Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Ok gripe is putting it rather mildly! I AM OUTRAGED!! I cannot believe that Danny has been robbed of his place in TOP 10! I am flipping cartwheels in joy that Dubbo Boy Charles is there but devastated that Danny whom I consider an amazing technician, big personality and soulful dancer will not be on the national tour! Let's face it we all wanted to see that developpe' to second in the flesh! ROBBED! ROBBED! ROBBED! Ask Senior Contemporary in Dubbo my reaction, it was open mouthed, it was speechless and yes, there were tears. We had a minute's silence for him as I reflected on his brilliance and the cruel twist of fate that had ripped him from my viewing pleasure! I will miss his artistry and his mo hawk! I spent Tuesday in a state of shock hoping and wishing that there would be shock announcement ( like Big Brother's reinstatement of Bree when there had been an error in vote calculation) but it seems it is not to be. I almost wanted to boycott the show ( almost- that was just a dramatic reaction.) Adeiu my fair Danny!

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