Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Thanks Miss Rachel

Miss Rachel emailed me today to share some other fab news from the Orange Eisteddfod! I look forward to meeting these two girls and so since Rach put it so beautifully, I have just inserted her email for you all to read!
"i also had 2 other girls Dionetta Larkin and Colleen Crayford make their solo debut at wellington.

Both danced beautifully and Dionetta received Highly commended and for what i saw was a flawless routine! i am so unbelievably proud of them.
all who have only been learning modern/contemp for a year to year and a half.
They have all worked so so hard for the last 3 terms!

Colleen performed her solo on monday morning and improved out of sight! 1 mark of HC from 20 something competitors!!! "

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