Monday, March 23, 2009

What a weekend!!

Hey Everyone,
It's the start of another week and haven't we all enjoyed a busy weekend! Miss Emma celebrated her coming of age with a "Made in the 80s" party and we all had a great time celebrating with her!Hope you enjoyed checking out the pics in the slideshow! It was the best night and Miss Emma had a wonderful time ( plus she loved our gift to her "SEQUIN SHOES" very much Dorothy slippers! We were all clicking our heels 3 times and saying there is no one like Miss Emma.
The next day, all who know and love Miss Leesa were invited to join us in celebrating the arrival of Baby Chaseling in about 6 weeks! we can't wait! Leesa looks amazing! She was so overwhelmed by all the love and gifts that she received. Thankyou so much to everyone who came along to help surround this new little life with such love!
It was great fun and also saw the unofficial launch of DANCE NATION DVDS. If being a yummy mummy to be is not enough, Miss Leesa is also an entrepeneur and has started a company called DANCE NATION. Dance Nation will produce and release dance fitness dvds and it is the brainchild of Miss Leesa who saw a massive gap in the market. The first two volumes are HIP HOP and they are just incredible. They star our gorgeous and dynamic MISS EJDJ in an instructional sense joined by Kirshiah & Jacinta Sharpe. Look out for these hitting the shelves soon! Dance your way to Fitness, Well Being and Groove! And check out the pics from the baby shower!

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