Thursday, September 20, 2007


Onny would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that the premiere of High School Musical 2 is on this Saturday, 22nd September on the Disney channel at 6.30pm. Onny lives for High School Musical and knows every song word for word and every dance routine. I am kind of pleased that the next instalment will provide new material for her but also kind of scared. I know I am about to embark upon 24/7 High School Musical 2. She will demand that the soundtrack is played exclusively in the car. (while Cale crys for Wolfmother!!) We will be force fed lines from the movie. The tv will screen it ad nauseum. Onny will become Sharpay-ish (David interjects to say "will become!!- don't you mean is!!"). Onny is the proud owner of the Sharpay, Gabriella & Troy dolls. She has the dvd, the soundtrack and the live concert soundtrack. I have just ordered her High School Musical pyjamas (to entice her to go to bed earlier so she is less Sharpay-ish!!) Gail had better be warned too......she might think she can get work done on her lap top at the studio but Onny will seize it as an opportunity for further viewing. Poor Gail has sat through the original nearly as many times as I have. Even David knows all the songs!! Anyway, Lucernevale will be hosting Onny's premiere party on Saturday night...............and imagining Onny's expression when she gets to see the High School Musical pep rally at Disneyland.

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