Friday, August 21, 2009


Great Results from Wello! I will do my best to remember them all- let me know I have missed one of you! I just can't keep up with you all! Holly Keizer- 2nd in 6 yrs Classical, H.C- 6 years Jazz, Brinley Catto- 3rd 6 years Classical, H.C - 6 years Jazz, Ondine Slack-Smith- beautiful performances in your first Open Under 8s performance (mummy has never seen you dance so well), Meg Keizer- awesome first tap solo, 3rd- Under 10s Modern, stunning performances in Classical & Jazz, Georgia Erskine- you just keep on improving with each step up on that stage! Go Georgia!!, Jade Bunt- 3 beautiful performances, Kacey Krisante- an amazing first Impro- watch out!! awesome jazz solo, Imogen Slack-Smith- 1st Under 10s Modern, 2nd Under 10s Demi, 2nd Under 10 Jazz (go Immy you were on fire), Emma Blake- fabulous Jazz solo, Georgina Dickerson-2nd in Under 12 jazz, beautiful Modern solo, Maggie Beach- 1st Under 12 Jazz (whoo), Amber Bunt- H.c Under 12 tap, 1st Under 12 Jazz, beautiful performances in Classical, Modern & Demi Character. Courtney Hart- 2nd in Under 12s Contemporary and 3rd in Modern Championship. Amazing performances in all of her sections. Paris Burns- 3rd in Classical Championship! So exciting- this was Paris's first ballet en pointe' and it was stunning!!Stunning in all of her sections! Melissa McDonald- 3rd in Modern Impro, 2nd in duo with Abbie Schofield, Anthony Bartley & Brandi McGuire- not only did you get the lift but they also won 1st! (Yay), Brandi McGuire- 2nd in Under 12 s jazz, 1st in Under 12 Entertainment, 3rd in Under 12 Modern Impro, 3rd in Under 12 Contemporary Impro,awesome performances in all other sections and of course recipient of MOST PROMISING TROPHY! Bec Richardson did a beautiful job of her Modern Solo as always. Phew I am exhausted from listing all of these results! Just about to get ready to pick up car for Road trip to Orange!!

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