Sunday, August 31, 2008

Congratulations Paris- Modern/Contemporary Championship Winner


Fantastic solo results at Orange Eisteddfod!! Congratulations everyone! Well done to Amber Bunt, Paris Burns and Courtney Hart who danced beautifully in big sections with outstanding success. All girls received mentions in their solo classes. Courtney received Highly Commended in her Contemporary and Modern Section. Amber received Highly Commended in her Classical and Modern Section. Paris received Highly Commended in her Improvisation and 1st place in her Contemporary and Modern Sections. This amazing success was made even more wonderful when Paris went on to win the Modern/ Contemporary Championship ( the trophy is nearly as big as her.) Here is Paris looking red carpet ready at our recent Gala Red Bus Disco Night! You look like a star and as Orange proved, you dance like one too. Well Done to Gabby Gough, Rachel Shearing, Colleen Crawford and Dee Larkin for beautiful solo performances. Send me some pics girls!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thanks Miss Rachel

Miss Rachel emailed me today to share some other fab news from the Orange Eisteddfod! I look forward to meeting these two girls and so since Rach put it so beautifully, I have just inserted her email for you all to read!
"i also had 2 other girls Dionetta Larkin and Colleen Crayford make their solo debut at wellington.

Both danced beautifully and Dionetta received Highly commended and for what i saw was a flawless routine! i am so unbelievably proud of them.
all who have only been learning modern/contemp for a year to year and a half.
They have all worked so so hard for the last 3 terms!

Colleen performed her solo on monday morning and improved out of sight! 1 mark of HC from 20 something competitors!!! "

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hey All,
This Saturday, 30th August, anyone who is anyone will be at the Stepping Out On Tour Disco Night! This exclusive evening will commence at 5pm at the esteemed headquarters of Stepping Out Dance Factory, 55 Wheelers lane. The biggest names in Hollywood will board the Big Red Party Bus at 5pm for a star studded tour of DubVegas and its sights. The bus will charter the celebs to Sportsworld for an evening of entertainment with refreshments and hot tunes. Tickets are in demand but as readers of the blog, you have the inside information and by placing a call to hot celebrity agent Tania Schofield can ensure that you get in to this A List Event. $10 is your ticket to a mighty good time . Call Tania on 043 1887 387 to be sure you are on the list or email Rikki at


Well done to Onny Slack-Smith who got 2nd for her Classical and also re choreographed her Jazz routine on stage and still got Highly Commended. Jade Bunt danced her Jazz the best she has ever done! Well done our little Genie! You were magic! Amber continued her winning streak receiving 3rd In Open Demi and Highly Commendeds in her Classical and Modern Solo Sections! Well done to Immy Slack-Smith who danced like a super trouper and received 3rd for her Jazz solo! Shake those feathers girl! Courtney was her stunning self receiving many accolades, including 2nd in her Jazz and Highly Commended in her Classical, Impro, Modern and ( oh lots I think!) Brandi McGuire was awesome in her routines with a great 3rd in her Jazz and an impressive Highly Commended in her Tap Impro! Well done to the gorgeous Gabby Gough for what i hear was an amazing stage debut! We are proud of you Gab! Rachel Shearing also performed with style and aplomb! Paris Burns danced beautifully and received Highly Commendeds in all her sections ( BUT i just got a cryptic text message from Paris which I think signals HUGE SUCCESS so keep on the look out for some great news!) If I have forgotten anyone, hit me tomorrow! Its been a big few weeks!

I've Been a Bad Blogger

Hi There All,
Mmmmmmmm long time no hear and not for lack of action on the Factory floor! In fact, Stepping Out has been full steam much so, that I have had little time to devote to our News and Events!! We have been busy little dancing here I go, take a seat...alot to share!
Our Wellington soloists performed with outstanding results! Congratulations to all. Look out for post devoted to Wellington Results! We have also had Orange Eisteddfod ( again a post needs to be dedicated to it and that's just the music woes!!) Stepping Out had a Movie Premiere Night. I was at home with Archer who was not well. ( am now officially over the weekly visits to my doctor who i fear thinks I have some kind of crazy Mum syndrome. Not forgetting of course that I am now only just almost normal looking after a nasty bout of an eye infection. Small children do not run in terror! Miss Rikki is back!!) I hear Movie Night was awesome!
We also enjoyed a Snazzi Scrapbooking Afternoon. I was still cursed by eye disease and so with sunglasses on ( the effect was sadly not Jackie O or mysterious or enigmatic) I took a red, sorry peek at all the beautiful stuff being created! Big Thanks to all who attended ( Immy & Onny each scored a new charm for their bracelet!! Mmmmm am hoping that my birthday bracelet wish will be answered! I am so obsessed with Pandora beads.)
Disney rehearsals are in full swing ( though I was ordered from one for being too ill or as Miss Leesa tactfully said "You should be dead!" after taking a look at my face and eye affliction. Then Miss Emma and Miss Leesa laughed, long and hard and said "no really you need to be in bed!")
Sadly, a few events have happened that make me realise what precious gifts our children are and our life is and so I offer my thoughts and prayers to a beautiful boy who bid us farewell and a little man who is fighting hard in hospital!
And in the meantime, let's keep dancing..............for that too is surely a gift and always makes me feel better.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Well Done Everyone!
3rd- 8 yrs & U Classical, H.C- 8 yrs & U Jazz, 3rd- 12yrs & U Modern, 2nd- 10yrs & U Modern, H.C- Open Modern, 1st- 12yrs & U Contemporary, H.C -12yrs & U Contemporary, 3rd- 12yrs & U Classical, 3rd- Open Jazz.
We had a busy and very long few days of competition!! We all feel wrecked but it was so great to see you on stage! There were big sections and competitors from our fellow Dubbo schools, several Orange schools, Mudgee, Coolah and Bathurst schools!
I am reeling at the realisation that I have agreed to take Onny over at 7.30am tomorrow for her solo's. Arghhhhhhhhhhhh! Nice to have my little men Cale and Archer accompany me today!! Archer did a particularly beautiful modern expressive solo in the dressing room as he listened to the music playing on stage! Pity the adjudicator missed it! While Cale focused on the realisation that his mum being a dance teacher may not be such a bad thing, an abundance of lollies to keep him quiet during performances and a smorgasboard of women at his disposal. As Cale remarked many times, "Helllllllllllooooo Ladies!"


BOOGIE FEVER EPIDEMIC SWEEPS WELLINGTON EISTEDDFOD! Lists of casualties grew as day progressed. Saturday, 9th August proved to be a dramatic day in Stepping Out's esteemed history of Eisteddfod Participation as a mysterious illness ravaged the Performance team. Numbers depleted throughout the day as superstar after superstar was struck by debilitating illness. Rikki Slack-Smith, co-director and faithful viewer of medical programs E.R, All Saints and R.P.A tearfully made this statement; "We may be weak in body but we are STRONG in Spirit! Never in my career have I witnessed such courage, such determination and such tremendous team work. My prolific viewing of TV medical dramas leaves me with the diagnosis that today we have been hit by Boogie Fever!" Boogie Fever, is a rare condition and is characterised by feverish dance moves even in the wake of huge physical upset. Sufferers of this condition also demonstrate tenacity and fearlessness. They continue to dance even as their limbs refuse to co-operate. Their heart grows, they smile through the pain and they keep dancing!!
HAHAHA what a day!! Wello proved to be a medical marvel in more ways than one! Dancers dropped like flies. Routines were changed often at the last moment and in one amazing instance, side stage!!Miss Leesa and I were in awe of you all! We were incredibly proud of how our casualties tried to continue dancing ( despite how sick they were, how asleep they were, how close to collapse and vomiting they were!!.) and of the other team members who rallied around their fellow dancers and allowed the SHOW TO GO ON!Mighty effort by Millie Rice, Holly Keizer & Gabby Murray! Thankyou girls! Also Julie Richardson who as one of our mums was clearly very ill but never complained once!! A very big bow to the team Ash, Immy, Amber, Missy, Katie, Courtney, Brandi, Jess, Amy, Maggie, Bec, Beanie, Kate- That's teamwork!