Saturday, December 15, 2007


Hi Everyone,
What a thrill it was to be at Forbes yesterday for their Dress rehearsal ? I was so blown away by how far the kids have come in 12 months and so proud of our Forbes teachers, Miss Jacinta and Miss Emma. Congratulations on all of your hard work and dedication to the kids. They really looked amazing.................Leesa and I aren't all that easy to impress but I can tell you, we are just so impressed with the standard at Forbes. It was great to see all the kids and we can't wait to see you on stage today. I am just about to hop in the car to go back but thought I should post my happiness at what I saw yesterday in rehearsals. GOOD LUCK GIRLS!! Miss Emma had told me stories about a little girl I taught in 2006 who every week says "Where's Miss Rikki?". I was so excited to think that I had made such an impact on a little four year old and so I went over to little Maddi when I first got there and said, "Here I am??" She burst into tears and ran to Miss Emma and kept o shooting me fearful glances. I tried to tell myself she was just overcome but I think maybe she thought who is that crazy lady?? Anyway, I still had a great time seeing you all. Miss Leesa did too. We are so fortunate to have so many special little people in our world?? I better go and make the mad dash. This is going to be one of those busy weekends. Forbes today........Orange tomorrow (I have just spied Archer who is using next weekend's backdrops as a means to catapault himself skywards!!! ARCHHHHH!!)UPDATE!! just got home and though it was a long day it certainly was a successful one. Congratulations to a very talented cast. You were perfect and made everyone very proud of you. A big pat on the back to Miss Emma & Miss Jacinta for all your effort in making today hugely successful. Fabulous teaching was evident in every routine and it is an absolute credit to both of you. Special thanks to a lovely audience (thanks with the packing up too!!) Thanks Gail for everything. See you all tomorrow in Orange. We need a tour bus.

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