Sunday, August 10, 2008


BOOGIE FEVER EPIDEMIC SWEEPS WELLINGTON EISTEDDFOD! Lists of casualties grew as day progressed. Saturday, 9th August proved to be a dramatic day in Stepping Out's esteemed history of Eisteddfod Participation as a mysterious illness ravaged the Performance team. Numbers depleted throughout the day as superstar after superstar was struck by debilitating illness. Rikki Slack-Smith, co-director and faithful viewer of medical programs E.R, All Saints and R.P.A tearfully made this statement; "We may be weak in body but we are STRONG in Spirit! Never in my career have I witnessed such courage, such determination and such tremendous team work. My prolific viewing of TV medical dramas leaves me with the diagnosis that today we have been hit by Boogie Fever!" Boogie Fever, is a rare condition and is characterised by feverish dance moves even in the wake of huge physical upset. Sufferers of this condition also demonstrate tenacity and fearlessness. They continue to dance even as their limbs refuse to co-operate. Their heart grows, they smile through the pain and they keep dancing!!
HAHAHA what a day!! Wello proved to be a medical marvel in more ways than one! Dancers dropped like flies. Routines were changed often at the last moment and in one amazing instance, side stage!!Miss Leesa and I were in awe of you all! We were incredibly proud of how our casualties tried to continue dancing ( despite how sick they were, how asleep they were, how close to collapse and vomiting they were!!.) and of the other team members who rallied around their fellow dancers and allowed the SHOW TO GO ON!Mighty effort by Millie Rice, Holly Keizer & Gabby Murray! Thankyou girls! Also Julie Richardson who as one of our mums was clearly very ill but never complained once!! A very big bow to the team Ash, Immy, Amber, Missy, Katie, Courtney, Brandi, Jess, Amy, Maggie, Bec, Beanie, Kate- That's teamwork!

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