Saturday, August 29, 2009


To finish off my "We Come in Peace" escapades comes the latest instalments of Orange Group Results. Sunday saw our 14 years and Opens perform with acclaim. Another early start and we were at the venue by 8am. The girls performed "A New Day" and it was just beautiful! I cried- this is the best you have ever danced it! Your wonder didn't translate into a place but it was a strong and beautiful section. Still, you were winners in my eyes with your breath taking and emotional performance. Our next section was 14 yrs Contemporary and also our farewell to Clowns- a much loved routine!! You gave it once again your all and it was a fitting farewell. This was also the moment we discovered we had inadvertedly found ourself in the line of fire for a breach of rules. Orange is our last Eisteddfod for the season and after having competed elsewhere we weren't aware that we were unable to enter 3 groups in the one section. Sadly, it seems, a fellow dance school decided to protest this. Each to their own, I say, it's not the way we choose to conduct ourselves but still, appreciate that they obviously felt strongly enough about it to vocalise it! Let me take this opportunity to apologise and say that we meant no harm and that it was totally unintentional. Yet, Stepping Out rose to the occasion and once again we witnessed the amazing spirit of our students and their families. It is in moments of this that we are so proud of our students and are very grateful that they handled it all with such style and grace. The only validation they needed was Leesa, Emma and myself's words that they had blown us away and their own feelings that they had done themselves, their studio and their families proud. Still, two Highly Commendeds later and a Peace Train critique that reads like a dream, we walked away triumphant. This was confirmed in a jaw dropping performance in 14 years Jazz. WOW!! A huge 94 and 2nd place in a tough field of competition. Opens danced amazingly and I received text updates from many informing me of their excellence. Well Done to Orange Stepping Outers who proved they are a force to be reckoned with and more importantly a really great bunch of girls. Congrats to Open Modern ( I hear there were tears in the audience) with a 3rd place in an outstanding and large section and the mighty Open Jazz who again in an amazing field received a highly Commended. Thanks to all the families and fans who supported our big group weekend of competition. It really is a big team effort! Stay tuned for Solo results for the 12 yrs and above sections! I will require sleep in the meantime.

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