Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I finally have the opportunity to emerge from the blanket of sleep deprivation (thanks Miss Evie) and take some time to pay homage to our outstanding soloists who did us exceptionally proud in Gulgong. I will also endeavour to wash up, answer my mobile, forget to do the laundry ( sorry kids those socks are walking on their own to school, do some year 12 marking and as Master Archer would lead me to believe, most importantly cling on his every word and meet all his demands PRONTO!)
So, while he is momentarily sated by Scooby Doo and Tiny Teddies and Evie has vacated her reserved seating on my lap, I shall report on the WEEK THAT WAS.
The real joy came in seeing our kids take to the stage for the first time this year and their first appearances with new routines and costumes. It was fantastic to catch up with other mums, teachers and dancers from other areas. Toddlers & Tiaras has nothing on all of us. With Dream Duffel bag laden, (can I say a Must have?!) we rode off into the ummmm, fog to Gulgong.
Little Miss Laura Keizer stormed the stage and brought some sunshine to the dreary day with her Jazz ( Walking on Sunshine & Classical.) Laura was awarded 2nd for her classical and Highly Commended for her Jazz. She was so pleased. Our Under 8s Classical students were beautiful. Go Onny, Go Brinley, Go Rhiannon.Congrats to Rhiannon Griffith for a Highly Commended in this section. Holly Keizer shone in the Under 8s Demi Character ( never has there been a more perfect Alice) and won 1st place. Holly was also awarded Highly Commended in her Tap Solo, 1st in her Modern Expressive Solo, 2nd in Song & Dance ( the girl can really sing and this was an Under 12 section), 1st in Modern Expressive Impro and DRUM ROLL "7 & 8 YEARS TROPHY FOR MOST PROMISING DANCERYAY!!style="font-weight:bold;">
Maeve Sparrow danced beautifully in her Modern Solo and received 1st place for a very cleverly performed Classical Ballet Impro. Rhiannon Griffith ( with choreography by Zara Duffy & gorgeous training by Suzanne Duffy)danced beautifully in her Modern and won her Demi Character Solo with a most convincing routine. Brinley Catto received 2nd in her Modern, Highly Commended in both her Impros with fantatsic performances.Congratulations to my Onny who danced up a storm with Singing in the Rain and Rhiannon for her Rocking Robin routine. Rhiannon was also awarded the Trophy for Encouragement Under 8 years. Go Rhiannon.
Paris Burns received 2nd in the Classical Ballet 13/14 years. Brandi McGuire got through her first pointe' dance with finesse' and Courtney Hart received Highly Commended for her Classical. Melissa McDonald also making her pointe' debut received 2nd in the Restricted Demi and Amber Bunt looked like she had been in those pointe shoes for years in the ballet. Well Done Girls.
Brandi McGuire got a 3rd in her Jazz and then everyone fell into bed exhausted. This was just DAY 1.
Day 2 I took a much needed hiatus and relied on the beep beep of mobile alerts. It felt like I was there.Congratulations to Jade Bunt and Meg Keizer who danced beautifully in their Classical Solo. Meg received HC in her Tap Solo, 3rd in her Contemporary solo, 3rd in her Modern Solo and 2nd in her duo with Jade Bunt. Jade received 3rd in her Modern, 2nd in her Contemporary, 1st in her Jazz and in a solo that brought down the house, 1st in her Entertainment. Jade was later awarded the Encouragement Trophy for her age group 9 & 10yrsyay!!
Jody Howard was amazing in her solo debut performance. Well done Jody. Brandi Mcguire received 3rd in her Contemporary in a shiver inducing performance.
to be continued..........................there is loads more.....Evie is irked and Arch has demolished the tiny teddies and my sanity.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gulgong Eisteddfod Results

Well what a week we have all had over at Gulgong! i am slowly recovering. Lots of early starts and very long days. We are very proud of everyone who participated and special thanks to all the Mums, Dads and supporters.
Costumes for 2011 look incredible and Miss Emma and myself were enraptured with our Group performances and the stellar performances all week by our very talented soloists.
* 10yrs Jazz- 1st place
* 12yrs Jazz-1st place
* 14yrs Jazz-1st place
* Open Jazz- 2nd place
* 10yrs Modern- 1st place
* 12yrs Modern- Highly Commended
* 14yrs Modern- 1st place and Highly Commended
* Open Modern- both groups equal 1st
STEPPING OUT was also awarded BEST JUNIOR GROUP and BEST SENIOR GROUP. Our 10 years Jazz won Junior Group with ABC Boogie and Open Modern Dolls were awarded Best Senior Group with the impressive score of 97.
Bring On Dubbo! So relieved we are ready and raring to go.