Friday, August 28, 2009

PART 2- We Come in Peace!

GROUP WEEKEND! So this trip is initially marred by a flat tyre but would it dampen my spirits!! Ummmmmm No, but did it eat into bank balance, yes?!I won't bore you with the details because let's face it, all of our Performance mothers stupid enough to stand next to me momentarily on Friday night heard my car woes, I don't know how many times! Thanks Ladies, but yes, I managed to board all 5 children ( for those of you doing the maths- no David did not accompany us but Evan Jerome did), costume boxes and god knows how many stuffed animals and unfinished assignments! We made it to Orange and lunched with Gail, Leesa & my little man Phoenix. We had a chamapagne (medicinal purposes and got cracking on our next BIG PROJECT!!). I then whisked Onny away to get her ready to meet her team mates for Friday night fun! Thanks to Reggie & Sonya and their troops who entertained my boys back at the motel. I have to say, I genuinely am so blessed to work alongside the people I do and Friday night was just amazing! Congratulations to Under 8s Jazz- H.C, ( we love our little divas) and to the routine that had me on my knees- our Under 10 ballet! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH- I watched on monitor like crazy woman having randomn outbursts of "PERFECT!" "PERFECT!"- wow girls, wow, you were so great and received 2nd place in a tough field!! I was so happy! Our little Under 8s were constantly swarmed by admirerers in their tutus- not surprising when you consider just how beautiful they are! Favourite moment was when one of our fellow competitors ( a very theatrical one at that) came up to our girls and did this big jaw drop and finger point! Our girls looked horrified- I was like no, don't worry, it's love- she is awestruck by you! They look beautiful i said- little girl- with mouth more open than Mccauley Kulkin in Home Alone just nodded in agreement! yes, our little dolls got a H.c followed by yet another H.C for Under 10 Modern! Divine!
An early start the next morning ( after I had decided at 10pm to text team with new hair idea) as i watched So You Think You Can dance meant we were at theatre by 8am and looking gorgeous! All of our hard work on our 12 yrs Contemp had paid off- yes girls, I saw light, I saw shade, i felt your story and we whooped with joy with a tremendous 2nd place! Our Under 10s- WOW!!- Miss Emma- Miss EJDJ has created like a mini band of her- tiny little sassy divas who just shone and again took out a prestigious 2nd place in a tough field!Leesa, Em and myself as well as alot of Stepping Out fans were in the audience for Brandi's & Anthony's duo......yay....a first!Great recovery Anthony!Our Under 12s though a team member down were incredible and got a H.C and followed this up with another 2 H.Cs in Under 12 Modern. Incredible! Here Comes the Sun and Tiny dancer were just beautiful! It was a long but awe inspiring day!

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