Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Tickets for our 2010 production "HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD" go on sale Monday November 8th at 9.30am sharp through Dubbo Regional Theatre. Tickets will go on sale on the website www.drtcc.com.au, at the Box Office and also over the phone 026801437. Please note that there is a $2.95 transaction fee for phone bookings and for those who wish to have their tickets posted.

The ticket prices are as follows;
Adult - $22.00
Concession (Must Provide Government Issued Pension or Health Care Card Only) - $18.00
Student (Must Provide Student Card) - $18.00
Child U/14 - $18.00

Tickets for the 5pm show will go on sale first.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Eisteddfod Group Results

Outstanding results were enjoyed at both Wellington & Orange Eisteddfods. I was witness to the wonder at Wellington Eisteddfod and heard that the kids were even better at Orange ( despite the weather!! Oh Dorothy there is no place like home- or hospital!!) Congratulations to all involved, my fellow teachers, Miss Emma & Miss Leesa ( her team of Rachel, Stef & Co), Miss Jacinta and of course our fabulous students and tehir families. I was very sad I couldn't celebrate our last Eisteddfod for the year and my birthday ( and Melissa's & Brandi's) at Orange but so thrilled to hear you were such fantastic ambassadors for Stepping Out on and off the stage. Well done. I will search the recesses of my mind and mobile for the results.
Highly Commended- Under 10s Contemporary, Open Modern, 14 years Jazz,14 years Contemporary, 12 yrs Tap, Open Tap
2nd- Open Hip Hop, 14 years Modern
3rd- 12 yrs Jazz, 12 yrs Modern, 14 yrs Contemporary
Highly Commended- 10 years Modern, 12 yrs Jazz, 12yrs Modern, 14 yrs Modern
Very Highly Commended- 14yrs Modern
2nd- 14 yrs Contemporary
3rd- 14 yrs Contemporary
2nd- Open Hip Hop
1st- Open Contemporary
The solo results were outstanding from both Eisteddfods as well as Bathurst with Stepping Out soloists receiving brilliant results, continued improvement and good times. There are far too many amazing results for me to remember but well done to you all. I will compile them when i see you all back after holidays. Please forgive my baby brain.

Mad Hatters Ball

David, Evie and myself were thrilled to be at the Madhatters Ball on September 18th with all the Dance Unlimited gang as they fundraise for their big USA trip in 2011. We know first hand what an amazing experience this is and congratulations to Tanya and all involved for such a fabulous night. We got to sit next to Todd McKenny and what a fun, lovely man he is. Evie's first dance partner! Good luck Dance Unlimited!

Let me introduce you to Miss Evie

Here is Evie Jean Anne who blazed into the world and our hearts on September 1st at 10.20am. We dropped the girls to school, hit the buzzer at the labour ward about 6 times before finally gaining entry and welcomed her a very short time later! Spring had sprung! Evie is currently guest co-teacher at the studio! Say hello! She is loving the music and the kids. What a beautiful way to be introduced to this adventure of life? Lots of love,laughter, dancing & music!!

I'M Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Hi All,
Long time no see but what a term we have had! I promise to be a more consistent blogger from now on especially in the lead up to Concert! As you all would know from our newsletters, SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED so where do I start!!!
Yesterday, my littlest girl, EVIE JEAN ANNE SLACK-SMITH turned one month and where has that month gone? It seemed like in the month before her arrival, time had stopped. We waited and waited......anxiously I might add for our latest arrival and then in a flurry of excitement, she was here and time has once again sped up. To say we are all besotted is an understatement...............
Life is good, very good in the Slack-Smith world and likewise, in the Stepping Out world. So be patient please, as I update you on Term 3 and get you ready for Term 4! To give you a summary of events,
*We had Wellington Eisteddfod- brilliant group and solo results!
*I had a baby girl on September 1st.
*I didnt make it to Orange Eisteddfod ( still in hospital) but was filled with pride for all my other babies who did so well with groups and solos thanks to text updates from Miss Emma, Miss Leesa and all the kids & Mums.
*Great news from Bathurst Eisteddfod soloists.
*Dubbo Concert "Hooray for Hollywood" announced.
*Costumes measured for Dubbo Concert- Hope you are all measured?
*Ballet Exam preparations!!
*The Madhatters Ball in Mudgee to aid Dance Unlimited!
*Stepping Out dances at the launch of the Dream Festival!
So now to do justice to all these fab events- updating now!! Oh hang on, I can hear a rebel yell from the bedroom, Little Miss Evie is stirring- funny that, there is also a commotion coming from the loungeroom-Yes Cale & Archer! I am so missing my two nannies Immy & Onny who are holidaying with Nanny & Poppy at Nelson Bay! Stay tuned, exciting updates from Stepping Out coming soon and lots of pics. I have missed you!!!