Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I've Been a Bad Blogger

Hi There All,
Mmmmmmmm long time no hear and not for lack of action on the Factory floor! In fact, Stepping Out has been full steam ahead....so much so, that I have had little time to devote to our News and Events!! We have been busy little dancing pixies....so here I go, take a seat...alot to share!
Our Wellington soloists performed with outstanding results! Congratulations to all. Look out for post devoted to Wellington Results! We have also had Orange Eisteddfod ( again a post needs to be dedicated to it and that's just the music woes!!) Stepping Out had a Movie Premiere Night. I was at home with Archer who was not well. ( am now officially over the weekly visits to my doctor who i fear thinks I have some kind of crazy Mum syndrome. Not forgetting of course that I am now only just almost normal looking after a nasty bout of an eye infection. Small children do not run in terror! Miss Rikki is back!!) I hear Movie Night was awesome!
We also enjoyed a Snazzi Scrapbooking Afternoon. I was still cursed by eye disease and so with sunglasses on ( the effect was sadly not Jackie O or mysterious or enigmatic) I took a red, sorry peek at all the beautiful stuff being created! Big Thanks to all who attended ( Immy & Onny each scored a new charm for their bracelet!! Mmmmm am hoping that my birthday bracelet wish will be answered! I am so obsessed with Pandora beads.)
Disney rehearsals are in full swing ( though I was ordered from one for being too ill or as Miss Leesa tactfully said "You should be dead!" after taking a look at my face and eye affliction. Then Miss Emma and Miss Leesa laughed, long and hard and said "no really you need to be in bed!")
Sadly, a few events have happened that make me realise what precious gifts our children are and our life is and so I offer my thoughts and prayers to a beautiful boy who bid us farewell and a little man who is fighting hard in hospital!
And in the meantime, let's keep dancing..............for that too is surely a gift and always makes me feel better.

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