Sunday, August 10, 2008


Well Done Everyone!
3rd- 8 yrs & U Classical, H.C- 8 yrs & U Jazz, 3rd- 12yrs & U Modern, 2nd- 10yrs & U Modern, H.C- Open Modern, 1st- 12yrs & U Contemporary, H.C -12yrs & U Contemporary, 3rd- 12yrs & U Classical, 3rd- Open Jazz.
We had a busy and very long few days of competition!! We all feel wrecked but it was so great to see you on stage! There were big sections and competitors from our fellow Dubbo schools, several Orange schools, Mudgee, Coolah and Bathurst schools!
I am reeling at the realisation that I have agreed to take Onny over at 7.30am tomorrow for her solo's. Arghhhhhhhhhhhh! Nice to have my little men Cale and Archer accompany me today!! Archer did a particularly beautiful modern expressive solo in the dressing room as he listened to the music playing on stage! Pity the adjudicator missed it! While Cale focused on the realisation that his mum being a dance teacher may not be such a bad thing, an abundance of lollies to keep him quiet during performances and a smorgasboard of women at his disposal. As Cale remarked many times, "Helllllllllllooooo Ladies!"

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