Friday, May 29, 2009


Our lovely Paris Burns has just returned from Cowra Eisteddfod with some wonderful results. Paris danced in four sections and received 3 1sts and 1 Highly Commended. Paris was especially excited by her results in her Modern & Contemporary routines. Paris received outstanding scores of 90 for her Contemporary and a whopping 92 for her Modern. We are so happy for you that you are reaching your goals and as we like to borrow from the saying "reach for the stars or what's a heaven for?" So awesome to see you living it!GO PARIS!


I was thrilled to hear news that the delightful Miss Cleo Ferrari was recently awarded a major award at her school in Trangie. Cleo is not only a talented little dancer but also a fantastic student who always gives of her best. Stepping Out thinks that EDUCATION is very important and we love hearing of our students successes both on and off the stage. Cleo was awarded "AUSSIE OF THE MONTH" and this honour was due to her ability to work well in groups, exhibit a friendly attitude to everyone, make good playground choices and doing her very best in all school activities. Congratulations Cleo. Please pass on any news of any other Stepping Out students stepping out into this world and lighting it up with their brilliance. We love hearing it!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Dubbo Eisteddfod commences long weekend of June with groups following on the 13th & 14th June. We will be having stage rehearsals this Sunday, 31st May. A timetable has been given out to all Performance students. A detailed note about Dubbo Eisteddfod will be given out on Sunday. Miss Leesa & hotshot up and coming new dance coach/choreographer Phoenix Chaseling will also be in attendance.


Just a reminder that eisteddfod entries close very soon for following eisteddfods;
* WELLINGTON- 31st May
* BATHURST-3oth May
* FORBES- 1st June
* ORANGE- 5th June
If you haven't got a syllabus, go to for a comprehensive guide on all contacts for upcoming Eisteddfods.

Friday, May 22, 2009


The images from Charles soiree are all courtesy of Vincent! Our resident photographer, Hip Hop teacher, amazing dancer and all time good guy! Vincent celebrates his birthday today and from all at Stepping Out, we love you and wish you the world! Vincent is such a special person and totally lives by the saying" Dance like nobody's watching." He has the most amazing spirit and energy and we are so fortunate to have him a part of our family!Looking fierce Vinny!May all your dreams come true


I tell you it's not what you know but who you know! hahahahah- Thanks Anthony! Stepping Out was fortunate enough to have some representatives at the recent Mayoral Reception for Mr So You Think You Can Dance Charlie Bartley. We all had a fabulous time as we tend to do when we are together! It was a fantastic celebration of Charlie's success and we were all so thrilled to be included in joining in the acknowledgement of his incredible achievement. Great to see so many Dubbo dance identities and catch up with people all united in celebrating Charlie fever! I must say Dubbo, his family and his former studio, DBS have so much to be enormously proud of! He is an exceptional young person and an amazing talent! Charisma by the bucketloads ( just like his little bro!) Anyway, thanks to our kids for being such delightful ambassadors for Stepping Out! ( you all looked so great! As did the savvy and stylish Miss Emma! I tell you what, talk about Logies ready- you guys could have walked any red carpet!)I hope you all have tickets for the upcoming SYTYCD tour- I know we do! WHOO! In the meantime, Charles is a special guest at the St Johns 40th Anniversary Ball tomorrow night! Who knows I may be in the mood for a dance off! -NOT!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Capture a Moment....

Exciting news Stepping Outers!! The amazing image maker Renee Brazel will be back in town, bringing with her her unique ability to capture those inexplicable and magical moments of life! Her new project is entitled "Harmony"- a coffee table art book of everyday people and the exchanges and relationships they share and enjoy with their loved ones. Renee is now calling for participants from the Dubbo area. So grab your most cherished, be that your family or friends or pets and become a part of this incredible project. Leave your print on this world and better, help others in the process. Proceeds from this project go towards "Kids Helpline- a free phone counselling service for young people." Phone 1300 135 718 to secure your booking. For more information go to
I was fortunate enough to have my four treasures photographed by Renee last year for the "Inspired" project. Many of you have seen those images and like me, adored them. Renee captured the spirit and the essence of my children like she had known them for years. They are more than amazing photos, they are a unique insight into four unbelievable little people and a moment in time that is now, forever ours. Stepping Out has so many beautiful families and friendships. I look forward to sharing in your own moments. In the meantime, here is a glimpse of Renee's work.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Here are our beautiful boys!! The Sons of Stepping Out Dance Factory!The boys had a meet and greet today and are already besties!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Congratulations to all students who performed at Gulgong Eisteddfod on Group Day! Special thanks to all of the parents, families and fans of Stepping Out who continue to encourage us with their amazing love and support! Stepping Out rocked and Miss Emma and I could not have been prouder! You looked incredible! We got shivers and yes, we admit, shed tears of pride! We have heaps of pics and will upload as soon as possible but I am still recovering from a very huuuuuuuuge week!
8 years & U Classical- 3rd place, 10yrs & U Classical- 3rd place, 10yrs & U Jazz (WOW!!)-3rd place, 12yrs & U Modern- 2nd place, 14yrs & U Jazz- 2nd place, 14yrs & U Modern- 2nd & 3rd place, 10 yrs & U Modern- 2nd place, Open Modern- 1st place ( Gotta love moving your audience!) and Open Jazz- 1st place! We also got the Senior Trophy for Encouragement. Often times, the results were very close so special thanks too to our fellow competitors for a great and friendly day of competition. That people, is what it is all about!


Cale is 4 today and he is celebrating his birthday with my best friend and his godmother Tanya Keenan ( Principal of Dance Unlimited!) Happy Birthday to two of my favourite people in the whole universe!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY LEESA! Miss Leesa got the most beautiful Mother's Day gift last night! She received the gift of Motherhood when her precious little man arrived into the world. WELCOME PHOENIX ERWIN CHASELING! I got a phone call from Leesa this morning at 2.29am ( i was zonked out from Gulgong) but have cried and listened to her message about 4 times already. I am hanging out for a picture and of course a meeting with the little man himself! Phoenix ( how cool is his name? He will be a performer for sure) is 9"4 (4.2kgs) and 56 cms long so he is a big boy!Congratulations To Grandma Gail too! I got a phonecall at 6.30am yesterday to let me know that Leesa was going into hospital. So, along with Gulgong nerves and excitement, I was beside myself all day waiting for news! As for Gulgong, GROUP DAY was amazing! Well Done! I will post news of the day when I recover from what has been a very big week! Oh and hey, am I not a prophet, did I not predict that STEPPING OUT would have a very big weekend in more ways than one!

Friday, May 8, 2009


Feeling very Mary from USA series of SYTYCD but arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh- Courtney just got 3rd in both Jazz Championship and Ballet Championship! This is her first ever Championship and she was against a field of beautiful and most deserving competitors but she rode that "hot tomale train" to glory! Go Courtney!


Milly Rice, the dynamo got 2nd in 10 yrs Jazz Improvisation. Paris Burns danced in OPEN AGE sections in Modern and Contemporary ( so we talking 15, 16, 17, 18 yr olds) and she is 12!! Paris received 2nd in Modern and 3rd in Contemporary! Very impressive!Good luck to everyone dancing in Groups tomorrow- I am so excited but so nervous too! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! No baby yet from Miss Leesa but I have strange feeling that this weekend is going to be big for STEPPING OUT in more ways than one! Hope you all are in bed now! See you bright and early tomorrow and oh Sonya you've done it again! COSTUMES ARE GOBSMACKING BRILLIANCE and as for the Tinies Tutu's, oh my, family heirlooms! My grand daughters will be wearing that precious costume!ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I am so excited! I warn you all now, I am so proud of you, I will definately be crying for a large part of the day but it will be happy tears. Weird I received this email today and it came from a guy called Tom Murasso ( he wrote this after listening to Teach your Children Well- which funnily enough is one of our music choices for 12yrs!It's a Sign!)
"Imagine for a moment growing up knowing only love and
abundance - an environment with no hate, fear, envy,
mistrust, greed, competition, jealously or anger. You’ve
never know anything other than support and love. Never
knowing insecurity or abandonment, you are raised to
believe all things are possible; you only need to imagine
it and know whatever you want will come to you with
patience and focus.
You’re given encouragement to explore your unlimited mind
and the unlimitedness of your infinite potential – to
expand your being and shine your light on everyone you
encounter. Your successes are praised and if you fail, only
encouragement is given. As you grow into your full
awareness, you succeed time and time again as you come to
expect, and accept, the abundance of the universe."


Hey All,
Exciting news!! Courtney just won "BEST IMPRO OF EISTEDDFOD" Trophy! Not bad considering it covers all age divisions, yes, even open and she is only 12!Congratulations Courtney! Here is Courtney pictured with the adoring Onny.

Gulgong Solo Pictures

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Gulgong Eisteddfod Update- More WOW! WOW! WOW!

Hey Everyone,
I am rifling through phone messages received today so I can give you all an update of what has been happening in the ever action packed world that is our current Eisteddfod. Big Thanks to my gorgeous Kate Delmoro who ran across playground at school today waving her mobile to let me know she had just had a text message. Kate running to me kind of typifies what Stepping Out is all about- the friendship and the great joy and pride we feel in each others success. Kate is one of our much loved troupe members and she was so genuinely excited to think that her friends were doing so well. She is very pumped for Group day and rightfully so! So here we go, Tally Day 2-
* 12 yrs Modern- Brandi McGuire 2nd and special mention to beautiful solo performances by Amber Bunt & Georgina Dickerson.
* 12yrs Contemporary- Courtney Hart 2nd, Melissa McDonald- 3rd ( first ever solo!!) Her & Abbie Schofield did an awesome job of their self choreographed Jazz Duo too! Go girls!
* 12yrs Open Modern- Paris Burns 1st, Courtney Hart 2nd
* 12yrs Open Contemporary- Paris Burns 1st
* 12yrs Modern Impro- Courtney Hart 1st
* 12yrs Contemporary Impro- Courtney Hart 1st
* 12yrs Demi Iprovisation- Courtney Hart 3rd

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I am delirious with a combination of exhaustion & joy! We are only Day 2 into competition and we couldn't be prouder of our Stepping Out Superstars! Every time my phone beeps it is with news of more fantastic results! We have had a strong contingent of Stepping Out supporters in the audience and it has been a pleasure to watch so many of our talented little dancers take to the stage for the very first time in solo competition. Miss Emma and I could not be prouder ( I think the tears today proved it! Miss Leesa has been keeping tabs on you all with text updates!) The results are outstanding but as a proud audience member, the real success has been derived from the smiles on performers faces, the blossoming confidence, the team spirit and support by Stepping Out families and students. Miss Emma and I are in awe of you all.( parents & kids!!)WELL DONE EVERYONE! WE LOVE YOU!
RESULTS ( so far)
* 6 years & U Classical- Holly Keizer 2nd ( so special as she wore Darienne Keizer's tutu( her mum)- everyone should go to the Holly Keizer school of Stress Management! cool as a cucumber!I want to enrol NOW.)
* 6 years & U Tap- Onny Slack-Smith 1st
* BABY DANCE- Brinley Catto 1st ( and Kara Catto worried whether she would even get up on stage! Well she did and that stage was hers!)
* BABY DANCE 6 YRS- 3rd Onny Slack-Smith
* 6 YRS & U JAZZ- 2nd Holly Keizer
* BABY DANCE OPEN- 3rd Ondine Slack-Smith
* 6 YRS & U OPEN CLASSICAL- 1st Ondine Slack-Smith
* 8 YRS & U CLASSICAL- Meg Keizer 3rd, Jade Bunt merit
* 8 YRS & U JAZZ- Kasey Krisante 2nd, Meg Keizer H.C, Jade Bunt H.C
Emma Blake did an absolute amazing job in this section! Well Done!
* 8 YRS & U DEMI- Jade Bunt 1st (Snow White)
* 8 YRS & U MODERN- H.C Meg Keizer ( beautiful!! You should have seen her costume!Very Project Runway!)
* 10 YRS & U DEMI- Imogen SlackSmith H.C
* 10 YRS & U CLASSICAL- Imogen Slack-Smith 3rd ( wow- talk about sob!Who knew Immy could look like a member of Australian Ballet Company? whoops there goes proud mum!)
* 10 YRS & U JAZZ- Milly RIce ( 1st- FAR OUT!! ENERGY & PERSONALITY PLUS!! MISS EMMA you can stop crying now!) Imogen Slack-Smith- 3rd ( whoah!! is that my girl!)Honourable mention to the beautiful Georgia Erskine for a delightful first solo. Little Bella Fisher (Orange studio) also took to the stage in her first ever solo and was incredible! Well done Bella!
* 10 YRS & U MODERN- 3rd Imogen SlackSmith
* 12 YRS ENTERTAINMENT- Brandi McGuire 3rd
* 12 YRS DEMI- Amber Bunt 1st ( remains undefeated) Courtney Hart ( 3rd) Courtney is a trouper- they completely stuffed her prop and you wouldn't have known! So professional!
* 12 YRS Jazz- Courtney Hart ( 1st), Maggie Beach ( 1st), Brandi Mc Guire ( 3rd)Georgina Dickerson ( 3rd)
* 12 YRS BALLET- Paris Burns 1st, Courtney Hart 3rd.
* 12 Yrs Demi- Paris Burns 1st
* 12 YRS TAP- Brandi McGuire ( 1st- so exciting!!), Amber Bunt- 2nd ( Miss Emma is still screaming because these two girls had only had two lessons on them!!)
I can't wait to hear about tomorrow! I have pics- will upload as soon as possible!
Keep checking in guys! We are so excited about Group Day!Thanks Sonya- costumes awesome!I had to flee Eisteddfod ( poor Immy was whisked off stage) so I could get back to teach and rehearsals. If there is anymore news or results from Eisteddfod and I've missed them let me know but my Mums in audience have been trying their best to keep me updated. Thanks Narelle & Suellen!