Monday, October 29, 2012


These rehearsals will be held on Saturday, 10th November at Dubbo Regional Theatre, Darling St. Please enter through backstage entrance at Carrington Ave and mark your child’s name off on roll. This is a closed rehearsal and only performers will be permitted entry into stage doors and area. Stagecraft rehearsals prepare students for entry, exits, stage dimensions and other important features of Performance. They are an important and exciting lead up to our Concert. Please pack a water bottle for your child and for those students with numerous rehearsals adequate refreshments. 9.30-10.15 Saturday Future Stars Ballet/ Jazz, Monday Future Stars Jazz 10.15-11.00 Primary/ Level 1 Ballet, Junior Tap 11.00-11.45 6 years Jazz, 8 years Jazz 11.45-12.45 10 years Jazz, 12 years Jazz, Junior Disney Team 12.45-1.45 Junior Contemporary, Level 5 Ballet, Level 3 Ballet 1.45-2.45 14 years Jazz, Junior Hip Hop, Intermediate Contemporary 2.45-3.45 ALL Performance classes, Intermediate Tap, 3.45-5.30 Senior Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Tap, Senior Disney

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