Thursday, July 17, 2008

Miss Rikki tries to woo Henry!

Here I am with Henry and Evan Jerome "Henry" Slack-Smith. The kids were in such a crazed fury trying to get autographs that Evan was tossed my way and I was literally left "holding the baby." Evan turned out to be quite the snare with many people ( including a few dancers) convinced he was a "real little boy." I felt like Geppetto from Pinnochio. Anyway, as a dancer would come in our vicinity I would call out oh look Little Henry or oh Little Jack and it did prove quite a successful lure. Henry even said to me , "well this is a first!!" I think judging by the commotion he made with the girls every time he walked out on stage that if he so chooseth, there could be an abundance of little "Henrys." hahahahaha.

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