Sunday, August 26, 2007


Still recovering...........getting better.....think recovery process has been greatly aided by the joy I derive from Reality TV (and more so, reality tv that celebrates the Performing Arts!!) I am preparing myself for the first heat of Australian Idol. (I love it so much!!) Go Rosie Ribbons from Dubbo (she has served me at THE PARTY STOP!! Cale loved his Monster Truck pinata.) I am looking forward to Jacob Butler's performance tonight. Anyway, for all our dancers make sure you become devotees of So You Think You Can Dance? Thursday nights on Channel ten at 8.00pm. Guess who won't be teaching after 7.30pm on a Thursday night? I heard on the grapevine that one of the guys from the B BOYS Breakdancing team may be making an appearance. I know I am going to be so inspired by this show. I also heard that there is an Australian version in the pipeline (we better get rehearsing hahahaha.) So share in the joy that two of my greatest loves (reality tv and dance) can deliver.......Thursday nights will be my happy nights!!20 mins until Australian Idol.....Be still my beating heart.UPDATE!!! oh yes thank you viewing public!! Jacob Butler is through to the final 12!!

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