Thursday, July 17, 2008


I don't have enough words to describe how utterly amazing the live tour of So You Think You Can Dance was!!! It was spell binding, inspirational and I didn't want it to finish!!! LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT!! I am a huge Rhys fan and that was not only confirmed by his dancing but his beautiful, gracious and giving spirit that saw him hang around ( much longer than the other dancers) and speak to his fans, sign autographs, take photos. We were blown away by his generosity and his willingness to happily hang around and chat. He is just SOOOOOOOO NICE SOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY and just SOOOOOOOOOO GORGEOUS!! That being said, the other dancers were also seemingly really great people but Rhys jus exuded so much "spirit"!! JACK, is as much as I adore Rhys, undoubtedly the most sensational dancer, a true STAR! To see him perform in the flesh is to just witness sheer dance genius, talent galore and tremendous charisma!! So, I have to concede, he was definately the rightful winner. All up, the BOYS well and truly out danced the girls ( but Kate is also an amazing dancer and performer!) I was so excited to relive the wonder of Henry and Vanessa's Samba ( the tribal one!). Not that I actually watched Vanessa all that much (sorry!- But Henry, Oh Henry!! Regina and I almost had to be revived at stages! ) Also giving us heart palpitations was Graeme, who was loving his meet and greet with the throng of young girls screaming his name. We saw funny things in the audience too, like a girl with a tshirt that said "marry me Jack!! There were also some new routines performed which were unreal!! I also was ecstatic to see "NEW DAY" with Rhys & Gemma and "SINGING IN THE RAIN" with Kate & Jack blew my mind!! Oh and Jack tapped as well..........argggggggggghhhhh can he tap!! Sorry Fred, you have lost your crown! Anyway, I am still on a crazy high!! I am just so excited and inspired for Term 3!!

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