Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Holidays

I know, I know- not all the end of term photos are up yet ( but not for want of trying!!) It is a gruelling task uploading all of the photos and it takes time!! I normally do it late at night or while I am in the midst of some other mindnumbing task such as folding laundry. Anyway, due to the scale of the project ( so many snaps of you guys!!) the computer has timed out 3 times as I have almost uploaded the very last photo for the slide show. This as you can imagine, is a devastating blow and I normally curse, run around kitchen wailing and then collapse in frustration. This reaction is almost as exhausting as the process itself and so i must retreat from the computer, gather my sanity and breathe in peace, breathe out tension...............so I am in a place again, where i think i can try, again!! Mind you, I also have housework to do, so it is a good way of procrastinating...........so before too long, you should see a slide of all the other photos we took!
In the meantime, I hope you are enjoying your holidays!! How fantastic is it to have some time out!! Onny got a camera for her birthday and is already very snap happy (like her mum!) She has visited Dubbo landmarks ( the Zoo, the Gaol) and taken some impressive pictures!! Which reminds me, we got our passports! I am finding it hard to correlate the image before me with he fact that I work with small children on a daily basis. Small children should run, screaming in horror! Cale looks like a serial killer in his and Archer like a smiling assassin! Immy and Onny just look deadly serious about having a very good time in any country these passports intend to take them. Anyway, its getting close......if I am not contemplating laundry, I am on the internet, trying to work out my future USA purchases! mmmmmm me thinks its baked beans for a few months!

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