Sunday, October 21, 2012


After our day shopping, the Dads of Dance all boarded the bus for our next hotel, the Sheraton at Anaheim and the rest of us went to Discount Dance Warehouse and really shopped up a storm. This place had I visited it as a child would have been like visiting Santa's workshop and I have to say, excitement levels even as a grown up were pretty much way up there. You cannot begin to imagine how wonderful and CHEAP this place was. I went a little crazy shopping. I forget how many Happy tears were shed on this trip but can guarantee you my Breakfast with Disney Characters and seeing my kids at the Happiest Place on earth produced a torrent of tears. Disneyland really is a very magical and special place. The fact i got to return and not only share it with my children again but have my students perform there again is just unbelievably special.
The Breakfast was out of this world but to be honest I spent more time laughing and crying than partaking in the glorious food. We got up close and personal with Mickey, Minnie ( Evie's reaction to Minnie by her side I will never forget. Complete and utter awe and joy), Stitch, Pluto, Daisy Duck and a heap more. Onny, Molly Nelson, Payton reynolds and the Taylor girls even gotto teach Mickey to krump. Unbelievable.
We all spent the rest of the day enjoying Disneyland or California Adventure Park. WOW ON WOW! The new Carsland attraction is now open and was so exciting. The parades and in particular Disney Pixar Parade induced more tears. All in all we had five incredible days hopping back and forth in between the parks and enjoying two outstanding performances, a Disney workshop and lots of fun time AT Downtown Disney. We dined at Rainforest Cafe twice. LOVE THAT PLACE.
The kids were very impressive in not only their performances but in rehearsals. I was pulled aside and told, "we love your kids. They even dance full out in rehearsal. They have a great work ethic." The kids all got limited edition T shirts from Disneyland as proof of their Special Performance and successful audition. We bid a sad farewell to Disneyland and once again got on our bus to make the trip to Long Beach where we boarded our 8 day cruise aboard Carnival Splendor around the Mexican Riviera. As we stepped in to this luxurious, floating resort you could hear collective sighs of amazement. It was so beautiful and I really have no words to describe the food, buffet, fine dining, leisure activities, entertainment and good times that awaited us. WE WERE SO SPOILT!!
There were shows and entertainment every day and night and we were fortunate enough to be part of the entertainment performing in two incredible shows on the ship. We had tremendous response from our fellow cruisers who came to cheer on our dancers in the stunning auditorium. In one show alone, we had close to 1000 people cheering the kids on and were overwhelmed by the standing ovation we received. It was goose bump inducing.
Along with the cruise we got to experience beautiful Cabo San Lucas and Puerta Valleta. We all had a brilliant time. We were also treated upon disembarking with a beautiful day at Laguna Beach and shopping at Fashion Island before returning home. Some of our group travelled on to Las Vegas and I was absolutely thrilled to hear that one of our beautiful teachers, Miss Rachel became engaged during this time. My heartfelt thanks to all the talented, amazing students, their lovely, supportive families and the incredible, enthusiastic and energetic Stepping Out team who made this all possible. I curtsey to the dynamic Miss Leesa, Miss Emma, Miss Rachel, Miss Stef and anyone who assisted in any way with the success of this adventure. Big applause to Sonya O'Connor who ensured our kids shone like the stars they are and to the team at Global Dance and especially the very lovely and impressive skills of Rosemarie Church who made our dream a reality. We will definitely be looking you up. Everyone else, let's satrt saving. I think New York is calling us.

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