Saturday, April 26, 2008


Julie Richardson just informed me of the winners of our two big raffles....(awwwwwwwww I can't believe it...I wanted baby Ashley.!! It was not to bid on baby Evan at trivia night!!) So, drum roll please...
The winners are;
Quilt - Emilie Owens
Doll - E Williams
Candles- R Webber

Bill O'Shea Painting - Holly Keizer (my David thought this was his for sure. He wanted a Bill O'Shea!!!)
Pool Cleaner- Stacey Exner
Emu Egg - Joyce Griffiths

Congratulations to our lucky winners and on behalf of Stepping Out on Tour, a very big thank you to everyone who supported us so kindly with the purchase of raffle tickets. Big Thanks to Julie and other committee members who sold the tickets on our behalf.

Check out my Slide Show!


How lovely to see Miss Leesa & Mr Aaron today, back from their honeymoon adventure in Phuket. She looked radiant and rested and it was so great to have her home with us. We were very proud of you all. I loved the Funkytown Jazz- you did really, really well girls and looked super cute and funky. Thankyou also to our seasoned performers, our Under 12s who did an admirable job of their Football jazz and Clown Contemporary. We are now very excited to watch the debut of our new routines next weekend. Well done to Paris Burns for a beautiful solo and a big pat on the back to our two brand new soloists, Jade Bunt & Ondine Slack-Smith. Both little girls performed their solos for the very first time today and we were so thrilled and proud. You had a very appreciative audience. A large crowd gathered at the Show today to watch us perform. Thanks for the applause. See you all Monday (or Sunday if you are coming into studio.) We never rest.......

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Holidays

Hope everyone has been enjoying their holidays!! I have (can't wait to see you all next week back in class. Great to see Performance team members in hols!!) Miss Leesa is back from honeymoon bliss (whoo hoo!!) I had a great time at HighSchool Musical On Ice. You can see from the pics that Arch is developing quite a groove (plus inspired by the male dancers on "So You Think You can Dance" has also been working out!!) The best thing has been spending time with my kids.....who drive me crazy but make it all such a beautiful, insane adventure.


Gulgong Show will be held on Sunday, 4th May. I would have the note out to you for times etc but I had a phone call today from the Eisteddfod Committee informing me that changes had been made to the program for Group Day and so I will need to wait until new one arrives in Mail.


Stepping Out Dance Factory will be appearing at the DUBBO SHOW on Saturday, 26th April. I was originally told to go to Gate 6 but have since been informed that gate 2 will be better. So, if you are dancing with us on Saturday, please meet me at 3.15pm at Gate 2. To all our fans, Stepping Out hits the stage at 3.45pm.


Hey everyone,
I hope you have read your notes!!If you haven't, I think I can be pardoned for throwing a big, fat hissy fit................we want Miss Rikki and Miss Leesa happy now don't we?? Miss Leesa has returned from a blissful honeymoon and is very excited about Term 2. I have seen you all over the last few weeks (or those who have turned up at Rehearsal grrrrrrrrrrrrr) but am looking forward to sharing the Joy of dance with you this Sunday. Our models, I will be rehearsing you Sunday at some stage........stay tuned( it will either be before Senior Rehearsal or after!!) Rehearsal this Sunday, Juniors 10-12noon and Seniors 12-2pm.

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Thanks Jason for your ambient sounds. You rocked!

A Toast to Trudi Ferrari & Tracey Bennett


I was up early this morning adding news and pics to the Blog but got carried away and had to race out the door to get to Disney rehearsals.. (very impressed with the Juniors today!! We finished your Modern (yay!) and the Seniors were looking unreal. Considering this was only our 3rd rehearsal, all I can say is WOW! The other big Wow I have to say is to Miss Trudi-Lee, the co-ordinator of our fair and most ably assisted by the dynamic Tracey Bennett. I started giving thanks this morning but had to run out mid-post! So here it is, a very big pat on the back to these two wonderful ladies who proved to have energy and enthusiasm to burn. They know how to put the FUN into FUNdraising. My congratulations! It would be impossible to list all that you have done so just know that I stand in awe and thanks. Also needing huge thanks are, Annie- "Queen of the Kitchen" O'Connor, Gail Berwick, Suzie Trudgett, Patreice Grant, Tracey Bennett, The Bunts, Julie "show me the money" Richardson and I think her really charming Dad, Reggie Rice, Marie Winmill, Tania Schofield, Lynne Duffy, Narelle Brabrook, The Dyballs, Katie Bennett's pop (so cute!), Bill & Judy O'Shea, Donna Owens, Fairy Floss Queen Julie McDonald, Sonya O'Connor, Jade Clark, The Hannafords, Tracey & Danika Burns, my dad Deso (sorry Arch broke your glasses!), Matt Ferrari, all of our stall holders, Ivans Jumping castles & face painting design, all of our fabulous stallholders, Pooka the Clown and of course all our gorgeous dancers who worked themselves silly (and had loads of fun!) Thanks to the girls and ladies who modelled too. (whoo hoo!!) Also, any mums, mum in laws who cooked for us....we thank you too. If I have forgotten anyone, I am so sorry and I blame sun stroke....


An elated Sabine O'Connor collects her prize money from Pooka the Clown after he triumphant win in the Colouring in Competition. Beanie was the winner with 100 votes, Cleo Ferrari came in 2nd and the Slack-Smith children and their combo entry in 3rd with 57 votes.

Family Fun Day!


Well Leesa and her family and friends certainly enjoyed a beautiful day at her nuptials on April 5th. Leesa and Aaron were married on the beach at Jervis Bay and it was beautiful. The beach looked amazing and awaiting all the guests on the sand were gift bags with white haviana thongs and wine flutes engraved with "Leesa loves Aaron." White flags made a path for the gorgeous bride to navigate her way down the sand embankment and rose petals were strewn along her path. Leesa had a parasol and I can remember looking up at her as she came down through the trees and onto the sand and thinking this is a picture. Leesa was accompanied by her Mum and Dad on either side of her. I cried, I just had to. So many feelings.....I cry at all things beautiful for one but I was also just so happy for her. I also thought of Gail and Rick and my own children and how quickly our life journey unravels and all the wonderful things that happen to us on the way. The weather was perfect and Aaron and Leesa laughed and smiled through their vows. One of the coolest things was that Leesa walked down the aisle to "The Girl from Ipanema" sung by a very cool cat on guitar. The whole day was just a most stylish affair. I can't wait to see the official photos of the day. After the vows, we all enjoyed canapes and champagne on the beach before heading back to the luxurious beach pad for the reception. The food was just divine.......then I cried again, actually we all cried because Rick (Leesa's dad) sang for her. it was just awwwwwwwwwwww. All in all, a beautiful beginning to what I hope and know will be a beautiful union

Friday, April 11, 2008



I thought I would share this with watching a show as I update the blog. The show tells the story of a dance teacher who hasn't been able to dance a step in 2 years because she has been diagnosed with MS. Instead of dancing, she can only take tentative steps yet she still goes into the studio every day to share her knowledge and passion with her students. She watches them and guides them yet must be reminded painfully every day of what she can no longer do. I have danced for 30 years and I can't imagine what it would be like to have that taken from me. Though she can barely stand, she says that she is still a dancer and that she dances in her spirit and she continues to dance through her students. I, realised how fortunate we are that we can walk, let alone dance so lets celebrate our body's ability to move. To all my students, I hope that you grow to celebrate your bodies and not curse them. let's not worry and wish we were thinner, taller, smaller, more muscular, more this, less that and all those other crazy phobias that haunt us. Know this, i will remind myself of this too, a dancer can be very hard on themselves, demanding perfection in our steps and our physique. When we look in the mirror next, look at what you have and not what you don't!! I know it isn't easy but remember to celebrate you.


Here is Leesa with Norman, our hair and make up guy!! She was just stunning (read my account of day!!) Now, remember, these are my photos and we will post the professional ones when we get them because they will be breathtaking. I was shaking so much when Leesa gave me my present ( yeah I know- why would I get a gift but that is just the kind of girl she is!! OK, imagine getting a little Tiffany & Co giftbag, with a Tiffany & Co giftbox inside and a big white ribbon.......OF COURSE I SAID YES!! I will marry you Leesa....hahahah inside was a necklace that I have been coveting for years!!) So, I did my little happy dance and then yeah got too excited to take the photos that everyone wants, like with special detail about dress etc. The professional photos will cover that but mine just I think capture the joy and the friendship of the day!!


Hi, Just a reminder that our next two rehearsals are coming up. See you all 10- 12noon (juniors) and 12-2pm (seniors)!! No excuses! Very exciting newsflash- STEPPING OUT IS PERFORMING IN DISNEYLAND's MAIN STREET PARADE!

Family Fun Day & Fete- Saturday April 12th 10.30- 4pm

Big event planned for tomorrow. The Stepping Out on Tour committee have been working like crazy on what is going to be a fabulous day out!! Come down and see us and the Stepping Out kids on the stalls! What a way to start the holidays?! Our Family Fun Day will be held at Wesley Hall, corner of Church & Carrington Ave. There will be a kids corner with jumping castle, face painting, nail art, plaster moulds, giant bubble wands, hair design, lucky dips and more. Pooka the Clown will be there to host our event and other special attractions include The Snake Man and a fashion parade. Our stallholders include Lavendilli Blue, Three Bags Full, Three & Me, Ewe Two on dandaloo, jewellery, plants, massage, craft & more. The food will be second to none with a scrumptious gourmet sit down lunch menu, bbq, desserts from Annie's Kitchen, Ice Cream Sundaes, Cupcakes, pancakes, lollies galore and so much more. I am so excited....come along and meet us all. We promise a fantastic day!


Hey There,
What a few weeks?! I have had blog withdrawals but have been busy, busy, busy....and then when i finally sat down to share all the details and pics of Leesa's wedding, my laptop crashed mid upload of her beautiful bridal face on our Blog....Aaaargh I cried!! I have since had to fend off the angry mobs clamouring for a look at Mrs Chaseling! Stop emailing me, harassing me and stalking me. Your wait is over...our next few entries will share all the intimate details of the BIG DAY (like a New Idea exclusive- so no more snooping in my trash cans people!!) The real story is here.

In the meantime, I have much to share so be patient!! Lots is happening at the Factory.