Sunday, December 2, 2007


Hi Everyone,
Fantastic to see so many mums and daughters at the studio today for the Hair & Make up Day!! Sorry about the confusion about who was opening up...hope you enjoyed the sunshine while I made an emergency dash to studio (I didn't have a key) and thanks to Gail for dashing with me. In the lead up to Concert, we don't have much spare was in fact my last day off until Concert!! I was thrilled to see some of the Trangie mums and their gorgeous girls (go Charli, Louwana, Cleo, Ella!!) Great to see everyone sharing in something that I just love and that's preening. There was a time, long ago, (I think somewhere before Baby no 3 and 4) when I wouldn't have dreamt of leaving the house without time and attention to "the look." Now I glam up very rarely but hold onto my bright lipstick until death do I part..................To all the little girls out there, have fun with it. You are little princesses and on December 22nd, it is all about you!! Thankyou to the mums who want their little dancers to look good and feel like superstars. Little Ella Kearin left the studio on the way to a movie looking very Lindsay Lohan. Just think mums, how lucky we are to have our daughters.....these are the days we remember. I have memories of my mum tying my ribbons on my ballet shoes, fixing my tiara and telling me how beautiful I was in my tutu. And to the little girls, please stand still on the morning of December 22nd, don't whinge......know your mummy is more nervous than you and is trying her best. Thankyou Sue Ellen, Regina, Patriece, Rita for lending your expertise. May you all one day yield liquid eyeliner like a mighty swordsman. Check out the pics below.

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