Saturday, August 8, 2009


We were all very fortunate today to be a part of the SYTYCD workshop held in Dubbo with Amy, Tim-o-matic and Charlie! I have lots of pics to put up but just had to get on to say, all the kids I spoke to had an absolute amazing time. They are all SO inspired and enjoyed dancing with kids from other dance studios in this wonderful opportunity. A big thank you to the talented trio for letting their light shine on all of our kids and for their graciousness during the meet and greet session. We got great photos! (Thanks Deb!) Cale is home now, Jackson 5 blaring, shaking, gyrating and a total dancing maniac............. and all he did was get his photo with Charlie! I can only imagine the influence the 3 of them have had on kids who actually took class. My girls gave me a bit of a demo on our trampoline come stage. Anyway, hang out for the pics! Coming your way soon! Oh and to all our students, I am as always humbled by your fantastic are such an enthusiastic, friendly and great bunch of people. Today, as in all days, I was very proud!
BEST WISHES TO ALL OF OUR STUDENTS COMPETING AT WELLINGTON EISTEDDFOD THIS WEEK!!It never stops, does it? Orange Eisteddfod is only two weeks away. Then we can rest.....momentarily

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