Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well done to Onny Slack-Smith who got 2nd for her Classical and also re choreographed her Jazz routine on stage and still got Highly Commended. Jade Bunt danced her Jazz the best she has ever done! Well done our little Genie! You were magic! Amber continued her winning streak receiving 3rd In Open Demi and Highly Commendeds in her Classical and Modern Solo Sections! Well done to Immy Slack-Smith who danced like a super trouper and received 3rd for her Jazz solo! Shake those feathers girl! Courtney was her stunning self receiving many accolades, including 2nd in her Jazz and Highly Commended in her Classical, Impro, Modern and ( oh lots I think!) Brandi McGuire was awesome in her routines with a great 3rd in her Jazz and an impressive Highly Commended in her Tap Impro! Well done to the gorgeous Gabby Gough for what i hear was an amazing stage debut! We are proud of you Gab! Rachel Shearing also performed with style and aplomb! Paris Burns danced beautifully and received Highly Commendeds in all her sections ( BUT i just got a cryptic text message from Paris which I think signals HUGE SUCCESS so keep on the look out for some great news!) If I have forgotten anyone, hit me tomorrow! Its been a big few weeks!

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