Sunday, October 21, 2012


This is undoubtedly not just a highlight of 2012 but my entire teaching career. Following on from the fantastic 2008 USA Tour, we ventured back in September this year for what can only be described as INCREDIBLE, AMAZING and INSPIRING. I strongly suggest everyone starts saving for our next adventure because as wonderful as 2008 was 2012's trip certainly stepped up a notch. We won't be waiting so long for the next one. We took a 50 strong team of dancers aged between 7 and 24 years of age and their assorted families, friends and fans and travelled to Los Angeles, Disneyland and then boarded the most spectacular cruise around the Mexican Riviera. Senses were overloaded. An amazing time was enjoyed by all and for the dancers and all of the teachers we have certainly come home so incredibly inspired and proud of what we are creating out here in the Central West. The students and their families FLASH MOBBED Hollywood. I will upload footage when I can. Hollywood Blvd was alive with one, then two, then ten, then thirty, then 50 DANCERS and then joined by their parents, siblings, teachers for an uproarious and energetic dance routine. This was Miss Leesa's brain child and wow was it incredible to see the crowds gathering as Madame Tussard's was piping our music tracks on the Blvd and soon the whole streets were chanting "Aussie. Aussie. Aussie. Oi Oi Oi."
It was pretty fabulous to even see our Mayor up there busting a move. Students enjoyed dance classes and workshops at L.A's The Edge and Millenium dance studios. I was so thrilled that our students were able to benefit from the industry's finest dance professionals and for a day live the life of a professional dancer living in L.A. Students were even trained in Audition techniques with Disney's awesome Performing Arts staff and Chief Director. We performed at Universal Studio's in a very exciting show and were delighted at the crowd who came rushing to see who the celebrities were in the very sparkly costumes. The kids were treated like absolute stars at Universal and even got to walk the Red Carpet. Special thanks to our illustrious costume designer Sonya O'Connor
who had everyone blinded in the audience by the jaw dropping brilliance of our kids costumes. They shone in every way.
I have so many photos on my Ipad that I will share as soon as I can. After our performance at Universal Studios we all enjoyed a hot but very fun day exploring the theme park. Highlights were The Simpsons Ride ( so much fun) and the Jurassic Park Ride. My family were totally entranced by all the characters, rides and thrilling moments. After Universal we spent the rest of the evening at Universal Walk and had the most amazing dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. My Archer fell face first into his food as he was so exhausted by his great day. We spent four amazing days in Hollywood and stayed at the Loews Hotel ( WOW- Google it). Our days were spent dancing or exploring places like Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood and our nights partying or by the beautiful pool. I feel very blessed my family and students got to share this experience with so many friends. After our time in Hollywood, we travelled to Citadel Outlets and enjoyed shopping at L.A's biggest and best Outlet Mall. Many great bargains were discovered as was the most amazing Candy Apple Store ( ask my kids how much they enjoyed this!!)

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