Friday, August 28, 2009

ORANGE EISTEDDFOD- Lifting the Curtain

OK, I have somewhat rested and am now ready to divulge the explosive truths behind the Stepping Out Orange Eisteddfod experience! The first week of the Eisteddfod saw our lovely junior soloists take to the stage and many a text update beep my way courtesy of Darienne & Miss Leesa! Facts I learnt Week 1, adjudicator was great! ( we had just had a doozy at Wellington Eisteddfod but thankfully this wonderful lady believed in encouraging our little ones and giving detailed and constructive critiques! Thankyou!!) A fact that was reinforced to me was that Stepping Out soloists rock!! A big aim at Stepping Out is that we better every performance we make- we aren't about places as such but just soaring higher every time we grace the stage! We love to improve with each step!! This is in itself our biggest reward! We know when we have done our best and so I am very proud to report that every Stepping Out soloist did just that!!Our congratulations to Jade Bunt ( not Blunt as reported in program ahahahaha) with a 1st in 8 years & U Jazz, 3rd in 8 yrs & U Classical and 3rd in 8 yrs Demi Character! Holly Keizer, 2nd in 8 yrs & U Jazz ( holly is after all 6!! Whoo go Holly) and a beautiful performance in her Classical! Darienne tells me Holly even attempted own choreography in this one- LOVE IT! Brinley Catto ( we just got home from your birthday party!!Yay!) got 3rd for her 6 yrs & U jazz and 3rd for her Ballet solo! Well Done! A big WOW to Meg Keizer for amazing performances and a H.C in her Jazz Solo. Meg also did a brilliant job of her Tap, Classical & Modern solos. Likewise, little Georgia Erskine wowed everyone with best ever performances in her Jazz & Classical! There were tears! Never tame it down Georgie! GO FOR IT! Well done to yet another talented little Stepping Outer, Emma Blake who also wowed everyone with her delightful Jazz!Yet another sensational performance by Millie Rice in her Jazz Solo! WOW! GO MIL!Amber Bunt got 2nd in her Tap solo!! yes people, this was all in the first week!

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