Saturday, July 25, 2009

Classes Back Monday, 27th July

Hey Everyone,
Just had to post latest shot of my beautiful kids! ( they have driven me crazy in the holidays- lucky they are gorgeous hey!!) Thanks to Renee Brazel for capturing them so beautifully once again. I had a fab meeting with Miss Leesa, Miss Emma, assistant choreographer Phoenix and the Slack-Smith posse' at Grapevine Cafe'. Despite all the kids in tow, we are all so pumped for Term 3 and YES, Concerts are all decided and in production!!! Miss Leesa is very excited to be starting in a new studio in Orange and we wish all the Orange kids the very best as they settle in their great new complex. I have been madly searching through and finding new music. Lucky for me, Cale & Arch share my love for the Jackson 5- we have had an absolute ball dancing around the kitchen to the tunes that will be on my ipod and class playlists for Term 3. I warn you, I am in remix heaven, 90s will feature, i am still in tribute mode to Michael and there is a heap of new contemporary stuff i am working through!! Best wishes to Forbes kids dancing in Forbes Group day tomorrow! Can't wait to see you all very very soon!! Immy & Onny are pumped for the SYTYCD workshop on 8th August- me too- I am going to linger for a glimpse of Mr Tim-o-matic!!

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