Saturday, December 22, 2007

Congrats Cast of "UNDER THE BIG TOP"

This will be a quick one.....just wanted to say "Congratulations to everyone who starred in UNDER THE BIG TOP" today. We all need a big break but are so proud of you. Backstage was sheer madness and so I await the DVD with great excitement. I will sit down with a glass of bubbly and toast you all. Thanks to everyone who made today so awesome!! Our talented cast, Aaron, The incredible Gail (in awe of you- what a lady!!), Rick (Leesa's dad and creator of the top hat), David (King of my Heart), my brother in law Jonno who came all the way from Sydney and who is our fave uncle, John Ryan (backstage hero), Daniel & Bec, our super doopa sound and lighting crew, Glenys Weldon (a machine!!), Karen McGuire & Narelle Bunt (backstage super dressers), Sonya (for costumes and for dressing Immy & Onny), our appreciative audience and of course my partner in crime Miss Leesa (to share in a mutual dream with your best friend is unbelievable)and the dream team of Miss Emma, Miss Britt and Miss Katie (trangie.) Thanks also to Olivia's dad from Trangie who stopped me in the supermarket tonight to say "a job well done." That was just so nice to hear......thankyou......

NEWSFLASH: ARCHER SLACK-SMITH WALKED ENTIRE LENGTH OF OUR LOUNGEROOM TONIGHT!! (he knew Mummy couldn't cope with him on the go until after Concert)We are very proud and can't wait to see that walk become a strut(insert "Stayin Alive" theme.)


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