Thursday, August 20, 2009


Wellington has come and gone in an absolute blur! I am now but a night away from Orange Eisteddfod! (Don't ask me about the day I have had in getting car road worthy for the enterprise!! MAN!! What a day!) Still, lucky I am a glass half full kind of girl or I would be lamenting this while waiting for roadside assistance. We enjoyed Wellington Eisteddfod last week and I was delighted to have seen so many of our kids lighting up the stage! WELL DONE to Holly Keizer, Brinley Catto, Ondine Slack-Smith, Jade Bunt, Kacey Krisante, Meg Keizer, Georgia Erskine, Imogen Slack-Smith, Courtney Hart, Emma Blake, Maggie Beach, Brandi McGuire, Paris Burns, Anthony Bartley, Bec Richardson, Abbie Scofield, Lissy McDonald, Amber Bunt, Millie Rice, (have I left any out??its late and I have had a horror day people). I will post all results ASAP but phone has beeped constantly ( thankyou Darienne) with news of great tidings from both Wellington & Orange Eisteddfods! Darienne also really helped me out with my Immy so an extra big thank you for being such an amazing supporter of Stepping Out kids. (and especially with your support of my little superstar while I taught all the other little superstars)Congratulations Everyone! MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS TO BRANDI FOR BEING CHOSEN AS THE RECIPIENT OF MOST PROMISING RESTRICTED DANCER 12YRS & UNDER.

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