Raise You Up has been asked to perform at this special night for a very special and brave little girl, Jenna Barnes.
Jenna Barnes is the three year old daughter of Mark and Karen Barnes both school teachers in Dubbo. Jenna has recently been diagnosed with leukemia. The Barnes family has had to relocate to Sydney for the duration of Jenna's treatment and this has placed a difficult financial burden on the family.
The Friends of Jenna Barnes have banded together for a Benefit Performance to raise funds to help the Barnes family. The Benefit will be held on Friday August 3rd at 7.30PM in St Brigid's Church, Brisbane St Dubbo
Please meet Miss Rikki at 7.30pm outside the church. Due to lack of dressing room space, please come dressed with coat/jacket over your costume. We are in the first half of the performance and students can stay with me for the duration of the show if parents are not attending. I know we are dancing next day at Wellington so I think our students will have performed by 8.15pm. Let me know if you would like to pick them up at this time or have them stay with me. Ticket information is as follows for those people who would like to attend
Tickets are available from St Johns College shop at a cost of $10 for adults, $5 children and $20 for a family of two adults and two or more children of the family.


Term 3 is already here! Where is the year going? Last year at Concert we said that we had a feeling that 2007 would be our best year yet and so far that has proven absolutely true. We have enjoyed phenomenal success this year and are proud of the wonderful students that make up Stepping Out Dance Factory!! Our BIG NEWS for this year is our successful audition for DISNEYLAND in 2008!! There is lots of exciting events happening in Term 3 and beyond so read on and join us for another fun filled action packed term of Dancing!!

We have had tremendous interest in our Disneyland, U.S.A Tour. We have made it through the second round of auditions and it is now OFFICIAL. We are still taking interest so it is not too late. Auditions for FINAL TEAM will be held on Saturday, 18th August at our Dubbo Studio. Students will be given more comprehensive information in their INFO PACKS (to be handed out from Week 2, Term 3). In this pack you will be given travel details, costs, dance contract for performers and Dance Requirements as stipulated by both Stepping Out and Disneyland. All Disney performers will need to start preparing for this audition which will be videoed. Students should note that they will need to bring a recent photo of themselves and a brief resume as well as a written response as to why they should be considered for the Disney team. This will be handed in on day of audition.
All interested Disney performers need to be at the studio at 7.30-8.00pm Wednesday, 25th July. We have an acrobatics coach, Andrew coming in to have a look at the students in order to devise a program for them for their Disney routines.
DEPOSIT DAY will be held at the Dubbo studio on Saturday, September 1 at 12noon. This will be conducted by Dance Around the World and there will be a presentation as well as travel advice and information.

CLASSICAL BALLET EXAMINATIONS will be held towards the end of the term or possibly start of next term. Notes will be handed out to interested Classical Ballet students.

PERFORMANCE STUDENTS Junior Performance will be held on Wednesdays at 4.00-4.30pm followed by a STRETCH class at 4.30-5.00pm. This STRETCH CLASS is for all PERFORMANCE STUDENTS. Intermediate Performance will follow at 5pm. Wellington Eisteddfod will be held on Saturday, 4th August and Orange Eisteddfod, 25th & 26th August (exact times not available yet.) Information will be supplied as it is made known to us to Performance students. Parents please note, students will be given a note with all details of upcoming performances ASAP as we have some community events coming up too.

ACCOUNTS please note that unfortunately we have had to put in place more stringent procedures regarding our accounts due to the large number of outstanding accounts from Term 1 and Term 2. A note has had to be placed in every account for Term 3 explaining our policy. Please if you have an outstanding account, please pay it immediately as we really don’t like having to get collection agencies involved but due to the large quantity are feeling forced into it.

CHANGES TO CLASSES Please notify Gail of any changes to classes promptly and preferably before the term commences. You can add a class at any time if you let Gail know but classes will have to be credited if you decide to drop a class after accounts have been sent out.

CONCERT The Concert will be held on Saturday, 22nd December. We know it’s a little later than usual but in order to work in with Civic Centre availability and our Lighting team this was the only date available. It will be awesome. We have our theme and concept already developed and rehearsals will start during Term 3. We are so excited!! More details on concert, rehearsals for Term 4 and costuming as Term progresses.

STEPPING OUT DANCEWEAR SHOP Yes that is right!! We are opening a shop to outfit all of our gorgeous student’s every dance needs. We are only in the initial stages but please stay tuned for more news on this exciting venture.

BREAKDANCING WORKSHOP Stepping Out Dance Factory will be hosting a Breakdancing Workshop on Sunday, 19th August. The workshop will be taught two leading breakdancers THE B BOYS from the Sydney based team, NBD Group. The workshop will be two hours long and $15 for Stepping Out students and $25 for non Stepping Out students. Please make a booking at reception and then you will be supplied with times for individual classes.

HAPPY DANCING & Don’t forget to check out our WEBSITE. www.steppingoutdance.com.au
The Team at Stepping Out Dance Factory


Hey Everyone,

Welcome to our very first blog. We are very excited to announce in a year of big arrivals and news, our latest little work in progress. A big thankyou to all of our amazing students and their families. We hope you check in on us regularly and give us your input. Here we will be posting all of our latest news and giving you an insight into us, our studio and all the happenings at Stepping Out Dance Factory. So if you lose a newsletter, check here. We will post everything. As the countdown to concert begins (shhhhhhhhhhhh top secret concept for this year's BIG event!! there's a clue in that........) you will be able to check back here to keep on top of it all. We just have so much happening.....